Thursday, January 31, 2008

*Random Cheese & Stuffs*

Rosie Shark: what will we do?
JellyBean Madison: umm the same thing we do every night Rosie...
JellyBean Madison: plan to take over the world!!!
Rosie Shark: LOL
Rosie Shark: love it

A Night at the Roxbury (SL) from JellyBean Madison on Vimeo.

So like hai der... we need extras to finish this video, if you are interested, let me know.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

TMI Tuesday - TONIGHT!

Wow, well if you were AWOL last week you missed out on some kick ass music, which was WAY overshadowed by the sharing of personal secrets that came out of the list of questions that Jelly provided to spur the conversation. But all is not lost, you have a chance to redeem yourself and BE THERE tonight at Clockworks from 6-8 pm. Nothing that is shared tonight will make it into Wednesday, so if you miss it you are just SOL. I have a little harder set than my norm featuring Rage Against the Machine, Tool, Godsmack, SoundGarden, Beastie Boys, etc etc etc... Jell, well Jell doesn't know what she is playing yet, but I am sure it will be awesome! lol

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Next Blogger Party!


The Next Second Life Bloggers Party.....

The hosts for February will be Ravishal Bentham and GoSpeed Racer in the Sailor’s Cove sim on Sunday February 24 from 1:00 PM until 4:00 PM SLT.

The host for March is Crap Mariner…specific date and time are yet to be determined.

April is still open if anyone would like to go for it. Anyone remember offhand when I hosted the first one? Was it May or June? So much has happened since then I can’t remember.

Valentine's Day?

Krius dropped this delightfully gross SiniStyle Cupid's Arrow on me tonight after bugging him to know what he was doing/creating for Valentine's Day.

For those of you that get the warm fuzzies & awwwww V-day feelings, the rest of us that don't say "Boogar Off!"

I've yet to have a V-Day that made me warm & fuzzy so this arrow fits my sentiments perfectly! Complete all the way down to the heart pumping squirting blood and the bloody jacket layer perfect over any top (shirt layer).

Bravo Krius!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ugh! I have A.D.D

I tried to do all my stuff today, I swear. But low & behold my new pink Nintendo DS distracted me, then Courage the Cowardly Dog, then my daughter & her need for retail therapy, Pirates called my name and then, and then, and then... Now I'm in SL playing Pereesi & blogging in between games.

I'll do it tomorrow while I have zero distractions (i.e kids), I swear.

A wise person once said:

"Hard work pays off in the future. Laziness pays off now."

To that I say... kay!

Afkish Today

I've got 4564644654768742132 things to do today in preparation for my move, so I may be logged into SL for tax lowering only but I'm not really there. Wish me gluck!

Note to self: Do not get distracted by Nintendo DS

The TSO Witness Relocation Program

Some people do not know this, it was a huge cover up. Well it appears that I have been found, so I'm going to come clean.

I played TSO (The Sims Online) like years ago, I mean ummm a really really long time ago. In fact it was where Akasha & I went for more of a social atmosphere after spending awhile in UO (Ultima Online). Oh yesh, I was a bad ass necco wafer, I mean necromancer & Aka, well, she revived my dead ass all the time, but trust me I was bad ass! :)

Anyways, you would think after years & years go by, that people would forget you & your sim (av) from TSO, right? Newp, not so. They found me! TSO refugees!

So let me tell you now, if you knew me from TSO here are the rules:
  • We do not speak of that, EVER
  • I can't help you get SL adjusted, try help island.
  • No I'm not looking for ex-TSO djs to dj on mine & Hawks' stream.
  • and did I mention, we do not speak of me & TSO? Like Ever?
That is all, please continue on your merry merry happy SLives. kkthnx

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happiness is...

Picnik! Myg blogged about it awhile back on her post - Do You Picnik? I read her post, but it still took me at least a week or so to try it. OMG! Talk about addictive, oh, oh, oh, AND EASY PEASY! I upgraded. :o Oh yesh, *I* so did. Anyroo, check out Myg's post here. Then go play, discuss, create.

