Friday, February 29, 2008

jOMG Bitch Please!

Incoming ventage, kinda...

Take this random comment...

"a blogger with an incredible good taste and she does amazing photos and that's pretty much what i need to know about clothes."

Today's topic will be taste. TASTE! What gives us "taste" in SL? I do not define "taste" as having the foresight to post pictures of yourself in styles that were GIVEN TO YOU!

A lot of the "newer" fashion blogs only cover "new releases" and ones that were given as "review copies"... Does this mean that the blogger has taste, a style of their own, etc? Or are they merely just showing *us* new releases that they were given?

I personally prefer a fash blog where the writer/contributor goes out, mixes it up, and shows me things I cannot find normally on every other blog out there. Oh yesh, and SLURLS. I love love love the SLURLS.

Your opinions? Discuss. kkthnx

Happy Leap Day

Every four years we get an extra day. Don't question it, just enjoy it. Hah! Hawks says I'm getting my blogs confused - he's probably right, he usually is.

I logged into SL this morning after 2 days out to catch up on offlines, invey offers & such... so I have stuff to blog. It's all in my head but at the moment I haven't much time to get in, take pics, etc.

I've been wanting to do a post on SL to RL (Gilly suggested this for a JH Report months ago - love ya Gillian) but I'm trying to figure out exactly how I want to write that one up. Hawks & I may not be doing it right, or by the book (if there is one) but as soon as I gather thoughts & have time to just sit down & tell "our" story, I will.

Have a great leap day! Huggles & kissiepops!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Starting to warm up...

RL is a blast! It's getting warmer here in the armpit of the US. Haha! Kidding! I love Kansas. Today my boys & I actually got out to play some bball at the school. I had the advantage cause I'm taller. Nyah! Nyah! We played until we tied.

Goop on the other hand...

well, he was doing it wrong. Hah!

Pirates of the Caribbean Online Newness

Prayers answered? Or did they just realize they were lacking in pinkness? It doesn't really matter because in the end... Customization is now available to Unlimited Access Members. [Bet you're kickin' yourself now, huh Kitty?]

Cruise around the Caribbean in a whole new set of threads, rock some new ink, get a slick new hair do...and don't forget your bling (it's not like SL blinding bling - it just means jewelry lol)! Members can also pick up an EXCLUSIVE skull bandana from any Tailor Shop! To celebrate the launch of avatar customization, PO is giving an exclusive in-game skull bandana to all of the Unlimited Access members. Anyone who currently has Unlimited Access, or upgrades by March 2, can get this limited-edition item.

Please Note: Eligible members must pick up the skull bandana from any tailor before midnight on Sunday, March 2 - just walk in and select it from the list of available hats for purchase (don't gold needed!).

And that's not all... Emotes! jOMG! No way!
It's time to dance, celebrate, laugh, or just plain go crazy...emote style! Click here for a list of some of the emotes now available in the game for all Pirates.

Not a pirate yet, you say? Well come on aboard mate... Pirates Online

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Narcotic Dreams...

Ahhhhhhh! Nyquil is good to me! :)

TMI Tuesday - 80's edition

Hey all, tonight is the night!! Jell and I will be DJ'ing at Clockworks from 6-8 pm SLT. I will be featuring 80's exclusively with the set split into a dance set, and then an old school hip hop set. Jell is going to be featuring women artists from both the 80's and 90's in her set.

I will be debuting a little retrospective segment, that I have not decided yet is funny or stupid... come and you be the judge... :p

Cause... I'm cold!

Winter winter winter SUCKS! kkthnx

Other randomness from my day off:

"my uterus will be dead before it ever has a chance to live"

"I'm waiting for... iunno what I'm waiting for."

"What's a beefcake of the millennium? Wasn't that Wrath?"

Jelly: I thought it was funny that he sent it to the "nice" Mean Girl! [me]
Rosie: Hahahaha I saw that too.

"That's how shopping should be done... you get in & get out."

