Saturday, June 30, 2007

As Seen on T.V.

I saw this on Torley's blog this a.m and had to give it a shot too. From the Simpsons Movie website — create your own avatar! JellyBean in Springfield. Huzzah!

Back in WindLight
It still crashes on me but I was able to spend almost 43 whole minutes in before I crashed. I miss WindLight. I know the night settings aren't that great but it rocks in daylight settings for scenic pics. I have no clue when LL will be giving it back to us in normal everyday SL. Hopefully soon. The whole Live Viewer testing then taking it away to test Voice was a little confusing. I can only imagine how they plan to roll out both of those to norm SL, it seems as if it'd be a chaotic mess. Only time will tell. Think it'll take a year? Ana takes some great WindLight pics on her blog. You should def check them out.

New Toys - Fun for the whole family!
Yesterday Hawks & I picked up the Jump Boots by Disembodied Hand at Steam-Powered Ind. after seeing them blogged on Style Disorder. I dropped so much $L there it isn't even funny. I bought myself... the Fem Pack, gas mask, Skinners Elbow Pads, Tribal Warrior set, Junkyard Warrior set, Trudeau Top hat and of course the kick ass jump boots. Oh gosh! They are so much fun. We even had a jumping contest. Even full of attachments, I jumped further, like 44 meters from Hawks.

I partnered the boots up with my Boom Lash and without aiming, I hit Hawks twice. :( Sorry baby! Figures when I aim at David, I always miss. I have a feeling Hawks may make a rule of no throwing toys in the house. :/ I think the best solution to this issue would be to just get him his own Boom Lash so that we're on a more even playing field. :p Sounds only fair-ish to me. :D

Getting Down with the Thickness
Hawks & I spent the morning exploring the SecondFest activities. Main stage was thick with people. A few asking why their chims weren't working. *Jelly points to the NO Script icon* We had missed out on the bands for yesterday playing live. I was under the impression that this would be a party all weekend type of deal. Apparently I was wrong because some asshat decided the festivities should be on Britain Summer Time zone. Honestly take an SL population poll, how many actually operate on that time zone? When all else fails, use SL time. DUH! *huffs & puffs* I *think* we have it figured out in time for the Pet Shop Boys performance tomorrow. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

JH Report Show III
I can't say we're all over it because well, we've been distracted by shiny things. The JH Report Shows I & II are up on the new podcast link, and we'll be getting our asses in motion with the ocean on Show III asap. Stay tuned!

Kissiepops & Huggles

Friday, June 29, 2007

Non-animating bug

Alright, I haven't had a bug that was REALLY pissing me off since the time when Snap was acting all crazy and dropping pics left and right. Sure Jelly and I lost some inventory in the ghosting fiasco (we still have to buy another Boogie board and a few penguins), looked cross-eyed in photos (which incidentally Jelly loved to no end), never know if our group IM"s are going through or not, and suffered through a major crash fest during the wedding festivities, but quite franky all of these have been livable -- up until now. The latest pain in my ass is a bug that keeps the other half of our couple animations from animating. Jelly and I use the Pillow Talk pillows everywhere we possibly can, and we are CONSTANTLY having to relog, and I am extremely tired of it. It isn't just the pillows, anything that involves two AV's working in cohort with each other ... be it dancing, sitting, cuddling, walking, or other more creative pursuits *winks*. It seems like about 75% of the time one or the other of us ends up stuck standing or crouched with one arm out (or in the case above with Jelly's head turned backwards.)

PLEASE TELL ME that the upgrade to 1.18 fixes this issue, so I can quit relogging every time we teleport to a new location, or switch positions. I'm sure glad that the Project Open Letter did so much to improve Linden responsiveness to the pervasive issues of the day. What is that about the road being paved with good intentions?? Here is a slight suggestion, mayhaps we could try testing this stuff a tad more thoroughly prior to launching things onto the live grid. It feels like with every update we take two step's forward on something, to only take one step back somewhere else. Maybe just maybe, we should limit updates to say, once a month, and actually thoroughly test things?? I dunno call me crazy I guess. I love the innovations we are trying to roll out, but not to the extent they jeopardize the stability and functionality that we already have today.

In a nutshell ANYTHING that gets in the way of cuddle time is gonna PISS ME OFF... so let's try not to fuck that one up anymore, kkthnx.