Have You Seen This Man?

He has gone missing without a trace today & I'm looking for any information leading to his whereabouts. kkthnx


Friday, January 25, 2008

Welcome to the World Cameron!

My goofy but wonderful friend in SL, Geniffer Cordeaux has been missing from SL lately. Why? Because she gave birth to this beautiful baby boy. I kinda feel like an Auntie today. :p Cameron Alexander was born on Thurs January 17th at 1:23am. 7 lbs 6 oz 18.6 inch of all boy! You make adorable babies Geniffer! Congrats homecluck! And awwwwww!

Clockwork! Tonight! Tonight!

I am cross-posting this from Ey' Alexander's post over on M is for Myg

Psst… schedule change and a contest — Party tonight!

Schedule as of 1.25.08

Sunday, 6-8 pm
The Mandelbrot Set with dj Xaxoqual
IDM, ambient dance tracks, hooky breakbeats

Tuesday, 6-8 pm
TMI Tuesdays with JellyBean and HawksRock
Rock music laced with conversation you won’t believe

Wednesday, 6-8 pm
This Ain’t No Trainwreck
dj Garrett gets it in the groove and works it

Thursday, 6-8 pm
Danceteria w/dj Gorgeous Guen
a club mix to start your weekend on the right day

Friday, 6-8 pm
(n)eXt w/ dj keTchUp
two hours of mostly new music–indie rock and club tracks

Friday, 8-9 pm
[your contest-winning name could be here]
dj Esteban digs deep into funklore and unearths the mothership connection, shake your rump!

This has been an official Burgess Advertisement for Clockwork.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Jelly's Closet - Pajama Day!

I seriously cannot believe I'm blogging to New Kids On The Block. Oh well, it's soothing, let's roll with it. :) Anyone who knows me well, knows not only do I "embrace the lazy" but I completely embrace a good PJ Day. I think we owe it to ourselves at least one pj day a week. I don't endorse not showering cause that's just not good, but I fully believe that all day in some good comfy pjs is fruit for the soul. :p Okay though most of my pj days revolve around cramping, bloating, and nothing else fitting me in my closet... doesn't mean that they aren't still the bestest ever.

Rosie Posie Puddin' Pie, the apple of my eye found me these Nyte'N'Day - "Embrace the Lazy" PJs in pink. Jomg Jelly that's a *new* release! *I* know, now shup! This is the part where you sit down quietly & listen to my opinion and looket how cute I am in my pics. Hahaha! Awwwww!

I'm not usually a fan of shorts in SL unless they are very well done. Everyone who has ever worn or attempted to make shorts in SL will know that in most cases they look like shit on the inner thighs of any av depending on pose regardless of size. I have to hand it to Nyte Caligari. She did the cutest bestest made boy shorts for these pjs. Also if you're not a fan of the boy shorts, the set comes with pj pants too. So you get the tank, the booty shorts (damn that's a fine ass, back it up girlfriend) and pj pants.

And colors... THE COLORS!

Single Color: 95L each
Fat Pack: 295L

Please remmy that everything at Nyte'N'Day is NO TRANSFER. Gift cards are available at the store.
Go get your PJ day on NOW!

Blogger Party! Wuwu!

Cross posted from:

Vint Falken: Who’s hosting the next Second Life Bloggers party?

Zoe Connolly’s looking for a victim with blood type 0 a host (or hosts) for the next Blogger Party. Now, why is hosting a SL Blogger Party so much fun?

  1. You get to pick the location.
  2. You get to pick the strippers.
  3. You get to pick the DJ.
  4. You get to meet a lot of kewl, interesting and hawt Second Life Bloggers. Oh, and Veyron too! *ducks for incoming fire*
  5. You get to tell Prok she’s not invited.
  6. You get to pick the theme. (Who says webpolls can’t be tricked? ;))
  7. You get a lot of attention.
  8. You get to spend a lot of time setting the whole thing up.

