Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Jelly's Closet - GL GunGirl

If there is one thing I hate, it's disarray. Especially when I'm shopping. In most cases, if the store is hard to navigate, there's no *new* wall, or I have to sift thru your 'decor' to get to what I want... you just lost a customer. However there is one store that *I* do shop that gives me a well worthwhile headache.

BareRose has got to be the worst designed store ever. Though it has now finally incorporated "areas", the size & amount of ads, a lot that refuse to rez, gives me such a headache. It's not somewhere I visit regularly, but I do on occasion spend awhile there mayhaps once every three months. There's a bunch there that is so not *me* but every tri-monthly (iunno if that's a word, is now!) trip provides me with a few diamonds in the rough. If you have tylenol & an hour to spend, go get lost at Bare Rose.

Hair: Tukinowaguma Erika Gold (pink tinted)
Skin: Celestial Studios (DN) Vogue Skin - Excess/Overkill - Cashmere (From the Deviant Nation collection - not sure if it's still available)
Gun on Thigh: 22 Glock Leg Holster (Female) Black by Trent Xavier (no idea if he still has a store)
Skirt Ensemble: BareRose ::: B@R ::: GL Gungirl
Shoes: SiniStyle Deception Female Boots

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Alysha Rennahan said...

I can't even step foot in BareRose (and I have been wanting to for a while now). My laptop can't handle the immense amount of objects (and resulting prims). It just sits there, laughing at me. Maybe one day, it will become a manageable size for me to wander through. Cute outfit btw. ;o)