"We can't help it if we stand around & get distracted."

Time Out!

Before I start this post I would like to add that this is *my* blog and though it has always been mostly SL, the tide has changed. I'm spending a lot more time in RL so there may be a RL post here & there. kkthnx

All last week & so far this week I've busted my ass trying to get a new job in RL. I've also been battling what I believe is the flu, so no transportation other than my feet & the cold air is doing me in.

So since I woke up unable to breath through my nose, with sinus pressure galore.... Oh joy! I have designated today as a TIME OUT day! Too often we let the everyday stresses, hustle, bustle & busy-ness rule our day. Not today I say. Nay! Nay to lifes craptastical crapola!

Everyone gets the day off to just focus on *you*. Yup! I say so. So here are a few things to help you feel relaxed...

  • Relax Yourself With A Daydream - You can relax yourself using nothing more than your imagination. This technique, also called “creative visualization,” helps you relax yourself by focusing your thoughts on something positive that will give you the peace and serenity you need in order to succeed at even the most stressful task. To relax yourself, just think of a place or an experience that makes you feel happy and calm. You can try remembering a time when you felt peaceful, or imagining a fictional event that would make you feel happy and successful. A favorite moment from childhood can do the trick, as can something outrageous like imagining yourself accepting an award at a fancy gala. The key is to focus on making your visualization as vivid as possible. What are the smells and sounds in the place you’re imagining? How do you feel, from your toes to the top of your head? If you can make the experience vivid, you’ll relax yourself completely. Just surrender to five minutes of daydreaming, and you’ll leave the stressors of your current situation behind. When you return, you’ll feel energized, refreshed, and calm.
  • Take a bubble bath - Nothing is more invigorating than a a good soak in a warm bubble bath. Lean back, close your eyes, and just breath.
  • Relax Yourself With A Sensory Cue - You can use your senses to relax yourself in just five minutes if you use a sensory cue. Anything from a particular scent to a tactile sensation to a specific piece of music can help you relax yourself, so long as you associate the sensory cue with feeling calm and peaceful. Try turning on a classic music track, or lighting a scented candle. Focus on taking in the stimulus that you’ve created, and you’ll relax yourself. It’s easy to relax yourself in five minutes, or even two or three, just by changing your environment so that it feels more soothing.
  • Relax Yourself With A Breathing Exercise - Changing the speed of your breath is a great way to relax yourself fast. Try setting a timer for five minutes so that you can forget about watching the clock, and just pay attention to your breathing rhythm. Breathe in to a slow count of five, and out again to another five count. Continue to breath slowly, and you’ll relax yourself by tricking your body. When you breath at a slow, peaceful pace, your heart rate will also calm down, and the flood of adrenaline in your system that leads to stress will dissipate. You can relax yourself just by pretending you’re already relaxed; when you take slow, deep breaths, the way you would if you felt calm and peaceful, your body will start to think there’s nothing to worry about. You’ll feel a big difference after just five minutes!
  • Relax Yourself With A Cup Of Herbal Tea - Having a warm, soothing cup of herbal tea is a great way to relax yourself fast. The warmth and steam will help open your throat and nasal passages so that you begin to breathe more deeply. The aroma and taste will help you focus your thoughts so that worries and cares take a backseat to the experience of holding, smelling, and drinking the tea. Savoring a cup of caffeine free herbal tea combines the power of a breathing exercise with the power of a sensory cue, which means you’ll be able to relax yourself fast. Just make sure to pay attention to what you’re drinking; the more you can concentrate on the act of enjoying your tea, the faster you’ll relax yourself. Five minutes with a cup of tea can leave you feeling vibrant and ready for any challenge. All you need to do to relax yourself is let the tea become the most important thing in your day for just five minutes, and you’ll feel great! Thank you baby for the tea! :)
  • Crawl back into bed - If you can try crawling back into bed. Take a nap. Remmy kindergarten? Nap time rawked!
Enjoy your day off, I'm going to enjoy mine now. Mwah!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Warm, Fuzzy & Squishy

That's my Rosie Shawk! Enough with all the ugliness around here. Seriously. I've said my peace, so now I present to you (drum roll please......)

