Tuesday, July 31, 2007

JH Word of the Day: fellatiousness

HawksRock Gunawan: u sure the word of the day isn't fellatiousness? I get those confused...
You: Damn it! looking it up
You: lol thats not a word!
HawksRock Gunawan: although I am not so sure that fellatiousness is a word... but I was trying to conjugate fellatio
You: lol
You: its a word now baby
HawksRock Gunawan: mayhapsibly it is a word like mayhapsibly?
You: mhm
HawksRock Gunawan: although a lot harder to type, so I prob won't be using it too often
You: I love our convos :)
HawksRock Gunawan: lol
HawksRock Gunawan: yes.... as do I... lmao

:FORM: Return of the Ghetto Destroyer!

Form's Return of the Ghetto Destroyer is different from the original Ghetto Destroyer which was an exclusive at Block Party 4. This one has a black finish, more graffiti, and 50 different loops from the original. If you didn't get the original Ghetto Destroyer, please don't ask Zabitan Assia to sell you one...it was an exclusive, and he says "it's staying that way!"

Just right click and wear it from your inventory. Click on the boombox, choose a loop, and the beats will start blastin out the speakers! The first time you play it, the loops may take a few seconds before playing since they haven't been cached yet. If a sim is laggy, it may take a few seconds for the music to kick in as well. Also, your AO may interfere with the pose Zab made for holding the boombox. Turn your AO off if the pose isn't working.

Not something I'd carry around ALL the time but still a cool accessory for those times you're just hanging. I like it as an alternative to my AO (Zhao) when I find myself standing around for long periods of time doing nothing. Shup! This is my past-time besides shopping. I also like the tunes, though repetitious, some are oldies but goodies & you can only do so much with wav. bits in SL. Kudos Zab.


Second Life Offline for Database Maintenance or Update

In our continuing effort to improve your Second Life experience, we have taken Second Life temporarily offline for maintenance. This may also effect portions of our website. We are working to re-open our doors as quickly as possible and we appreciate your continued patience. For more details and further information on our system status, please visit our official blog at: blog.secondlife.com.

Second Life Logins Temporarily Disabled

Tuesday, July 31st, 2007 at 10:30 AM PDT by: rheyalinden

[11:04 AM PDT on 07/31/2007]

Second Life is now accepting logins. One of our central database servers suffered a failure (an unfortunately common theme of late). Our Operations team began a recovery on the server almost immediately and things have returned to normal. As the cause of the failure is still unknown, we will continue to investigate. It is possible that more work, including grid downtime, will be necessary to completely correct the problems. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

[10:35 AM on 07/31/2007]

Logins to Second Life are temporarily disabled at this time to fix several issues. More information will be available as we have it. Thank you.

[10:28 AM on 07/31/2007]

At the present time there are issues when attempting to log into Second Life. The Server Team is currently working on a resolution. More information will be available as we receive it. Thank you for your patience.


Hmmm... okie dokie pokie. :) Hurry back!

Here's an interesting read:

As Linden Lab Remains Silent, Rumors Abound Over Grid Meltdown - UPDATE

My Insanity!

**Edited for my stalker, because apparently I was not clear**

I've come to one definite fact of my lives, both SL & RL.
Everyone around me is insane!
There, I said it. I had this revelation tonight as I sat working on a co-post for MGG2SL with Rosie. This isn't about her even though she's in the pic. She looks cute, so shup.

In RL I'm told one thing & what is true today, turns out to be false tomorrow. This happens on a daily basis, even I'm starting to lose track.

In SL I have met my share of some super screwed up nut cases, in fact I even dated a couple. Not saying I'm perfect, cause lawd knows I'm not and hey if crazy works for you... groove with it. My point is that I have realized I'm okay. It's everyone else. Sure, I have issues, who doesn't? I just don't feel the need to air them in the form of a raving lunatic (on a nonPERSONAL blog - yah, that's what this is, *my* personal blog), self fluff myself on a wiki page or hide behind alts. The only thing I self-proclaim myself to be is me, and that's good enough for me. :) Everything else is just fiddle sticks.

This has been another semi-cryptic thought from JellyBean Madison. Happy Stipend Day!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Jelly's Closet - Kiss My Grits!