SecondFest Doors are Open!

Intel 8 is open for all ya'll to grab your wrist bands & start explorin! A few things to mention:
  • The wrist band is HUGE! Needs to be adjusted where it attaches, and is no mod. Enjoy your huge wristband.
  • Free Skates! But... the sim is no script so good luck using them there. They are also HUGE, and no mod as well.
  • The schedule is written like military time but is actually in British Summer Time (SLT + 8hrs) Again, Gluck.
Apparently I was wrong, a couple of the sims out of the 9 are allowing scripts. AND there seems to be a different size wrist band in the different turnstiles. Oh yah and I think it's -8 hours. I am so farking confused. :/

Haha! I love Kitty pics

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ben & Jerry's Sim

I'm quick like lightning I tell ya what. It only took me forever to see that Ben & Jerry have arrived in SL. There's actually two sims...

The first being Ben and Jerrys Orientation Island. This is almost like the Nooblet Orientation that everyone has to go through prior to entering the real SL grid but with a colorful twist and free Ben & Jerrys clothes. Not just clothes though, included in the Welcome Package is a shape, non-prim shoes, colorful B & J shirt and khaki shorts. There's a series of 6 signs explaining how to walk (use movement controls), use camera controls, change your outfit, customize your look, etc etc.
At the end of your stroll through orientation you see a teleport to Ben & Jerry's Island sign.

Upon arriving at Ben & Jerry's Island you will see another big sign "How to Play METHANIAC!" Clicking the sign will give you a HUD. Pressing "play" on your HUD will begin the game. You have 2 minutes to search for "meadow muffins". The object is to collect as many muffins as you can before time runs out. At the end of your time limit, you return back to the factory and deposit your muffins into the "Bio-Gas Digester". The high score for each day wins $L prizes ($L1000). Yesterday's high score was 58 while we were there visiting, today's is 62! Yipes! I was lucky to find 5. :p Also everyday B & J will donate $L1000 (approx. $4.05 usd) to WWF (World Wildlife Fund). Over a 30 day period, that's like $121.00 usd.
I did notice a few naked nooblets running around but be aware that it is a PG sim. I think Aka did a fine job of chasing them away. Haha! There are a few fun facts through out the island as well...
Ben & Jerry's Climate Change College - Every year B & J sends 18-30 year olds from 12 European countries to visit the WWF Artic programme. Upon return, students launch their own grass-roots climate change campaigns.
WWF Arctive Progame Info
and more...
If anything grab some nice cold ice-cream & frolic in the meadows. :)

It's that time...

Blog Of Substance
I suppose I am due for a blog of substance. I haven't really wrote anything that amounts to a hill of (jelly)beans lately. Am I losing my bloggerness? Mayhaps. I was talking to Rosie & Akasha this a.m. about how yes I needed to do a MGG2SL post. It was easier when I was a grumpy, pissy av. How dare the MGs go off & get married ending up in SL happiness bliss! Unspeakable behavior, damn it! Now I'm just jonesin' for some subjects to go to town on. I like the whole "giving back to the community" aspect. ROFL. I'll try to think more on that one. It's on my to-do list anyways.

Getting Motivated
I think with the honeymoon pending, I am starting to feel slackerish on my responsibilities. We really should get back to exploring more, random dance trips, etc. I'm just nervous & excited about how we'll be working out the honeymoon. Is it time yet? :D No word yet on exactly when Hawks & I will be on honeymoon but trust me, you'll know. We'll hang a Do Not Disturb sign outside our IM window doors, and turn lights off on the Stew. No worries, we plan on sending lots & lots of postcards. Haha

Adventures in Chaos
Since when did Chaos become a RP sim? Aka, Rosie & I went there to buy spray paint... to tote paint something not to deface buildings, billboards, people's faces, etc. Yeah, that's it. We ran into the two craziest characters ever... Leon, and his pet Shadow. I love role-playing (omg! pervs) so I was having a blast. We explored the sewers & oooo'd and awwwww'd the prettiful night time Chaos lights. I think I wanna go back now. :D We played it up like we were tomb raiders, apparently with spray paint. :p I am JellyBean Francesca Willamina Stirfry Madison-Gunawan! You can just call me Jell.

