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Friday, March 14, 2008

Why killing the stew?

Alright, so why the hell did we dump the Stew?? There was a weird combination of events that brought about the demise of the Stew. The Stew was originally created to be a joint blog between Jelly and myself, and things started off on that foot, where I was blogging my share of the material, but then I started to really slow down on blogging. Why you might ask?

Well, there were basically three things that made it not so much fun to blog. First off, there was the issue of dickhead who was reading every post I ever wrote, and then going off to Jell about it or leaving nasty comments, etc. I didn't feel right making things harder for Jell so I quit blogging about much that had to do with the two of us, and focused more on other things. Secondly, people blog for different reasons... for some it is to vent, or to share their love of fashion, or to commune with their inner child or whatever. For me, I blog to try to connect with other people. I love getting comments, feedback, interaction, and seeing the blog be successful. (Yes, I like to look at stats.. a LOT!) Everybody viewed the Stew as Jelly's blog, and every time we went anywhere people would tell her how much they love the Stew, or I would hear about Jelly's Blog, etc. Also, something about the Stew's format, doesn't generate many comments. Everybody, loved reading it, but people weren't drawn into the story enough to participate, and so I wasn't getting much feedback to motivate me to post. Third, I instantly fell for the idea of a men's blog to rival the MG format, when I was approached by Wrath and Alex about creating something along those lines. After a few long conversations, Are We Not Men was born, and took off like a rocket. It is really unfortunate that Alex has been slammed with school, and Wrath is just plain AWOL because that blog has incredible potential to take off to even greater heights, but for now I seem to be the lone contributor until the end of May. I was finally getting the feedback, interaction, and comments that make me want to keep contributing so I gravitated towards posting exclusively at AWNM, and left the Stew altogether.

This created a little bit of friction between us, and Jell lost interest in the Stew without me to post on it... so there ya have it!

But, after ALL OF THAT.... here is the new blog for your viewing pleasure: Free State of Mind

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Kay, I waited long enough...

I thought for sure Hawks would have said something already, but nooooo. So I will cause it's how I roll, being a braggart and stuff. WE'RE GOING TO SEE THE CURE IN CONCERT! Hah!

The Cure

May 19, 2008

Appearing with 65daysofstatic

that is all.. kkthnxbai

It's the lil things...

I finally find my way into SL and this is what happens...

HawksRock Gunawan: blame JELLY for pointing out pulsating shower heads to me on
Symone DeCuir: lol
Symone DeCuir: lmao
HawksRock Gunawan: she is saying that this one has 28k pulses a minute, and she will never hafta leave the shower... evah
HawksRock Gunawan: then I pointed out it was only 2.8k so she might hafta come out on occasion
HawksRock Gunawan: STOP encouraging her... :p
JellyBean Madison: OMG! He's just mad 'cause I may never leave my shower
Symone DeCuir: lol
Symone DeCuir: I want one of those!
JellyBean Madison: it's only $19.99
JellyBean Madison: :o
Symone DeCuir: oooooh
JellyBean Madison: Waterpik 4-Setting Handheld Showerhead
Symone DeCuir: we don't have Target here
Symone DeCuir: hmmmm hand held is it?
JellyBean Madison: order online
JellyBean Madison: Handheld showerhead has 4 personalized shower settings for individual comfort and up to 2800 pulses per minute at 80 psi • Has 3 pulse modes: Pulse - steady pulsating spray, Turbo Pulse - powerful hyper massage and Spray Pulse - pulsating massage
Symone DeCuir: just might do that
Symone DeCuir: oooooo TURBO
JellyBean Madison: I KNOW!
Symone DeCuir: HYPER massage!
Symone DeCuir: OMG
JellyBean Madison: See... this is why he's so jealous
Symone DeCuir: He really has no idea what that means to a girl, does he?
Symone DeCuir: hahahahaha
JellyBean Madison: lmfao
Symone DeCuir: he says not to encourage you
JellyBean Madison: I'm over the deep end already
JellyBean Madison orders it online
Symone DeCuir: my address is:
JellyBean Madison: rofl
HawksRock Gunawan: I think I lost this argument... :/
HawksRock Gunawan: lol
Symone DeCuir: he's conceded the argument - the Bean WINS!
JellyBean Madison: YAY!
JellyBean Madison: I want it so bad
JellyBean Madison: lol
Symone DeCuir: lmao
JellyBean Madison: I'm like okay I'll wait til next week to order
Symone DeCuir: this is near good enough for profile
JellyBean Madison: but damnit I want it now!
Symone DeCuir: hmmmm, scrolls back up
JellyBean Madison: lol no shit
JellyBean Madison: let me find room
Symone DeCuir is gonna MAKE room
Symone DeCuir: awww who am I kidding, got not life, therefor, got plenny of room
JellyBean Madison: lol this *will* go into a blog post
Symone DeCuir: hehehe