MY ROSIE POSIE PUDDIN PIE - The apple of my eye!

In all my time in SL, I've been very lucky to meet some amazing people. Rosie being one of them. She is always there to give me just the right reality slap (Ouch!), advice that I don't wanna hear (but she's right), up for any hair-brained scheme (Did you get a Morrisey yet?) and great at shopping cycloning with me (did you see that new release?). Just like Aka, she just *gets* me.


Fucking Amazing!

For all those who thought that last blog post was about them... seriously. Just IM me next time. I'll let ya know without the chance of slander. kkthnx

And for something else completely different... kinda.

SL meets RL - really now? I'm so glad I was informed of this new development. Just *one* warning: Don't fuck with a mother & her cubs, even the one that stayed behind. My bite is a hell of a lot worse than my bark. kkthnxbai

Proof is in the puddin...

Hmmm how can I explain this? Oh gosh, iunno know how to start.
Okay let's try this... you have a friend for almost 3 years in SL, you've been nice (cause that's how you are), never tried to screw them over, been there every time they've IM'd you, helped out in anyway you could, been completely honest (a blissful mutual yay-ship), and then...


They go mentally insane, jump back into the same re'ship that has on numerous occasions been a disaster and act as if you are the total bad-guy in this entire scenario.

What did I miss?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

RFL - It's that time...

This year I've chosen to join up with the SL RFL Racers team. The SL Relay For Life 2008 kicks off March 15th!! The RFL Racers are ready to race to the finish for a cure for cancer! Fasten your seatbelts, cause we're gonna rock the fundraising world!

Headed by Chelle Moore, a real life cancer patient and one time Hodgkin's Disease survivor, This Team is racing to the finish for a cure! RFL Racers raised over 5,700 USD, approx 1.6 MILLION LINDEN, during Relay For Life '07! RFL Racers auctioned off special edition vehicles as well as content created by top SL designers!

Relay For Life is the signature event of the American Cancer Society and has been active, and continually growing, in Second Life for 4 years. Last year, the Second Life Relay For Life (SLRFL) raised over $120,000.00 US dollars. The RFL in SL, itself, is a fun-filled, overnight event that unites SL individuals throughout the world to celebrate survivors (anyone who has ever been diagnosed with cancer), remember loved ones and raise money for the fight against cancer.

During SL's 2008 Relay for Life, there will be fundraisers and events held to benefit the Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society. The Relay will culminate with the ingame Relay Walk on July 19, 2008.

The Relay For Life in SL has the ability to virtually bring together friends, families, businesses, and support organizations from all over the world, all with the goal of eliminating cancer. All monies raised go directly to the American Cancer Society.

The Relay for Life Racers team is not just made up of racers! It is comprised of members of the SL community that are both seasoned and relatively new to Second Life. The members at this time are as follows, Bonnie Halberd, Chelle Moore, Jazz Asylum, JellyBean Madison, Kaaden Carson, Monet Minton, Monette Gaea, Naydee McGettigan, Raver Bellow, and Tazzie Tuque.

The RFL Racers are proud to have sponsors such as FirstMeta, the company that provides the MetaCard as well as the support of the Charitable Hearts, one of the largest charity groups in SL! Not to mention countless volunteers and supporters that make up the heart and soul of Relay!

IM any member of the RFL Racers team if you are interested in participating in this group for Second Life's 2008 Relay For Life or if you are interested in having a donation kiosk set up at your location or in being a donator (lindens or content for sale to benefit RFL) :)

Please stay tuned or join the ~Relay for Life Racers~ group for updates on upcoming fundraisers :)

You can learn more about the ACS, RFL and SLRFL by following the links below.


