Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sharing is Caring...

We all have that one person or people that we feel comfy sharing some of our utmost personal crap with. What makes people so much more trusting in a virtual environment than we are in RL? Is it the sense of anonymousness? I think it's human nature to want to "share" stories, life experiences, going ons, etc with others that we may feel have the same interests, experiences, or lifestyles. More or less, those that we feel "get" us or understand us.

I am happy to have those select few that I feel this bond of trust with. However if Aka does not stop neglecting me I'm calling DSS. I think if it wasn't for my blog, Hawks, my close friends and an hour a week (at least) with Dreamer's listening pillow, I'd lose my freaking mind.

Okay somewhere I lost my point of this post between wrestling myself over it... So whatever.

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