Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Dun dun dun... My Vday Post! Part I

This is a post I'm sure Hawks may have possibly, okay mayhaps not, been dreading. Let me first start off with the fact that 55% of mixed gender polled in Hawaii on the island of O'ahu feel that Valentine's Day is a great excuse to be romantic. The other 45% feel it's an overly commercialized holiday. Interesting statistics, especially after our genderized poll that was up for a few days here on the stew.

I told Hawks that women are not as keen on the idea of Valentines Day as men think they are. Hence the poll. Honestly you would want to naturally agree with the thought since we, as women, are usually so swoony over any amount of wooage, right?


Welcome to the Anti-Valentine Spectacular... I give you real-life *random quotes on VDay*

  • A Chick's Rant: Valentine's Day sucks for women, too. Just because there's chocolate doesn't mean it still doesn't suck. Lots of us don't have dates and have to buy our own fucking chocolate anyhow. And then we just get fatter than we already are. So it just sucks. Thanks for listening.
  • Paige's Rant: valentine's that crap, sure it's great if you have it but if you don't it sucks to be you. i know that. everyone gets so hyped up about the perfect gift or their most memorable love and you're sitting there listening with a broken heart wondering why you never have great times like this. valentine's day is just another excuse to lower self-esteem, too. seriously...i mean you feel like totally worthless if you don't have a valentine and you get all depressed watching mushy gushy love movies all day eating chocolate until you get sick just to chase away all the stupid feelings all the sweet actors and actresses have that seem un-gettable to the immediate future at least....blah valentines day it's a joke. get over it cupid we hate you.
  • Krista's Rant: Valentine's Day SUCKS! Being a female does not automatically make me love Valentine's Day. We get pissed off about being alone on a "holiday" that celebrates love and relationships just as much as any guy. Weather you are a guy or a girl doesn't make a difference. Loneliness is loneliness and it doesn't matter your gender. It hurts to be reminded that you aren't celebrating and aren't being celebrated on a holiday that is supposed to be about love. Valentine's is now what I make it to be. Valentine's Day is now a "holiday" meant for getting crocked and not giving a flying fu*k that you are not in a relationship. It will happen for us when it's supposed to. So until then, raise you glasses, bottles, or cans, and say "FUCK OFF Saint Valentine!"
  • Another Rant : Valentine's Day is the worst! Every Valentine's Day I have known whether I had a significant other or have been alone has totally sucked. If you have a guy in your life they just buy you things so you will have sex with them and they always assume you wear a size "small" in any lingerie they buy you, so you end up spilling out of the outfit which of course the guy loves! I tried to cheer myself up today since it's the day before V-Day and I am single. I went to get a pedicure and manicure and ended up surrounded by women bragging about where their boyfriends were taking them on the BIG DAY. So I got bummed out that I have no plans and decided to go buy myself some cute sleepwear at a lingerie store. I ended up sidestepping around confused men picking out lingerie for their wives/girlfriends or whatever. I actually saw a guy tell his wife the ugly 100% red polka dot button down pajama outfit she tried on was sexy! He had to be lying b/c they were totally GROOVY and geeky looking! I guess a guy can't say the wrong thing the day before Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day Day sucks b/c the guys are in it to get sex and the girls just want to brag to their friends how big their gift was or how expensive the restaurant was. CUPID BITES!!!!!!!!
It goes on and on... but you get the gist. So basically one can factor out that women hate the holiday because we all hate being alone on it.

So what if you are not alone this Vday? Are you part of the 55%? If you can, describe your best Vday memory and your worst... go ahead, don't be shy. There's a comment section for a reason.


Genevieve said...

I've been know to call it 'take it up the butt day' - no reason, cept for hating the commercialised, vapid and obligatory nature of it (much like New Years Eve, truth be told). I refuse to have a good time because I'm told to.

And yes...

I never received a Valentine in high school.

I'm scarred, ok?

Shadow said...

I always preferred the Japanese take on Valentine's day...

It's more about guys fessing up on who they like and confessing their feelings, than just about the gifts...

Then about a week later they switch things up and the guys get 'white day' where the women have their turn to fess up...

In RL I've never been with anyone on Valentine's day... Not even the person I was with for 2 years... We'd break up for a month or so every year like clockwork it seems to skip the holiday... >_>

Anonymous said...

IMHO... why do we need only one day to show our devotion to another person (or people)? It should be Valentine's Day every day, really.

Get her flowers just because it's Monday. Take her out on a nice picnic just because you complimented her perfume and want to let the smell linger just a bit longer. Take her out for dinner and dancing... just 'cause.

I don't need the gifts either. Just having him say 'Have I told love you today?' is good enough for me.

Okay so I'm a hopeless romantic. -_-