Saturday, February 23, 2008

My Secret Pirate Life

Not very stylish, nor very pink, and I can't change clothes. Ahhhhh the reeky, smelly life of a pirate. But... I'm badass! And together Hawks & I are one duo that should be feared! Hack! Slash! Sweep! Flourish!

You don't want to be crossing swords with us mate.

Checkity check it for yourselves you salty wenches! Then you'll know - Pirates Online

Tiny Empires - First Mayhapsibly Ascention

I'd like to announce the first ascension out of Mayhapsibly. Kaylantra Kasshiki's line formed the new Queendom of Northwoods last night. Our queendoms will always be sisters. All hail the new Queen Kaylantra! :)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Aloha JH Productions Studios

We just recently said good-bye to our studios, offices & tringo. Sadly the sim we were on was sold to a couple that decided they wanted to turn it into Toon Town. That's great for them, but our studios do not fit in Toon Town. As it turns out we "were not willing to conform." Well duh dumb dumb. We're adults & act as such, most of the time.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Can I get a wuwu!?!

*RL Postage*
Today is *the* day! All my stuffs is being packed up in Hawaii today! Yay!

Of course the delivery date to me here in Kansas is still April 14th... blah! We're one step closer to de-de-de-delivery!

My boys are seriously missin their bikes/ripstix, and I'm seriously missin blankets, my bed, my couches. Oh and most of all my Pampered Chef Cooking Stone.

We've been roughing it for almost 2 weeks, with almost 2 months left to go... but this is definitely an exciting day!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

TMI Tuesday is Back

Back in full force tonight... come on down to party with some alternative Floyd from 6-8 tonight at Clockworks... Yeah you gotta come to see what the hell that is all about.

Grawr! Rawr! Rawr! *foams at mouth*

Call me downright insatiable but jeebus crust people! A month ago I blogged about over-saturation of new releases on the feeds. Now it goes from one extreme to another... Content Theft! Dun dun dunnnnn! With Tenshi leading the battle, of course. Honestly she needs a cape and an uber cool super hero outfit. Go Tenshi, Go! No really, GO! I know it's a tote slow funk that the fashion world is in.

Here's my 2 lindens cause I have a blog & I'm not afraid to use it. :o *gasp*

It's been said before but let's say it again & once and for all... Do your research before you fork out those hard earned lindens. If it looks like an Eloh skin, mayhaps it is. jOMG! No way! Shup! Everyone is a "concerned resident" but this concerned resident is tired of hearing about it. Theft happens everywhere... SL, RL.

I just want new shit. Yup! New shit! Look - it sucks that there is bad people out there, it really does but karma is one hell of a thing to fook with.

Also, kudos to those still giving me new things to look at other than OMGWTFBBQ! THEY STOLEZ FROM MEH!

but I'm at a tote loss. So if someone could please tell me what the fook that is a picture of, I'd appreciate it. Looks like a dude Pamela Anderson impersonator gone horribly wrong. Seriously who shops like that? Okay so this pic *was* taken on VDay but you cannot seriously lead me to believe *it* was in a hot & steamy moment, dressed in full lingerie & then thought "Oi! I must shop! No time to change!" Some people must not know how to cam around to look at themselves. The travesty & injustice to us all.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Changes to Snapzilla

After a full weekend with no Snapzilla... Snapzilla is back up fully, with all 240,000+ images, including those sent this weekend while the site was closed. Image processing is turned back on. Please note that if you sent images on Saturday and Sunday, most will appear in the list of images for Monday. You can also easily find them by filtering by your avatar name. Thank you for your patience, it was not an easy site to move. If you do find any problems, please let me know asap at

A few bugs that Cristiano is currently working on are Flickr support & the font customization feature (i.e I cannot pink my text there anymore).

P.s. jOMG! Looket the pink forum there: It's PINK!

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Okay for those of you that don't want to hear it, cover your eyes or skip to the next blog... incoming RL post.

