Thursday, May 31, 2007

Castle Wars

Jelly and I were in charge of the Things To Do activity for Thursday which involved taking the group to participate in Castle Wars created by RacerX Gullwing. Huge thanks to RacerX for explaining to the group how to play the game.

What is castle wars? Basically it involves up to 8 people sitting in catapults and launching colored balls at the other player's castles to knock down their walls before your own castle is destroyed.

Other than the state of Hawaii having major internet issues, and Jelly bouncing off and online throughout the activity, we had a really fun time.

The game will support up to 8 players at one time and we found that with a larger group it actually made the event even more fun. We had more players than slots, so I offered my moral support to team Pink during the first round.

Grab a group of friends and head to Montmartre to try out Castle Wars! For more information you can also check out Gillian's write-up on the same event from earlier.


Anyone else having Heroes withdrawals now that it's going on almost 2 weeks without it? Oh I am. The new season starts up in Sept. As far as I know, the first episode of Season 2 is set to premiere on Monday, September 24th. Four days after my RL bday, haha! Bday pressie? Mayhaps.
Anyways while you may be like me having the Heroes shakes (seriously in the corner, fetal position rocking as you suck your thumb, yah you so know what I'm on about) Krius of Sinistyle released "The Boogey Man" inspired by the jacket Sylar wore. Ooo the bad guy! Evil! Evil!
You can read more on Krius' blawg... SiniStyle Decapitated
And look at me & Aka sporting it... :p Krius rocks my freaking socks!

Cawk Fights & Choking Betches

Everyone was Cawk Fu Fighting
It's about freaking time, they have a date! Wuwu! Let's do this. I'm a cashew! June 19th, is that right? Prepare for the Las Vegas shot gun wedding that will blow SL weddings out of the water. After a 9 month engagement, Lala & Jon are finally tying the freaking knot.
The bridesmaids & maid of honor will be wearing Vegas show girl costumes, and looking on as Jon & Lala say their vows in a casino. How freaking original & loverly is that? Only like tote!!! I'm excited. I'm not a huge fan of sitting thru weddings of people I barely know... Yawn! Seriously ya'll know who you are. I was completely yawning at your wedding... but it was prettiful. :) *cheese*

Oceanic Time Warner...
Stop fucking with me! Seriously! For the last 2 days I have intermediately been losing internet. You'd think "Wow, that sucks Jell", right? Well it's more than that... when I lose internet, I lose my digital phone service AND cable television. Can you say "cell phone minutes"? Yup, so I have to sit on hold to verbally choke a bitch on my cell to the cable company. If there was someone else I could use besides going the dial-up route I so would. Freaking Oceanic is running a monopoly on this freaking tiny island.
If my erratic popping on & off SL isn't driving you nuts yet, I'd like to say Thank You for not cutting my card. Haha! This has got to be just as frustrating to others, right?

I just wanted a Mountain Dew!
Gah, I had an errand to run this morning & it so wouldn't had taken so long to make me late for Castle Wars had I not been stuck in line behind 2 asshats. One being the cashier who was slower than molasses, and the second being the customer who felt the need to invade my personal bubble. All I wanted was a Dew but I ended up being in line for 20 minutes. Yah, I could have just left but you don't understand. I *wanted* a DEW! Oh yah and ToffeeMacs. So sue me!
So anyways... NEVER EVER tell a cashier, especially a new cashier that you are using your deployed spouse's credit card. Seriously you dumb betch. Okay that probably doesn't make sense to most of ya'll, but we deal with POAs (power of attorney) almost on a daily basis. If this asshat in front of me wouldn't have spouted her crap I probably could have been out of there a little faster. Not much though since the cashier was really slow. Still some people just don't think. She had to dig for her POA and then register a bike she was buying. It was just chaos. Bleh
Anyways.. that's all I got for right now. Lmao I'm spent!

Duck Hunting

Firing ducks at the pink elephant = FUN.

Firing ducks at the shitty neighbors/signage = PRICELESS

The latest stop we made on our tour of hot spots across SL was at the Imagination Breeding and Zoo. This provided a fun diversion for about an hour and a half's worth of entertainment. Although the zoo is light on the quantity of animals, it is heavy on scripted items that do random assorted fun things. Such as:

Turn your av into a flaming ball of fire to be juggled by a life size pink elephant.

Get in some awww's at the koala's zzzzs

Or take turns pushing your loved one around the park in a wagon

Overall there is enough fun to merit a quick stop by the Imagination Breeding and Zoo, so feel free to TP in and have a few good laughs.

Cuddly Tringo

One of my favorite nightly rituals is Tringo at Bad Azz with Dreamer. If you haven't noticed yet... Hawks & I tringo a bunch. :p Dreamer is my all-time favorite hostess, with Hawks being my all-time favorite host of course.

I think we should adopt her & keep her forever & for always. We even talked to her into packing up tonight & coming with us to taunt that "other" HOST. She had missed the whole "Tringo Host Gender Verification?!?" post so we had to fill her in prior to going. Yay! for her coming with.

Since the beginning she has been a huge Team Jawks supporter & close friend. We ::love:: you Dreamer. You're the bestest!

Things To Do - Thursday

Castle Wars! Your Mission, take out the castles before they take out you! Todays thing to do is not geeky, techie or formal. Throw on your best jeans and join us at 1 p.m. SLT (Group Meet) =Teleport Here= for Castle Wars by RacerX Gullwing. JellyBean Madison & HawksRock Gunawan will be there to greet you & explain the rest of your mission. It includes physics, aim, and losts of destruction. Hope to see you there!


I am so tired of people that refer to themselves, yes just one person as "people". Here's an example...
"People link me when she talks about me"
LIAR! You so read my blog.

"Well there's other people who thought the same as me."
Um, one other person is not "people".

Just say what you mean... Stand up and say "Hey! I read your blog & I see you taking cheap shots at me." I probably won't stop but hey, at least you're being honest. I know, I know the TRUTH hurts sometimes. Gosh, I tickle myself.


Me & ONE other person thought you were talking about us in your blog. You know my logic, if the shoe fits. Meh. It really wasn't about you, but hey did it make you think? Even a little?

Okay SPOOOOOOOON! That's all. Mwah!

Searching... Searching...

Guess who got fed up with all the dirty monkeh downtime? Yup, me. So Hawks & I have moved here. Ahem, ummm so like welcome to the new Verbal Stew. Kick up your feet & get comfy... Mountain Dew? You wish! Ha!

Soon Hawks will stop slacking & get into the Blogspot groove with his bad self...
Stay tuned!