Hair: GuRL 6 - Lola2 - platinumred (pink tinted)
Skin: Celestial Studios *CS* Charmed Skin - 40 Auburn (Twinkle)
Face Light: Kru's Boutique - Usagi Kingdom Face Light for Snap
Necklaces: ::Goth1c0:: Heart-breaker necklace Small size (worn on spine) and SiniStyle Custom Dog Tags (Hawks n Jells) (worn on chest) Yah, I modded the attachment points on one, can't remmy which.
Bracelets: SiniStyle Seraphim Bracelets
Ring: My Wedding Set (it's original so back off) :p
Top: Sand Shack Surf Co. - [SC] Surf Couture - Diner Top - Black (complete with Diner Hip Apron)
Shorts: Naughty Designs - jean shortsraggy3belt
BandAid (knee): PanJen - Band Aid & Graze set (comes as two textures, you put on your own layer)
Shoes: TRUTH - Neko Boppers
Pose: []::Tuli::[] model pose 08
Photo Location:
Octoberwerks Paradise Blanket - Diner

Contest - Contest - Contest

Second Life Bloggers Group Logo Contest

5000 Linden Dollars will be awarded to the designer of the best Logo.

Logo designs should be in a few formats.

512 x 512 texture for use on the group tab and on inworld signs/objects.

Vertical and Horizontal Banners and Badges in jpg and gif format to be used on our blogs.

Send all submissions to Zoe Connolly in the following manner...

1 ) Texture to her inventory. It would be helpful to add your logo texture to a flat notecard-giving object with a bio/description. Please make the object modifiable.

2 ) Send any jpg's or gif's to her email address

zoeconnolly (AT) gmail (DOT) com

Judges will sort through the entries, and group members will vote on the winner. Contest Entries will be displayed at Zoe's ligh
thouse on Caledon Regency as soon as possible, pending the opening of the new sim and the building process soon after.

Entry Deadline is 12:00 PM SL time Sunday September 2nd.

Voting will start at 12:00 PM SL time Sunday September 9th

and remain open until 12:00 PM SL time Sunday September 16th

Disclaimer: Linking to this post is "All Voluntary Of Course" (I have to giggle at this, ROFL)

Here's the deal folks, I don't have PS talent enough for me to say I can do it. Now I may attempt it just for the 5k but I encourage everyone to give it a shot. :)

Not amused...

So, hey Good Morning SL, how are you feeling today? A little groggy, mayhaps? Let me tell you how I feel... I'm not amused. I logged in this a.m. to my L balance still Loading..., and guess what one person is missing from my friends list - only referred to as (waiting)? Yes, my Hawks. This is getting beyond frustrating, I'll be hunting a Linden down one by one soon. Hope you're not in a push enabled sim. It's one thing to fook with my L balance, but oh no, now you're messing with me & Hawks. It's Monday now, you'd think you could handle getting some work done today, ya think you could try?

Gridwide Slowdowns

Sunday, July 29th, 2007 at 8:29 PM PDT by: Frontier Linden

[9:45 AM Pacific]

At the present time, there are no further updates on the below issues. Our Ops team is still working diligently towards a resolution. We will be sure to keep you posted on our progress. Thank you for your continued patience.

[12:11 AM Pacific]

Reports of issues with other features such as llDialog have been confirmed.
No additional information is available at this time.

We would like to thank you once again for your continued patience.

[8:26 PM Pacific]

We are experiencing gridwide issues at the moment. Resident may experience slowdowns or failures of search, mapping, teleporting and asset operations. Inworld L$ balances may show as Loading…

Ops is working to resolve these issues as quickly as possible, in the meantime please avoid making any inworld transactions or operations on no-copy assets.

August Blogger Party Theme

From Veyron's Blog post:
Alright, it looks like we have some sort of consensus on what to vote on. At least we don't need a poll on what to vote on. JellyBean and Hawks sound like they are going to host the next party. Do we have a date yet on when the party is? I'd like to close voting 5-7 days before the party.

I'm guessing the party will be on Sunday, August 19th? Does that sound mid monthish? I think that's right. Anywho let me know if it doesn't sound right & vote vote vote. Haha! Super heroes is so kickin ass!