A few people have known what's been going on in my RL, and a few others have been sending me IMs asking "WTF is going on?" So I figured instead of giving everyone my RL blog link (cause some just don't deserve to have it - Nyah nyah), I'd just update you here.

I just got divorced after 14 years of marriage due to a lot of things. Anyroo, he says ya'll would hate me if you knew me in RL. Possibly, but I highly doubt it. I am who I am, in both worlds. I received my final divorce decree in the mail on Valentine's Day. Yay?

I'm now living in Kansas in my very own apartment with my two boys. We need blankets! Please send blankets. :p We've been here a week & just experienced our first snow last night in over four years (since we lived in KY).

I'm looking for a job & I'm hoping to start back to school in the Fall.

That's it for me - now ya'll can stop asking :)

Saturday, February 16, 2008


I'm spending less & less time in SL lately... I've got like a million & two things in my inventory that I need to blog and I promise I will. It's just going to take me awhile. Missin ya'll. Mwah!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Lost in Pirates!

Aka, Hawks & I seem to be lost in Pirates lately. So if you can't seem to find us, yanno. You can always catch me on Skype (jellybean_madison) iffin I'm playin Pirates.

Back to plunderin' Arrrg!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wuwu! The Boneyard!

I've taken on another weekly dj'n gig. So on top of TMI Tuesdays at Clockwork, I'll be dj'n on Fridays too at the Boneyard. SLURLS to come cause I'm lazy :p

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


SLove and Romance - Valentine's Day - Embrace it!

Love it or hate it - it's time to embrace it. Valentine's Day is tomorrow, do you know what you are doing for your SLove or special someone?

As always we're here to help, hah! Here's some helpful links to previous Stew SLove & Romance & AWNM posts that may be useful.

We hope you have a great Valentine's Day this year. Remmy if you don't have a significant other, I bet your close friends would appreciate you making them feel special as well. Gift certificates for happified shoppifications are always the perfect gift. :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

TMI Tuesday!?!

Minus one... Unfortunately Hawks will be working tonight & it's only me. So ya'll aren't getting 2 hours. Sorry. I was up late last night, my entire body aches from floor sleepin, and my boys start school tomm. I'll be doing TMI Tuesday at Clockwork tonight from 6-7 p.m. SLT. Be there, or you suck! Unless you are Cierra. She has a "get out of jail" free pass. :)

Jelly's Closet - Well hello sexyface!

Let's talk sunglasses, kay?
Well, why the hell not!?
I say, "LET'S!"
That's much better. :)

These are Kalnins Optics sunglasses by Maris Kanto (creator, designer, scripter). Kalnins Optics creates highly detailed, realistic, scripted fashion eyewear - sunglasses and eyeglasses with the following features:

- wearing position nose/head
- switching glamour blings on/off (Thank goodness for the OFF)
- changing the color of lenses (for sunglasses)
- changing the see-through percentage of the lenses (for sunglasses)
- detecting nearby people and showing the distance on/off;
- autosmile on/off will make your avatar smile every 15 seconds
- emotion analyzer will cause your avatar to express appropriate emotions based on analysis of public chat messages
- adjusting the size of the glasses +/-
- adjusting the position of glasses (by using SL editing tools)
- controllable via menu and/or chat commands
- lifetime updates from our update server.

Though made with a mixture of both prim & texture (unlike primOptic that is majority prims) the glasses are very realistic and yumgasmic. There are many styles to choose from though all very similar in design in unisex, women & men.
You know you wanna go look, so clicky click the link below! Happy Shoppifications!
.:Kalnins Optics - Fashion Eyewear:.