Past hosts, did I miss something?

If you feel a bit insecure, or not sure anybody will attend if you are hosting, feel free to pick a co-host. And drop me an IM too, I have the neatest idea for an invitation-system. And, Smiley, no! We are not keeping this one on the Teen Grid. Sorry.

SL Blogger logo (button/badge)

Zoe’s original lines:

If anyone would like to host the next Second Life Bloggers party, please let me know in the next few weeks.
I’m thinking we could use a party in February or March depending on host/hostess schedule , party theme selection, etc….
SLBloggers parties are usually held on Sundays .

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fashion Foul!

Some of you know I wrote a post over at MGG2SL about the current state of the SL fashion world called You Blog It! Well in order to not overkill the fashion scene on MGG2SL, I'm going to post my ed/op here.

Let me clarify that I did NOT say *every* fashion blogger is a mindless drone. In fact, some that I read *do* give their opinions. Hence why I still read them.

*Not everything has demos people, and no I cannot always tell from a picture*

I need something, like iunno...

Do *you* feel my L would be well spent on it? I am not a content creator or even a creator of stuffs. I am just a tringo playing Tuesday DJ with a shopping addiction, I don't buy L's and I survive only on stipend & my tips from dj'ing sooooooo I need to know a little more than like, Pia put it best, "squeee".

In fact, before I start on another vent that spirals into other topics, let me tell you some good blogs to read for your fashion fix if you want to avoid the fashion feed boring commercial.

Disclaimer: These are not ALL the great ones out there, just my favs that *I* go to in my time of fashion fix frenzy need. My word is not end all be all & you are free to make your own decisions & form your own opinions. kkthnx

TMI Tuesday - Were you there?!

Oh I can keep coming up with pics for this. Haha! What did you miss tonight? Well you missed TMI and great music, of course. :D

Hawks did his thing for an hour & then I did mine - complete with TMI questions. *Gasp* I know, right? I'd love to give you the full set (including commentary) via box, but I haven't renewed it, so I can't. So, I suppose you are just going to have to come next week, huh?

Since this is the start of the new tradition, I will give you examples of some of the questions:
  • What was the first "naughty" book you read and in what way was it naughty?
  • Would you rather look at nude pictures/pornography or read erotic fiction and why?
  • If you were to publish your autobiography today, what would be the title?
  • Do you know the whereabouts today of the first person with whom you had sex?
The list goes on. The questions were great but the answers flowing from everyone were much much better. Hawks & I have decided that we will let people submit TMI questions as well & we'll collect them all week long & use them the following Tuesday. So go ahead & start thinking! You can add them here in comments, via notecard inworld (JellyBean Madison or HawksRock Gunawan) or just drop an IM. :)

TMI Tuesdays at Clockwork from JellyBean Madison on Vimeo.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

TMI Tuesdays - MUST BE THERE!!

Hey all this set is going to be the set of all sets... the best of the best. Jell and I didn't put any constraints on ourselves other than we hafta LOVE IT!! So this is the one to be at... no themes, no genres, just GREAT MUSIC!! So come on out to Clockworks tonight for this special extended edition set from 6 - 8:30. No where hotter to be tonight.

Not to mention with the new TMI format, come prepared to share your inner secrets, fetishes, and filing habits. We will be baring more than our souls... *winks*

Tiny Empires - Learn About Tiny Empires...Find a Liege

Learn About Tiny Empires...Find a Liege

If you have heard about Tiny Empires and want to learn more about this fun HUD game that is sweeping through Second Life, come join us at Flares while DJ Quant Kapuskas spins some great classic rock for us.

We will have trial HUDs on hand and people to answer your questions about the game or become your liege. Join the happy empire of Mayhapsibly and meet a great bunch of new people.