August Blogger Party Theme - vote here

For the next party here's what we have:

Post Rezz Day Thank Yous

I need to start this post of with a huge tackle hug, lick, and Ooooo... XXX of the one & only Hawks. Without him the most perfect rezz day party ever wouldn't have happened. This man, who I adore, pulled off this entire shindig all by himself. From history research via snapzilla, deco/build, notecard correspondence, learning basic PSP in 3 days, invitations, debut DJ'n for 4 full hours, and being the bestest party host EVER! Thank you baby for everything... I feel I don't tell you enough how much every minute with you means to me. From the bottom of my heart thank you for the man you are & loving me everyday.

I also need to say thanks to everyone who was able to attend today. I know Sundays, especially SLT in the evenings can be uber tough no matter what time zone you're in. With the risk of me leaving someone out, and I really don't wanna do that. I'm going to say a heartfelt group thank you to each & every one of you that came today. It means so much to me that you took time away from your busy slives & spent a few hours with me on my rezz day.

There were only a few people that came that I didn't know and they were sweet, tote. I have to say without a doubt I am the luckiest girl in SL to have people like you rezzed into my life! :)

Gillian was able to take some awesome pics before LL shut down postcards. You can see them here on her snapzilla. Mwahs & hugs to you all. I don't think I can say thank you enough, it was truly my honor to have you celebrate with me.

How bitch cunt poof fuqing hard can it be?

Link to why the title: Tim Minchin - Angry Poem
Okay I'm going to do a sugary sweet give ya a farking toothache post about my rezz day but first...
You see this top? (look below)

Yah I want that top. I really do. It's new at the Sand Shack Surf Co. I'll even go as far as giving you the SLurl which is more than some bloggers/designer were willing to do for me. Unfortunately I cannot buy this top. Why? SL is currently loading my L. Of course.

I'm like the first person to laugh as I hear people grumble grumble over SL being borked as I shrug & say "Stop your bitchin' you ignorant smidget of a puffed up blow fish shit." I usually shrug & laugh it off as SL is SL & not really a stable place to actually call home. It's kinda like building a house on the San Andreas fault line. Not guaranteed to be stable all the time but hey it's a cheap place.

The only time I really have an issue is when it starts disrupting my shopping. Those that know me well, know that this is my non-Hawks past time. It's what I do, it's who I am. I need to shop like a shark needs to swim to breath. So I think on top of being pissed about ...

A) No SLurl on the blog I first saw this top on (Hello, I'm not a perfect blogger but people sure as hell can find shit I blog)

B) The designers forum post saying "p.s. current location (while new spot is under construction) is at the artilleri sim right next to the artilleri main store.. the LM is also at the bottom of my picks if you can't find it" (Yah, that's nice & all when LL cooperates & I CAN FARKING SEARCH YOUR NAME! How about SLurling us to the new temp store, please?)

C) The whole not giving me my hard pimped earned Lindens from Loading.... status

Okay I'm going to take a bubble bath with candles and an ice cold dew. Be back soon.


Second Life Offline for Database Maintenance or Update

In our continuing effort to improve your Second Life experience, we have taken Second Life temporarily offline for maintenance. This may also effect portions of our website. We are working to re-open our doors as quickly as possible and we appreciate your continued patience. For more details and further information on our system status, please visit our official blog at: blog.secondlife.com.

And apparently on top of waiting for my L to load, I'm waiting on hippos on my friends list: (click to enlarge)

Is it it April Fool's Day already?! Hmmm

Sunday, July 29, 2007


Happy Rez Day to you,
Happy Rez Day to you,
Happy Rez Day Dear Jelly,
Happy Rez Day to you...

Hey babe you survived through three years!! Does that qualify you for the rolex yet? I dunno for sure, but you should at least get a pin or something. You are a testament to how a person can get hotter with age!! Today is Jelly's day, so you all just have to step back, because she is stealing the spotlight. It is too bad it fell on a Sunday, or else we would all have the day off from our SLjobs in order to celebrate this festive occasion. But anyways, the countdown to the party is on... so rest up, cuz you are going to need all the energy...