Also Wearing:
Hair: Tukinowaguma Mina Gold (tinted pink)
Skin: Celestial Studios - (DN) Vogue Skin - Cashmere (Celestial - Eternal) - (From the Deviant Nation collection - not sure if it's still available)
Outfit: BareRose ::: B@R ::: Short Vest Lady

Jelly's Closet - My Dark Valentine (sneaka peeka)

This is the LVS & Co Formal - My Dark Valentine that is being released on Valentines Day. It's a 10 piece set, with multi options. The first black gown with the princess gown prims that Ravenlynn released. I love the floofy wrists & collar. It remmys me of a feather boa, which we all knows tote means "class". :)

The LVS & Co sim (Cassiopeia Island) is having a Valentines Event (Valentine's on the Square) where the vendors of Cassi-Square, and LVS will be setting out Valentine gifts for everyone to come by and pick, (they will not be hidden). More details on Ravenlynn's blog post: Valentine's on the Square (Feb 14-Feb17th)

This gown will be released to purchase on Valentines Day - after 7 copies will be randomly given out to customers who are roaming around the sim, picking up Valentines and doing shopping throughout the day (from noon to around 6ish slt).

Monday, February 11, 2008

"Here!" *raises hand*

Psst! I have arrived!

Okay so not really... I mean I've been in freezing cold (literally) Kansas since Saturday morning. I'm not even going to go into the hellacious plane trip(s) or how I had to walk around with narcoleptic-like children thru two airports. Newp.

Instead I will just say...
Thank Goodness Graciousness for teh internetz!

I am so behind here. I have 976 updated feeds on Bloglines, inventory offers, offlines & a bunch of other stuff to sift thru. So excuse me please for the next day or so. kkthnxbai

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Leavin on a jet plane...

The big move is upon me & I leave tomorrow arvo to fly all night. My net won't be on til Monday sometime so you guys get 4 Jelly-Free days. Wuwu! Enjoy your vaca & seriously don't blow up the castle, or break anything while I'm gone. Mwah

Grid-Wide Treasure Hunt!

Over thirty designers have gotten together to produce a Valentine's Day Treasure Hunt that will span the grid! Each location will have a gift box hidden inside their store. The boxes will randomly change locations inside the store so you'll need to stay alert!

The starting location will be at Sweet Sorrow. This will not be open to the public open until 1:00am STL February 9.

The gift boxes will be displayed for you to see, and all instructions will be given at that time! Please read the signs at the location when you arrive, and follow the directions. Then head off across the grid to start your hunt!

The treasure hunt begins at 1:00am SLT February 9 and will continue until 11:00pm SLT February 11

Look for goodies for both men & women from the following designers:

~ *AE* ~ Accessories by Eolande ~ ANIMAH ~ AnnaH ~ Balderdash ~ Bodies by Oh! ~ Boingo ~ Calla ~ Caroline's Jewelry ~ Cassini Creations ~ CKS Designs ~ DaeSkins ~ Designing Nicky Ree ~ Elite Designs Furniture ~ enkythings ~ First Impressions ~ Hair Solutions ~ Hubby's Boutique ~ Ingenue ~ Irelyn ~ KessKreations ~ Kitchy/UOMO ~ Moonshine ~ PajamaRama ~ Philotic Energy ~ PrimPlay ~ Reaction ~ Rose Petal Creations ~ SecondWave Apparel ~ She's So Unusual Shoes ~ SYD: Style Your Destiny ~ Tea Monster Clothing ~ Textures 'r Us ~ Topaz Square ~ Vitamin Ci ~ Wilted Rose ~

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Jelly's Closet - GL GunGirl

If there is one thing I hate, it's disarray. Especially when I'm shopping. In most cases, if the store is hard to navigate, there's no *new* wall, or I have to sift thru your 'decor' to get to what I want... you just lost a customer. However there is one store that *I* do shop that gives me a well worthwhile headache.

BareRose has got to be the worst designed store ever. Though it has now finally incorporated "areas", the size & amount of ads, a lot that refuse to rez, gives me such a headache. It's not somewhere I visit regularly, but I do on occasion spend awhile there mayhaps once every three months. There's a bunch there that is so not *me* but every tri-monthly (iunno if that's a word, is now!) trip provides me with a few diamonds in the rough. If you have tylenol & an hour to spend, go get lost at Bare Rose.

