Friday, March 14, 2008

Why killing the stew?

Alright, so why the hell did we dump the Stew?? There was a weird combination of events that brought about the demise of the Stew. The Stew was originally created to be a joint blog between Jelly and myself, and things started off on that foot, where I was blogging my share of the material, but then I started to really slow down on blogging. Why you might ask?

Well, there were basically three things that made it not so much fun to blog. First off, there was the issue of dickhead who was reading every post I ever wrote, and then going off to Jell about it or leaving nasty comments, etc. I didn't feel right making things harder for Jell so I quit blogging about much that had to do with the two of us, and focused more on other things. Secondly, people blog for different reasons... for some it is to vent, or to share their love of fashion, or to commune with their inner child or whatever. For me, I blog to try to connect with other people. I love getting comments, feedback, interaction, and seeing the blog be successful. (Yes, I like to look at stats.. a LOT!) Everybody viewed the Stew as Jelly's blog, and every time we went anywhere people would tell her how much they love the Stew, or I would hear about Jelly's Blog, etc. Also, something about the Stew's format, doesn't generate many comments. Everybody, loved reading it, but people weren't drawn into the story enough to participate, and so I wasn't getting much feedback to motivate me to post. Third, I instantly fell for the idea of a men's blog to rival the MG format, when I was approached by Wrath and Alex about creating something along those lines. After a few long conversations, Are We Not Men was born, and took off like a rocket. It is really unfortunate that Alex has been slammed with school, and Wrath is just plain AWOL because that blog has incredible potential to take off to even greater heights, but for now I seem to be the lone contributor until the end of May. I was finally getting the feedback, interaction, and comments that make me want to keep contributing so I gravitated towards posting exclusively at AWNM, and left the Stew altogether.

This created a little bit of friction between us, and Jell lost interest in the Stew without me to post on it... so there ya have it!

But, after ALL OF THAT.... here is the new blog for your viewing pleasure: Free State of Mind

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