But seriously, I have had the privelege? honor? luck? of knowing you for 8 of those 36 months, and being "officially" your man for almost 3 of em... I remember tringo games, smack talking, witty banter, double entendres, licking, slow dancing, exploring, getting blown up, late night convos, your teaching me how that shift button makes it so easy to duplicate items, class verses grunge, machinima, blogging both as a reader and then as a writer, skype, and many many other things that only you and I have shared... *winks*.

You have made a lot of people's SL experience more interesting, fun, and sassy just by being you, so keep it up, and lemme scoop you up and give you your pressie now, and I won't be putting it in a box since that is so cliche now that JT caught onto it... ;)

Love ya babe,


Hamsters have taken the grid hostage causing chaos & havoc across every sim...
  • TPs are down
  • Money transfers are stale
  • Ruth has been let out of her box & is converting helpless victims
  • Objects are missing &/or being eaten by the grid.
I advise all residents to bend over & kiss your asses goodbye.


Okay I'm kinda awake. Shup... I'm low on Iron. Aww... don't worry, I have a big juicy steak on the grill right now. Thanks for your concern though. Yah, so I'm fashionably late blogging this, Ha! I kill me sometimes.

So here's my official M E R C U R Y review...
First off let me state that I am so uneducated & ignorant in the fashion lingo that I had to look up the word couture to which I found it is a French word that means or meant "sewing or needlework." So basically every child working in a sweat shop in the mountains of Asia is making couture. Yay! See, I used it in a full meaningful sentence. My English teacher would be so proud. Actually along with the original definition, I found that it is used now to mean the top end of the womenswear market. Either way, I'm guessing whether it's children in a far away sweat shop, or top end womenwear, it's not my bag (oh lawd, do not get me started on bags in SL). To me, clothes are clothes. I buy what I like, and don't buy what I don't. I just don't have the time it takes to try to keep up with the Jones' nor do I care. Okay not true, if one of the Jones' choked on a chicken bone at a fancy smancy dinner party... that I might care about. But I digress.

As I'm sure you've already seen on many fash blogs, we were all given the Amelia outfit (pictured above) freshly released in Mercury's Summer Line. The fall line should be out in late October. Out of everything in the summer line this is the only thing that seemed even remotely me-ish. All dressed up & no where to go, I say.

Mercury is brought to you by 3 sisters (Lu sister similarity? Damn skippy!). Wilhelmena, Winifred, and Willa Whitfield are the brains & talent behind this new line of "couture". Wilhelmena, Winifred (along with her toy poodle, Twinkle) were on hand this a.m. for Q & A. We (the guests) were informed that the 3rd sister, Willa was too intoxicated to be assed to join us. I had arrived thinking it was to be a fashion show, but it was just as the invite stated, an Opening of the store.

I have to admit I was more interested in the wine, theatricals & the many fashion bloggers I've read on numerous occasions in attendance. It was nice to actually see what they wear outside of sugar coating & fluffing designers when they are choosing for themselves instead of blogging new releases.

All in all, I feel that Mercury is very well made clothes, not useful to the mainstream population in my opinion, but possibly to some outrageous people, sure. Though it's not my style or something I'd rush out to buy on release day, I have to give the Whitfield sisters kudos for doing stuff I don't have the talent to do. Here's to a successful future.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sharing is Caring...

We all have that one person or people that we feel comfy sharing some of our utmost personal crap with. What makes people so much more trusting in a virtual environment than we are in RL? Is it the sense of anonymousness? I think it's human nature to want to "share" stories, life experiences, going ons, etc with others that we may feel have the same interests, experiences, or lifestyles. More or less, those that we feel "get" us or understand us.

I am happy to have those select few that I feel this bond of trust with. However if Aka does not stop neglecting me I'm calling DSS. I think if it wasn't for my blog, Hawks, my close friends and an hour a week (at least) with Dreamer's listening pillow, I'd lose my freaking mind.

Okay somewhere I lost my point of this post between wrestling myself over it... So whatever.

Oui! I Went...

I'm sure fashionistas are creaming their panties this a.m. after the Mercury show. The blogs should be a buzzin shortly, set your watches. As for me, I went but now I'm going back to bed. I promise to blog later but by the time I get up, I'm sure it'll be blogged by one or all of the real fashionista bloggers. :p

I'm such a follower...