Hair: Tukinowaguma Erika Gold (pink tinted)
Skin: Celestial Studios (DN) Vogue Skin - Excess/Overkill - Cashmere (From the Deviant Nation collection - not sure if it's still available)
Gun on Thigh: 22 Glock Leg Holster (Female) Black by Trent Xavier (no idea if he still has a store)
Skirt Ensemble: BareRose ::: B@R ::: GL Gungirl
Shoes: SiniStyle Deception Female Boots

Dun dun dun... My Vday Post! Part I

This is a post I'm sure Hawks may have possibly, okay mayhaps not, been dreading. Let me first start off with the fact that 55% of mixed gender polled in Hawaii on the island of O'ahu feel that Valentine's Day is a great excuse to be romantic. The other 45% feel it's an overly commercialized holiday. Interesting statistics, especially after our genderized poll that was up for a few days here on the stew.

I told Hawks that women are not as keen on the idea of Valentines Day as men think they are. Hence the poll. Honestly you would want to naturally agree with the thought since we, as women, are usually so swoony over any amount of wooage, right?


Welcome to the Anti-Valentine Spectacular... I give you real-life *random quotes on VDay*

  • A Chick's Rant: Valentine's Day sucks for women, too. Just because there's chocolate doesn't mean it still doesn't suck. Lots of us don't have dates and have to buy our own fucking chocolate anyhow. And then we just get fatter than we already are. So it just sucks. Thanks for listening.
  • Paige's Rant: valentine's that crap, sure it's great if you have it but if you don't it sucks to be you. i know that. everyone gets so hyped up about the perfect gift or their most memorable love and you're sitting there listening with a broken heart wondering why you never have great times like this. valentine's day is just another excuse to lower self-esteem, too. seriously...i mean you feel like totally worthless if you don't have a valentine and you get all depressed watching mushy gushy love movies all day eating chocolate until you get sick just to chase away all the stupid feelings all the sweet actors and actresses have that seem un-gettable to the immediate future at least....blah valentines day it's a joke. get over it cupid we hate you.
  • Krista's Rant: Valentine's Day SUCKS! Being a female does not automatically make me love Valentine's Day. We get pissed off about being alone on a "holiday" that celebrates love and relationships just as much as any guy. Weather you are a guy or a girl doesn't make a difference. Loneliness is loneliness and it doesn't matter your gender. It hurts to be reminded that you aren't celebrating and aren't being celebrated on a holiday that is supposed to be about love. Valentine's is now what I make it to be. Valentine's Day is now a "holiday" meant for getting crocked and not giving a flying fu*k that you are not in a relationship. It will happen for us when it's supposed to. So until then, raise you glasses, bottles, or cans, and say "FUCK OFF Saint Valentine!"
  • Another Rant : Valentine's Day is the worst! Every Valentine's Day I have known whether I had a significant other or have been alone has totally sucked. If you have a guy in your life they just buy you things so you will have sex with them and they always assume you wear a size "small" in any lingerie they buy you, so you end up spilling out of the outfit which of course the guy loves! I tried to cheer myself up today since it's the day before V-Day and I am single. I went to get a pedicure and manicure and ended up surrounded by women bragging about where their boyfriends were taking them on the BIG DAY. So I got bummed out that I have no plans and decided to go buy myself some cute sleepwear at a lingerie store. I ended up sidestepping around confused men picking out lingerie for their wives/girlfriends or whatever. I actually saw a guy tell his wife the ugly 100% red polka dot button down pajama outfit she tried on was sexy! He had to be lying b/c they were totally GROOVY and geeky looking! I guess a guy can't say the wrong thing the day before Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day Day sucks b/c the guys are in it to get sex and the girls just want to brag to their friends how big their gift was or how expensive the restaurant was. CUPID BITES!!!!!!!!
It goes on and on... but you get the gist. So basically one can factor out that women hate the holiday because we all hate being alone on it.