Sea Nymphs
Omg omg omg! How much do I love my Hawks? Only like totally & completely! He surprised me this a.m. with the Limited Edition Sea Nymph from Last Call. Ginny Talamasca has offered you '*LAST CALL: Sea Nymph Gift (someone loves you). Ginny Talamasca: Hawks bought that for you for your 1 month anniversary .:hearts:. Have a wonderful Thursday punkin .:heart:. AWWWWWW! Akasha bought Rosie one too. I feel a video coming on. :D

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Friendly Reminder & Play Bill

This weekend is SecondFest (click to enlarge play bill) June 29th - July 1st


Zoot Raymaker: heeyyyyy baabyow
Zoot Raymaker: hee hee hee
You: Aloha :) Zoot
Zoot Raymaker: yeah baby
Rosie Shark: hola Zoot
Zoot Raymaker: oh tryin ta sleep here
You: Does batman smoke?
Zoot Raymaker: its my week off
Rosie Shark: u don't mind if i just lay here do ya? steal some warmth while u sleep?
Zoot Raymaker: your smokin
You: that she is *winks*
Zoot Raymaker: eerrrr baby
Zoot Raymaker: sigh
You: aww what's troubling you Batman Zoot?
Zoot Raymaker: you gets tired o fightin crime you know
Rosie Shark: yea it's exhaustive
Rosie Shark: we fight crime too
Zoot Raymaker: you know it
Zoot Raymaker: cool
Zoot Raymaker: you aint seen a big penguins about
Zoot Raymaker: mmmm
You: I have not spotted any penguins, sorry
Zoot Raymaker: its bin a long times baby
Zoot Raymaker: wot you cats doin parts from fightin da crime
Rosie Shark reaches through batmans belly
Zoot Raymaker: ooooo baby girl you l do batman a damage ooooerr
You: That's her super power
Rosie Shark: all part of our evil plot to distract u and let crime flourish
Zoot Raymaker: hmm
Zoot Raymaker: to wot evil ends wotever ...its my week off hee hee hee
Zoot Raymaker: mmmmmm now quiet sleepin
Rosie Shark: shhhh
Zoot Raymaker: ahhhh
Rosie Shark swings the hammock
Zoot Raymaker: you is real purty
You: are u spent? did she feel it?
Rosie Shark: shhhh ur tryin to sleep
Zoot Raymaker: you got any rubbers
Rosie Shark: mhm need one?
Zoot Raymaker: not unless there some bum action goin hee hee
Rosie Shark: well just in case there u go
You: are u into coco pokes?
Zoot Raymaker: ?
You: u said bum action.
Zoot Raymaker: sorry im from gotham
You: I'm from Wildmutt
Zoot Raymaker: i could die here
Rosie Shark: you could aka has weapons
Zoot Raymaker: was that a question o a threat
Rosie Shark: just commenting
Zoot Raymaker: you got any beer
Rosie Shark: yes
Zoot Raymaker: ahhh
Zoot Raymaker: rub my belly
Rosie Shark: what will i get out of that?
Zoot Raymaker: this
Rosie Shark: and i want this why
Zoot Raymaker: for secret
Zoot Raymaker: you love it oh yeh baby
Zoot Raymaker: can you show me one of your breasts?
Rosie Shark: no
Zoot Raymaker: DOH!
You: She requires Burger King first
Rosie Shark: mhm
Zoot Raymaker: mmmmmm burger king
Rosie Shark: For the cost of a .99 cent Whopper Jr., I can make you a King!
You: Do you have Burger King in Gotham?
Zoot Raymaker: im king in gotham
Rosie Shark: do u have a whopper then?
Zoot Raymaker: err not quite
Zoot Raymaker: more of a .........fillet o fish
Rosie Shark: oh realllly?
Zoot Raymaker: just one ...please
Zoot Raymaker: ill only look sideways
Zoot Raymaker: i gotta go crap
Rosie Shark: hasta Zoot

I like your hair

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

And now a word from the Lindens:

Release Update: 1.18.0 Postponed, 1.17.2 Viewer pending

Hi folks - Joshua Linden here, your friendly neighborhood release manager. Today was a little more exciting than I like my Tuesdays, but here’s the low-down:

Second Life 1.18.0 has been postponed to Wednesday, July 11th. The scheduled downtime for June 27th is canceled. The code appears stable, but there are some odd issues that have materialized relating to the configuration of how the various services that make up the grid communicate. We’re playing it safe while we sort those out. Unfortunately, this means we don’t get to celebrate Día de la Liberación for a few more weeks.