I saw this on Trin's blog so I had to make one too. :p Her's was so much better, Krius had blood. lol

South Park Studio

Friday, July 27, 2007

Your invited!

Why the hell not, if you read the blog, and want to come drop by for a lil or a lot of the time then you are invited to come on out and join us for Jelly's Rez day party. We welcome all shiny happy people holding hands who enjoy a great party. You can tour some pics from Jelly's three years, see some of her firsts, and dance the night away to some live DJ'ing from your very own DJ Hawks making his first live DJ debut... *gulps*. Come show Jelly your appreciation for all the crazy times, wild stories, thousands of pics, and many words she has shared with you over the last three years. If you can't make it in person, then please take a moment and drop Jelly a comment or an IM wishing her another great 3 years, I am sure she would love to hear from each and every one of you... :) Click here for the slurl to the event in Wildmutt.

Time Killin

So before someone has a freaking cow, NO! I have not skinned the damn dog & made shoes... yet. Not saying I won't. That dog is seriously pissing me off along with uhhh... housecleaning, high taxes, Hawaii heat/rain, chocolate surf, summertime blues, being out of pickles, missing Aka, no good releases, losing my dirty red texture at ETD, no transfer clothes, the club next door, creeps, and oh... some other stuffs I shouldn't mention. Can someone grab me a Dew? kkthnx

Rezz Day Party
Can we fast forward yet? Hawks is really cracking the whip trying to make it so perfect. I love him for it, all of it, but but but... I'm already tired of seeing me. LOL I have no building talent, though I did make some kick ass suitcases if I do say so myself. :p Why? Lack of suitcases in SL, duh! I'm not even sure if invites are done, but I know they haven't gone out. Ahem... *looks around*

NO Bean Left Behind
As it turns out LL has left me behind. *tear* My Voice Beta only works in the WA. Wildmutt is voice enabled as well as other spots I frequent, yet my voice won't work while everyone else's does. Anyone have an ideas why? It shows I'm in voice but always says there's no active speakers even while standing next to Orchid & Rosie, who I happen to know were active speakers... actively talking shit about retard Jell that wasn't as cool as them in voice. Betches! :p

Scooter - Harder Faster
So I made yet another dance video yesterday to show off the Animazoo dances... again. Shup! This time for MGG2SL though. I could have just posted one of the other two vids I did with regards to Animazoo but this gave me an excuse to do a new one. :D
I believe this is the dances in order of appearance in video:
Animazoo dance 1
Animazoo dance 2se
Animazoo dance 5
Animazoo sliding feet
dance 1
dance 5
dance 4
dance 6
dance 7
dance 8
dance 11

That's it for now... kisses!

P.s. Note to self - Don't try to blog & DJ. Oh wait, that only applies if you're pretending to take requests. :)
P.s. 2 KILL DOG!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Random Musings...

Buster! I do not like you! No I really don't! You're not even my dog and all you do is give me grief me all day long. Stop pissing off me & my cats or we *will* steal your breath. Oh yes, yes we will. And no BAD DOG, these are my cheesy puffs! Stop drooling on my shoes, shitting in my foyer, and trying to lick sweat off my Mountain Dew cans. RIGHT NOW! Tonight may be the night that Neko, Petey & I rise up & take your ass out!!! Just try it buddy!

Slife's a Beach- Rock Lobster!
So I am tired of Wildmutt, the jajaja, the blingtard patrons of Calamaro Planet, the pending road thru our land, lack of water, and for sale signage. Hawks & I started looking around the Nautilus continent. Can you say YUM? Water, water, water everywhere. We found some land that I feel would be so completely & tote bad ass! See here's how it works... I'm the insensible, impulsive, crazy wife who listens to her sensible, thought out, carefully planned SL husband. He says, "let's just get through your rez day, honeymoon & blogger party." Okay okay, he's right, BUT I WANT THIS LAND NOWWWWWW! :D

Ode to a Gillian
A girl with skin so fair,
Her boyfriend has blue hair!
She's a lot like me,
She has a blog you see.
She's fun, sassy & full of class...
Next time I see her, Imma smack her ass. :D
MWAH! You made me smile so big today. :)

Pink is the color of Passion!
I have to give credit to my sexy hunk of a man... he has so much on his plate right now & still manages to give me undivided quality time everyday. Can it be frisky time now? *grins* I adore you Hawks, so much. You have gone above & beyond the call of significant other, you complete me. I look forward to your sunshine everyday... Mwah baby! Here's to tomorrow, forever & for always. Our future.