So what if you are not alone this Vday? Are you part of the 55%? If you can, describe your best Vday memory and your worst... go ahead, don't be shy. There's a comment section for a reason.

Results Are In...

So whatcha think? Still think it's a "chick" holiday? I'm curious as to why people answered the way they did & their gender. Soooooo please... discuss.

I love the Smiths! Do you like the Smiths?

I have to say that if I find out that someone DOESN'T like Morrissey, I can't relate. I don't care if someone has never heard of him, but if they have and they decided they did not like him, it just seems wrong. It is like saying you don't like cookies or hugs or baskets of puppies. People don't go around starting parades and getting tattoos across their foreheads about how much they like cookies, but if you don't like them, it is almost like a personality flaw.

PLUS, the dude is about as fashionable as possible. The world would look a lot better if more dudes dressed like Morrissey.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

It *is* a small world...

You know what the Stew is lacking in lately, besides Hawksness?
Upbeat posts! Yes!

When everything feels the darkest, suffocating in negativity, everyday becomes a battle... remind yourself that it can & will get better. :)

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Monday, February 4, 2008

Hai There!


Got lost along the way...

I completely meant to blog today but was sidetracked by Pirates. So I'm just now getting around to it. Sorry if you feel neglected or disappointed by my actions. Seems there's a lot of that going around.

It's nice to take a break from RL & even SL to fire canons, go all stabbity on people, and pet swamp alligators with long rusty swords. Arrrr! Matey! Besides Hawks likes to play with my booty & we got Aka along for the ride. She likes to watch. Savvy, mate?

Okay so I don't have much to blog about other than this week will be busy. I apologize in advance for not lowering taxes in TE as often as I'd like to.

As always, TMI Tuesday will be happening and we'll (or *I*) will blog about that tomorrow or Tuesday morning as a friendly reminder. :)

Also, if you haven't yet... please take a moment to answer the VDay poll. So far it's been a very interesting experiment. I'll leave it up for another 24 hours before I post results.

That's it for me. Sweetest of Dreams



Saturday, February 2, 2008

Jelly's Closet - She Devil by Truth

Sneaky Peeky!
[pictured: *TRUTH* She Devil [black skullz]

So Truth Hawks of TRUTH (Clothing, Tattoo, Hair, Skin and More) has taken the plunge back into clothing design after taking time off to play with hair. Not before I did a lot of whining & complaining, of course. For a year now I think he probably sees me as a pain in his ass, though I much more prefer "Muse" or "Motivation". :D Cause dats like how I roll.

Besides, I feel I have important input for him. I could be honestly off my rocker, but in my head it sounds good. Like I'm a pink Jiminy Cricket on his shoulder saying "I LOVE THE TATA PUBES!" Keep those, they rawk. "It's like you killed a chinchilla just for my tatas and dyed it in several colors!" Awwww! The lub, can you feel it?

This dress is called She Devil, appropriately named with skulls or kitty print. It has wispy trim around the tatas & and the skirt base. It's leg tickling but oh so smexy. Don't go looking for it in store just yet, it may be a week before he has a chance to get these babies out. Keep your eyes peeled though for first release & all the awesome colors like... black, blue, gold, green, pink, red and purple.

Thank you Truth.
P.s. More clothes, kkthnxbai

*Special thanks to Sinnocent Mirabeau who slaved over this hair yesterday and made a house call specifically to give me Roadkill Revamped. I love you!*

A Vday Poll

Click here for the

Gratuitous Alien Sex!


Okay now that I have your attention... *snickers*

I'm dj'ing tonight!

jOMG! No way! Shut Up!

No really, I am. Starting at 12 a.m. SLT

I'll be dj'in in the AlterNation sim for Radical Twang of Reaction Surf Wear. Oh that's not even the best part...

This is the best part:


Crazy Day Sale from JellyBean Madison on Vimeo.
Need I say more? I think nah.