Monday, January 28, 2008

Valentine's Day?

Krius dropped this delightfully gross SiniStyle Cupid's Arrow on me tonight after bugging him to know what he was doing/creating for Valentine's Day.

For those of you that get the warm fuzzies & awwwww V-day feelings, the rest of us that don't say "Boogar Off!"

I've yet to have a V-Day that made me warm & fuzzy so this arrow fits my sentiments perfectly! Complete all the way down to the heart pumping squirting blood and the bloody jacket layer perfect over any top (shirt layer).

Bravo Krius!

1 comment:

HawksRock said...

Big emphasis on the yet! :) Hopefully you will be skipping through the daffodils, while spewing heart shapes out into the world, and whistling a tune after this one.