Sunday, July 29, 2007


Okay I'm kinda awake. Shup... I'm low on Iron. Aww... don't worry, I have a big juicy steak on the grill right now. Thanks for your concern though. Yah, so I'm fashionably late blogging this, Ha! I kill me sometimes.

So here's my official M E R C U R Y review...
First off let me state that I am so uneducated & ignorant in the fashion lingo that I had to look up the word couture to which I found it is a French word that means or meant "sewing or needlework." So basically every child working in a sweat shop in the mountains of Asia is making couture. Yay! See, I used it in a full meaningful sentence. My English teacher would be so proud. Actually along with the original definition, I found that it is used now to mean the top end of the womenswear market. Either way, I'm guessing whether it's children in a far away sweat shop, or top end womenwear, it's not my bag (oh lawd, do not get me started on bags in SL). To me, clothes are clothes. I buy what I like, and don't buy what I don't. I just don't have the time it takes to try to keep up with the Jones' nor do I care. Okay not true, if one of the Jones' choked on a chicken bone at a fancy smancy dinner party... that I might care about. But I digress.

As I'm sure you've already seen on many fash blogs, we were all given the Amelia outfit (pictured above) freshly released in Mercury's Summer Line. The fall line should be out in late October. Out of everything in the summer line this is the only thing that seemed even remotely me-ish. All dressed up & no where to go, I say.

Mercury is brought to you by 3 sisters (Lu sister similarity? Damn skippy!). Wilhelmena, Winifred, and Willa Whitfield are the brains & talent behind this new line of "couture". Wilhelmena, Winifred (along with her toy poodle, Twinkle) were on hand this a.m. for Q & A. We (the guests) were informed that the 3rd sister, Willa was too intoxicated to be assed to join us. I had arrived thinking it was to be a fashion show, but it was just as the invite stated, an Opening of the store.

I have to admit I was more interested in the wine, theatricals & the many fashion bloggers I've read on numerous occasions in attendance. It was nice to actually see what they wear outside of sugar coating & fluffing designers when they are choosing for themselves instead of blogging new releases.

All in all, I feel that Mercury is very well made clothes, not useful to the mainstream population in my opinion, but possibly to some outrageous people, sure. Though it's not my style or something I'd rush out to buy on release day, I have to give the Whitfield sisters kudos for doing stuff I don't have the talent to do. Here's to a successful future.

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