Flares the Hangout
Wed, Jan 23 6pm to 9pm linden
Fri, Jan 25 3pm to 6pm linden

Brought to you by Princess of Mayhapsibly Kaylantra Kasshiki & Zen Master of Mayhapsibly Zen Paine :)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Opinions are like... Well ya know!

This is what I learned today... just because you disagree with someone else's opinion does not mean that they are not valid in their thinking. It just means you have a different opinion and/or perspective. Does this make you wrong? Does this make them wrong? No, variety is the spice of life... it makes the world go 'round... yada yada. Try seeing it from their view, no really try, you may be uberly surprised. :)

Monday Morning Fixator's Support Group

Rosie Shark: monday morning fixator's support group
Rosie Shark: cept we don't really help each other
Rosie Shark: we just switch topics
JellyBean Madison: we just validate each others focusessseeseses
Rosie Shark: lol
Rosie Shark: or provide gentle and exciting changes of direction for each other
Rosie Shark: back and forth
Rosie Shark: no me!
Rosie Shark: no nonow it's my turn!
JellyBean Madison: noooo
JellyBean Madison: we're talking about my obsession
Rosie Shark: yes correct I know
Rosie Shark: mines repress... I mean suppressed for another day
JellyBean Madison: lmao
Rosie Shark: ok what are we doing what's going on?
Rosie Shark: anything?
Rosie Shark: cookie?
JellyBean Madison: beefcake?
Rosie Shark: well yea

Sunday, January 20, 2008

My SLife with the Thrill Kill Morrisey Cult! Part 2

Sort of a big bat sign in the sky, but more like a huge "M" the call goes out to all Morriseys. Wrath says it best in his post: Wrath Paine in: Morrisey Flash Mob 01-18-2008

Oh yes, and Flickr pics. I have started an album that can be viewed here: The Morriseys

And Flash Mob video:

And Welcome Rohsee Morrisey!


It is coming.... this Tuesday from 6-8 at Clockworks.
Block off your calendar... this one you DON'T wanna miss... more to come.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Stupidity isn't a virus, but it sure as hell spreads like one.

Better saved for a RL rant elsewhere. Don't be stupid, people... kay?

Tiny Empires - Mayhapsibly Lingerie Ball

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
Castle Coral is proud to host another Ball, on behalf of the Mayhapsibly family! This weekend's Ball is one of Dare to be Different, Dare To Bare, and Wear What Thou Wisheth!! Lingerie is acceptable, and encouraged, tasteful, sweet, all the makings of a great party. Period wardrobe is also nice. Dress up, dress down, but do please come around! The Ball will be held Saturday night January 19th at 9PM SLT .... come early!!!

Castle Coral

Pirates of the Caribbean Online

Hawks & I took a little SL vaca today. Where did we go? To Pirates Online, of course...

Set sail on the vast blue waters of the Caribbean in search of adventure, fortune, and fame in the world of the infamous Jack Sparrow and the evil Jolly Roger. In Pirates of the Caribbean Online, play alongside thousands of others and discover new myths and untold stories. Forge alliances, hunt for buried treasure and battle evil undead forces by using cunning and strategy to outwit your foes –– all to become the most notorious pirate on the high seas.

Live the Legend
Penniless and imprisoned, your life as a pirate is launched when Jack Sparrow helps you escape from jail. You learn the basics of survival early -- swordplay and cannoneering –– and learn to navigate the Caribbean, its seas teeming with the supernatural and the sinister. Every sail on the horizon marks a possible enemy, and every port town is filled with shifty citizens.

Master the mystic arts of Voodoo and use it to aid your friends and defeat your enemies. The power of Voodoo is at the command of Jolly Roger as well, but he uses it to bring the dead back to a mockery of life - animating the skeletons of long dead pirates whose fighting skills remain very much alive. The undead stalk the land and crew their own rotting yet deadly ships at sea.