Let me point out that angels fookin' sung, SUNG, when I found this online. Yup!


Hai guise! Sorry for the MIA-ness. Life as we know it has been uber crazy lately. Hawks is working under cover with the *agency I cannot name* and I got a job as a pimp on the corner of Mass & 8th. It's hard work I tell you what.

In all seriousness though... we have slowly but surely been working behind the scenes here at the Stew gathering our fav moments and starting work on the new blog. I'm hoping by next week we shall have our post up here linking you to the new wholesome goodness completely made with love and super hot key strokes. Oh yeahhhh baby! Just like that.

We haven't forgot you, don't forget us. Mwah!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Thank you Aly <3

That is *my* Alysha Rennahan, an angel & great friend. We've never hung out in SL, or RL... but we IM, Flickr, and know each other through each other's blogs. She & I share a lot of things that we have in common. If you don't follow her blog yet, you should... and if you ever see her in world say "HAI!" She's an awesome person in SL/RL and she has the M&Ms... always.

Thank you Aly for everything you've done :)
You truly are the bestest of the best.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

TMI Tuesday - 80's part 2

It's just about that time, which is a good thing I just finished my playlist. I got distracted by a long NWA set that I was having fun with, but only 2 songs made it into my final. It looks like we have about 30 minutes of traditional 80's followed up with 1.5 hours of hip/hop and rap... so should be fun. See you at Clockworks at 8!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

A Proper Good-bye - Part One

A few of you Stewies noticed that Verbal Stew was offline yesterday and open to Hawks & I only. Well, the thing is... Verbal Stew is a dead blog walking. Hawks & I have decided that we want to take on a new blog, a new name, a new format with new content. Not sure how long it'll be til that happens but I'll definitely be letting ya'll know where we've moved to.

Gillian suggested that we give the Stew a proper good-bye and I agree. I finger the best way to do that is for Hawks & I to highlight some of our favorite posts over the past nine months of Stewness. It's been a blast! Feel free to also comment on any favs you remmy. :)

Hawks is at the KU v. Texas Tech. game tonight. It's a very important game & I'm glued to ESPN... so tomorrow we'll go over our favs & post them here.

Stay tuned for the Stew in Review....

Tagged - I'm it! (A Meme)

Doh! Tagged by Casius. I think I'm among the few that actually enjoy doing/reading other people's memes. This one is interesting to see what people are reading. I'm not even to the 123rd page of my book. Haha! But I swear I'm reading it in my spare time.

Here are the meme rules:
1. Pick up the nearest book (of at least 123 pages).
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people.

I'm currently reading White Oleander by Janet Finch (a gift from Hawks).

"We were so mutable, fluid with fear and desire, ideals and angles, changeable as water. I ran her stocking up my leg, smelled the Ma Griffe.

I imagined she'd gone to Paris, that she was sitting in a cafe, having a cloudy Pernod and water, scarf tied to her purse like the women in her French Vogue."

Okay I tag Cierra, Akasha, Hawks, Alysha & Ey' Alexander.

Saturday, March 1, 2008