Thursday, May 31, 2007


I am so tired of people that refer to themselves, yes just one person as "people". Here's an example...
"People link me when she talks about me"
LIAR! You so read my blog.

"Well there's other people who thought the same as me."
Um, one other person is not "people".

Just say what you mean... Stand up and say "Hey! I read your blog & I see you taking cheap shots at me." I probably won't stop but hey, at least you're being honest. I know, I know the TRUTH hurts sometimes. Gosh, I tickle myself.


Me & ONE other person thought you were talking about us in your blog. You know my logic, if the shoe fits. Meh. It really wasn't about you, but hey did it make you think? Even a little?

Okay SPOOOOOOOON! That's all. Mwah!


Willis said...

Ooooh, that one wasn't so cryptic, I GOT IT! I think.. truthfully, I did! :P

Killian Klein said...

Actually it wasnt what you thought it was about. So yeah I read your blog, yeah you were being a bitch. Cheap shots do suck. Try being a more supportive friend. Lol oh btw did that tickle?