You'll need gold to survive. Luckily, there are games to be found in most taverns -- the poker and blackjack tables await.

Nothing in Pirates of the Caribbean Online comes without a price, and you'll find yourself on Quests as you strive to increase your notoriety. No one but you has your survival in mind, so train hard with your weapons -- your cutlass, your dagger, your pistol, your grenades -- they're the only thing between you and defeat. If you've a mind for it, dabble in Voodoo and fight with hexes as well as steel.

Find a ship and crew it with your Friends to begin your adventures on the high seas. When the time is right -- when you're strong enough and rich enough, that is –– step up to a bigger, more powerful vessel. There's a hull for every taste. Sloops are renowned for their sheer speed while Galleons can accommodate large amounts of cargo. Frigates are built for battle, ramming hulls, and blasting out broadside after broadside from their heavy cannons. Run from them or get one for yourself.

With your increasing skills, your Notoriety will grow, but beware! Treachery and deceit lie at every point of the compass. As Jack Sparrow well knows, even the most minor encounters can have far-reaching consequences.

Friday, January 18, 2008


As a rule, try to find the positive, or in my case, the positively hilarious sides of things. I am constantly cracking myself up. No really, I really do crack myself up. I talk to myself a lot too. It's ok I pass it off like I was tote having an intelligent convo with the dog or cat, whichever is the closest at the time. Hey, it works. Doesn't it?

So yesterday I took a pic in SL with Rosie that had me rolling. Like seriously rolling. Yah, when I finish the post, it'll probably cause me drama but here's how I sees it...

Two weeks ago I was in an airport admiring people that had laptops to take advantage of the free WiFi. I sat there wondering if any one of them knew who I was. Really? Did they know I am "JellyBean Madison?" I'm like Queen and stuff. I have my own family line, I'm a well known blogger of nonsense, and when people think pink hair, they think me, right?

Yah popularity in SL gets you no where in the real world. So why do we hold so much stock in how others see us in SL? Does it effect us in the real world? Nah, not really. I mean there is some aspects of SL that carry over, but nothing considerable, really.

I am what you see or errr hear in SL. Personality-wise anyways.

Here's a lil secret... come closer... closer... no closer than that cause I said it's a secret dorkus!

Okay so my hair isn't pink in RL.

Omg! I know right.
There there, it's okay.

My point is, we try to be good people, or at least I would hope that we do. I have some great friends in SL and I guess what they think of me matters on some level but in the end, it really doesn't matter in the real world, or does it?

I tote lost my point again, didn't I? Okay I need more coffee apparently. :p

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Akasha Nyak: so wtf is up with those balloons?
You: I like em
Akasha Nyak: and you like to smack ppl in the head and everywhere else with them LOL
You: yesh! they make me happy
You: :p
Akasha Nyak: rofl well then yay!!!
You: yay
Akasha Nyak: but I'm staying this far from you rofl
You: lmao

Get your 1L balloons by Gogo on her sim La Reina at her shop.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tiny Empires - Mayhapsibly

I don't think I say it enough, or mayhaps I say it too much... but we really do have a great family!

Prince Shwartzie Gumbo the Keeper of the Castle has provided us with a great meeting place for balls & other family activities. The Castle is open to all, there you will find a ballroom, and several vendors, you can fly in a Aero-Putter flying machine over the castle and around the island, or shop for medieval clothing. Castle Coral

Princess Kaylantra Kasshiki (our favorite frequent flyer) puts together events for the family to get together & shake their groove things at the club Flares in Linda. In fact yesterday, the subjects of Mayhapsibly were there with subjects from the kingdom of Genovia. First Prince of Genovia Royal Whatever Ge Hermans was there spinning the great tuneage for us all. ~*~FLARES~*~ the Hangout

Sulayman Rumey & his lovely wife Azizah Davids are always available as knower of stuffs & answerererers of questions. :) The Royal Negotiators.