Oh that's all... go away now. :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Jelly's Closet - Off the Rack

Hair: Deviant Kitties - Valium - Blonde Red (pink tinted)
Skin: Celestial Studios *CS* Vogue Skin - Amber (Brown - Mid) Freckled
Face Light: Kru's Boutique - Usagi Kingdom Face Light for Snap
Necklaces: ::Goth1c0:: Heart-breaker necklace Small size (worn on spine) and SiniStyle Custom Dog Tags (Hawks n Jells) (worn on chest) Yah, I modded the attachment points on one, can't remmy which.
Arm Knife: [PSN] at The Urban Undergoround - Knife and Belts
Bracelets: SiniStyle Seraphim Bracelet L (1 color)
Ring: My Wedding Set (it's original so back off) :p
BackPack: [lilolOops] fluffy cat backpack + color changing hud
Top: Yenta Semyorka - Y7 - Top 2-3-3
Tattoo: InkD! Tattoos - Sakura (top undershirt only) & Custom "Hawks" Tat
Skirt: Yenta Semyorka - Y7 - Tartan Skirt BL
BandAid (knee): PanJen - Band Aid & Graze set (comes as two textures, you put on your own layer)
Boots: GutterBlood Spoonhammer - Vincent boots
Photo Location: Shop at Ganesha

FEATURED: Yenta Semyorka

Omg! Why are people so freaking Serious!?!

For the record if you IM me in Busy Mode... You will recieve *my* busy mode message:

Sorry, something went wrong with your IM delivery. A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation. Please report this incident to customer service as we're sure they give a shit. ::heart:: Jell

EX Friends List Inhabitant: just in case he didn't say it---the "hi" was from me
EX Friends List Inhabitant: well wow ty sorry i bothered you
EX Friends List Inhabitant: what did i do to you?
JellyBean Madison: huh? Hey! Oh you mean my "busy" mode status?
JellyBean Madison: And who's hi?
EX Friends List Inhabitant: no imean the nasty mesage you sent me because i said nothing but hi
JellyBean Madison: lmao I did not personally send you a nasty message, that message automatically goes out to everyone who sends an im when I'm in busy mode. You're the first to take it personally
EX Friends List Inhabitant: gezz just trying to be friendly and you slap me in the face
JellyBean Madison: Control P > Communication > Set Busy Mode Response
EX Friends List Inhabitant: the mesage i sent was not naty
JellyBean Madison: mine says: Sorry, something went wrong with your IM delivery. A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation. Please report this incident to customer service as we're sure they give a shit. ::heart:: Jell
EX Friends List Inhabitant: it was hello
JellyBean Madison: It was not directly aimed at you, it's what I set my busy mode message to
EX Friends List Inhabitant: guess what
EX Friends List Inhabitant: doesnt come across that way
JellyBean Madison: Only to you -insert EX Friends List Inhabitant- . That's been my busy mode message for 6 months now & you are the first to take it as a personal attack
EX Friends List Inhabitant: yup it is all me
EX Friends List Inhabitant: but that was rude
JellyBean Madison: okay

Can you say diaper rash issues?

What is Mercury::Couture?

Wilhelmena Whitfield has offered you '[m] Mercury Private Opening Invitation' in Second Life. Log in to accept or decline the offer.

Arrived in my email this morning. So I quickly log into SL to retrieve my invite. I have no idea who Wilhelmena Whitfield or what the hell Mercury Couture is. I did recall seeing a pic flash across my Bloglines as I sorted through all my morning feeds. This requires a double take... Low & behold I found: Mercury::Couture.

I read through the media links that include SL Fashion Notices, Fashion Victim, Second Style, and Shopping Cart Disco. Ah, okay I get it. It's a new emerging Couture House on the heels of the Lu sister's Paper Couture? And the fash bloggers know of this why? Oh yah, review copies. See, that's probably why I missed all this 'hype'. I told ya'll I was not a fashionista, didn't I? Haha! Duh! Why the heck was I invited? I am so freaking going, cause *I* can! Ha!!