There's always an event, or some one to hang out with in our group. Very loyal, very awesome Princess Wigglebutt Symone DeCuir deserves kudos here as well... She is the master mind behind everything clerical in our family & is always working diligently to make our family better for everyone.

Big hugs to everyone in the line of Mayhapsibly, you make me a very proud Queen! :)

Don't get any ideas...

Cocopokes are for special occasions only. Hahahahaha! I'm in great form today. Too bad my cuteness & comic relief goes unappreciated. Warning smartass in da howse! Happy farking hump day poppets!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Non-Abrasive TMI Tuesdays

So we *officially* have a name for our Tuesday Clockwork sets... TMI Tuesdays from 6-8 p.m. SLT @ Clockwork in Mainline, Topgol. If you missed it tonight, and we know some of you did... well, you suck 18 inch wet green dripping donkey dicks. I say so. Hah! You missed a lot of TMI and a lot of Myg on Alex action. Bowchikabowow bow chika chicka wow bowow bowwow chikabow chickabow bowchikabow bowchickabow chickabowow chikabowow chickabowwow chikabowwow!

Hawks did the U2 thang, and I did my alternative punkiness. So I usually have my set for your uploading/listening pleasure, but I didn't save it tonight. Sorry! kkthnxbai

TMI Tuesdays at Clockwork :o

TMI Tuesdays, you say? Well yesh, yesh I do. Seems like every Tuesday takes a turn to some really odd convo for some reason. Seriously, I think it's Wrath's fault, or could be the Truth or Dare board, I'm not sure.

We are firing up a set at Clockwork from 6-8 where the dynamic duo is once again reunited under one roof!!! Hawks is serving you up some U2 wholesome goodness for a full hour. Then *I* (Jelly) was going to be spewing some 311 but changed my mind and decided to roll with some rocking Alternative Punkness. Cause *I* can!

So join us tonight at Clockwork!
It'll be fun, or at least weird. :)

Pigs in Space!

Hopefully at least one person gets that reference. Haha! I cracked myself up with it. :p If you haven't heard yet, Aley Arai has her very own sim. Who is Aley Arai, you ask? Well, she is a super genius, of course. She makes full immersion sci-fi things using megaprims, sculptys, and super detailed custom textures to keep the prims a fraction of whats out there. She doesn't sell anything, and says "if the art rules your whole life and everything else is just *filler* you know what i'm on about :)"

Hawks & I went and checked out her sim - Privateer Space, on a recommendation of Alex. It's going to be developed into a huge super immersion silly sci-fi playland for everyone. a non commercial venture. The philosophy for Privateer Space is basically *nothing thats a commonality in SL will ever be here*(i.e no shops, no malls, no campers, not even a sim donation jar, no advertisements, no signs, no billboards, no clubs, no PR0n! and the only bots are actual prim robots :D). So if you are a real explorer, this is one sim you really need to go checkity check. Yes, Chestnut, I mean YOU. :p

I am a Space Pirate there, so don't fook with me if you see me, I'm heavily armed thanks to Aley. :D No, actually, please fook with me. That might be funner.

Oh and the sim is open to any AV type that can confirm to a PG sim (i.e. no mutilated babys or nakkie peoples). "Lots of the RPG sims have strict AV rules that amount to out right racism," according to Aley. Her sim is different.

Weird aliens welcomed and encouraged but no eating the visitors. The sim is 100% physics vehicle friendly and more spaceships will soon be out for people to play with. Anyone can bring their own, only an issue if there way to huge.

Go visit Aley's sim Privateer Space and if you see her, tell her HAI and that JellyBean & Hawks sent ya. :)

Monday, January 14, 2008

A Home! I haz one!

Sorry - RL post again...
Big thank yous to all the folks that offered help. Ya'll rock! Big hugs Sulayman & Azizah, Wilma, Gennifer, and my entire TE family.