I'm guessing I was invited because of Mean Girl status? Could that be it? I thought we were snubbed not invited? Wait, do Mean Girls have a "status"? Either way... stay tuned here or there, this sounds like a hell of a hootenannie. :D

Face of Style Winners

The winners of the "Face of Style" Contest...

With over 700 entries, it took us hours upon hours to choose finalists. Ultimately, we ended up only being able to narrow it down to four. Each winner will receive 10,000L in prize money and a photoshoot with Starley and Ginny. In addition to truly going above and beyond, as each person's photos were exceptional, you all proved what beautiful avatars you have and what unique senses of style can be represented in-world. Without further ado, here are the winners:

Gillian Waldman
Rachelle Slade
Scarlet Singer
Torrid Midnight

I only know Gillian, Scarlet & Torrid, but yay to Rachelle too. Congrats all 4 of ya. Especially Gillian cause she's so freaking adorable! :D

You can see the winner's pics here: Faces of Style Winners

*walks away grumbling about pink hair discrimination in the fashion industry* :)


“We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they're called memories. Some take us forward, they're called dreams.”

Hawks & I spent a couple hours a day over the past three days going through over 5000 snapshots of my SLife documented on Snapzilla. It's surprising how much of memory is built around things unnoticed at the time. At first it was fun going through my past & sharing funny moments with Hawks, explaining the picture & laughing at some of the trends I tried to pull off. As we got a little further some memories were harder to swallow. I made the mistake of deleting chunks of my past out of anger, frustration, or whatever I was feeling at the time of deletion, so a lot of fun moments are missing (i.e wand stalking, living next to Killian, Club Abnocto, etc). I've learned my lesson & won't do that again. :p Okay, I might. Iunno. I make no promises.

I was told today via email, "Can't enjoy ur "now" without spitting on ur "then" can you JB." That was not spitting, it's not very ladylike. Duh! No, seriously, I was not spitting, my past is my past. Regardless. I would like to think of it this way... You learn from your mistakes, everything you live through builds you into who you are today. Even in a virtual world.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Dew You Wanna? Dew You?

Met a Stranger - Jelly's Debut

Jelly is not going to toot her own horn, so I am going to toot it for her... cues the honk honk sound effect. Jelly was invited to participate as an extra in the Met A Stranger comic series that Myg and Alex have been creating. The series is filled with action, drama, suspense, and gore.... what more could you ask for. Jelly's plot line thus far is one of bad girl neko with attitude, who is considering whether to assist Alex with his efforts to track down the missing Myg. I was able to sit through the photo shoot, where it is always fun to see all the tedious behind the scenes work that goes into just a few shots and a quick clip. It is a labor of love for Myg and Alex, but we are just glad to be able to follow the series and learn what fate has befallen Myg. Will Jelly assist Alex or cut his face?? Watch Myg's blog for the next edition coming soon... oooooooooo

For the wub of Mankind!

I know, I suck.. no really, it's cool. I know. Mankind Tracer jumped over Maximillion Kleene in my favoritest chart of Live Music Performers to date in SL. I just happened across one of his shows last week and wouldn't you know I forgot to blog it. *gasp*

Mankind plays some awesome guitar riffs. (is that right?) And people flock like lost lil SL sheep to see him. The one I "stumbled" across was standing room only with 70 people hitting the island sim max in the Isle of More. As soon as I heard him I wanted to throw my panties on stage. *mwah mwah mwah Hawks baby* The very next performance I figured the sim would be uber crowded so I tp'd in & ganked the stream for Hawks & I to tune in at home. Hawks is still very fond of Max, as am I. I just know in a Live Music deathmatch, I'd chose Mankind. :o I'm not so sure Hawks would say the same.

Mankind is a solo rock musician touring presently around all of SL. His act: him & an acoustic playing the best Rock covers from the 70's forward as well as my originals. From Clapton to Creed, Pink Floyd to Pearl Jam. To learn more:

The thing I love the most about Mankind is that he seems so down to Earth and very comfortable with his performances. Each time I've tuned in, he's invited others to dance on stage with him as he rocks his guitar. His events are awesome & non-formal. Everyone has a great time and he is definitely worth a listen if you get a chance.

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