I have a place... Yay! The lease is in the mail & I think everything is situated & ready to move forward. Wish me gluck! I've been having *a* day!

Oh, give me a home Where the buffalo roam, Where the deer and the antelope play

Just a lil RL ventage from your friendly neighborhood JellyBean... :)

I have less than a week to find me a place in Kansas, unrealistic deadline? Mayhaps. I'm officially tired of telephones, sitting on hold & explaining my sitch over & over & over again. AND... I have cramps!



Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Buttercup!

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear.... DREAMER...
Happy Birthday to you!!

Every once in a while you meet someone in SecondLife who makes a huge impact on your slife and you learn to appreciate how SL brings people from across the globe together, and Dreamer is one of those people for both of us. She has that unique combination of wit, compassion, ornery (yes I said ornery), fun, spunk, and humour that makes her a keeper through and through. She is there to listen to vents, to silliness, and to hold our feet to the fire on any given day at any given time. Adore you completely and know that you will never ever ever get rid of us. We both wish you the absolute bestest birthday ever D!!

<333333!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Huggles, and Mwah's

P.S. Oh yeah, and we are kinda pissed you didn't mention it was your real birthday today given that I (Hawks) was up til 3 am with you... you said you had to leave, but NOT to go eat the freaking birthday cake!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Meez Tringo?!

I thought hmmmm why not try out It should be a site, right? What do ya know it took me to Meez. How cool is that? If you don't have a meez yet, you so need one. Tringo is a great reason for it too. :p

side note: yah so my browser is pink! Shup!

FYI: I Am Legend!

Group Notice from Cory Edo

Congratulations to JulieJewels Roussel, who has successfully found the Cure in I Am Legend: Survival! Thanks to JulieJewels and the other players for making IAL such a huge success!

With that, IAL will have its last day on Monday, Jan. 14th. This will be the last day the sims are open for gameplay, so make sure to get your gameplay time in with your friends before NYC closes down!

Thanks again to EVERYONE that participated!

Dog Avatars (no hud needed) up at the OIs
Sun Jan 13 18:14:14 2008

Hey guys,
If you wanted a copy of the dog avatars that don't require a HUD to use, they're up now at both OIs -
- right at the TP landing area, underneath the first signs
- at the Costume dock, in front of the regular dog avatar boxes

There will be a Darkseeker AO package set up in the same locations soon as well. Enjoi!

Day O'Fun

As soon as Hawks & I logged in this morning... his plan was to take turns for a day o'fun. No blogs, no stress, no crap all day. Well, it has been fun - even though Tiny Empires, impromptu visitations & blogs did get involved. We're type A people, ya know. We can try to plan a day to relax but ya know it's not all that relaxing if you gotta work at it. :p The idea was that each of us take turns picking a place to go, we stay there til one or both of us were funned out or bored... Then we'd say "Switch!"

Things we did:
And then....
Hawks took a nap. :p

The day isn't over yet. We still have tringo with Dreamer at 12 SLT (Hawk's Tringo). That is *if* Hawks wakes up from his nap in time this week. :p

Friday, January 11, 2008

Didn't see it coming...

Rosie attacked me - that betch! We fought tooth & nail (she broke one)! That'll teach me to be such a braggart, huh?

I was just sitting outside admiring the crisp, clean virtual air when BAM! She flys off my hammock & tosses me to the ground! She grabbed my left foot & dragged me at least 5 feet trying to pull my boot off. I curled my toes trying desperately to keep them on my feet. She was an animal, I tell ya. Purely insane - I saw it in her eyes!

So after she beat me up, ganked my boots, and left me in tears... I did what any sensible person would do in my sitch - I told Akasha! You're in big trouble now Rosie Shawk!!!!

New Deception and Stealth Boots for females are up at the main Sinistyle store.

Skin: "Busted Ho" 1313 Mocking Bird Lane (release coming soon?) by the one & only CallaLily Munster