We’ll be releasing an Optional Viewer update, Second Life 1.17.2, with a fix for VWR-1369 “Creating, re-rezzing, then editing an object results in a viewer crash” mentioned previously on the blog. This should be available for download within the hour.

Finally, the rolling restart we’ve teased everyone with is back from the dead, in order to get those server side fixes out ASAP. We’ll be doing some further scrutiny of the changes to make sure that none of the issues identified in 1.18 affect this code, then we’ll roll that out to the grid either Wednesday or Thursday. No promises on when, but not before it’s ready!

We’ll be continuing to update the Beta Test Grid with viewers and servers tracking the progress of 1.18.0, and your continued help in ensuring it’s a high quality release is appreciated.

Thanks all, and my apologies for the changing schedule.

DANGER - You are entering the DANGER ZONE

Remmy that exercise that you had to do in high school where you had to describe step by step how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and then someone had to follow your directions step by step to make the sandwich, only to find that it is a lot more complicated to explain than just to do. We had one of those experiences today when Eva Tiramisu (gamer extraordinaire) introduced us to a new crazy game she owns called Danger Zone.

It all started out sounding like we needed a degree in nuclear physics to be able to play, but in actuality it is a really simple game that reminds me of the old Press Your Luck gameshow, where you decide how far you want to push it. It is basically a game of luck where you decide how long you are willing to risk the "hazards" such as being eaten by a shark against your desire to accumulate gems and win the game. Who doesn't love a little gratuitous violence mixed into their normal games of chance. It requires three to play and is available at either Arcadia or Everland.

Are you down with OPD!?!

OPD = Other Peoples Drama
Something needs to be said about the MGs... We are "Mean Girls" Hello! Have you not met me, Rosie Shark, Akasha Nyak, Laylah Mistral or Orchid Glitterbuck? We are known as individuals for being overly-opinionated, non shit taking, honest, stylish, non sugar coating betches. No, no, it's okay don't feel bad for us... we take full responsibility good or bad for our actions. Rosie & I have assembled the best of the best to create the MGG2SL and I have to say that I am very proud of each & every one of them. Spew on betches, spew on. I just have to throw in one disclaimer...
Again, Hawks is not to be held responsible for my spew. Thank you.
Now take it away Lady Sovereign...

City of Acropolis - Acropolis Stadium

Welcome to the City of Acropolis - Amazing Park Below, Breathtaking City Above. I was sent this LM and we finally got a chance to go check it out. It's very romantic if you ignore the occasional people bumping uglies which I so kindly waved to as we went by via flower tour.

You have many tour options, okay mayhaps only three. You can take the walking tour (which is pretty cool), ride in a flower while you cuddle (or space pod which is more platonic), or a balloon. It's very scenic & I recommend the Volcanic tour. It's nice & there's like balls and stuff.

The End

Dew Girl?!?

Read Orchid's post here: Advertising Diarrhea

Monday, June 25, 2007

Laylah and Jon's Wedding Video

By the very yummilicious Kitty Lalonde

Oi Vey!

/vent on
Okay it's been festering & finally it's come to a head. It all started when she was made the voice for girls of a motor sim. Pahlease she couldn't even change a spark plug let alone know how to gap one. That pissed me off. Hey... car fanatics get a girl who knows her shit when it comes to cars. I have a suggestion, Ask Patty. - Automotive Advice for Women by Women! Ask Patty offers advice to women regarding anything automotive! You can ask questions to their experts and find your dream car! OMG! NO WAY! SHUT UP! There are actually women that know automotive parts & such? Not just pretty girls playing dress up in race gear!? Get out! Jelly what is your experience? Well... hmm. I RAN AN AUTO PARTS STORE and have helped rebuild Studebakers & a Bonneville! Ask me anything, if I don't have the answer I promise to find out, not just pretend & giggle. Okay, so I let that go... but honestly it doesn't take much to prettify an av in SL, try doing up a girl with some automotive knowledge.

Next was the Maxim mag. Okay that was a fluke. Any one get that? Maxim ran across a pretty av & they put her in without even knowing who the hell she was. Now she is milking it for whatever it's worth. Kudos, I'd probably do that too. Apparently I'm not the only one with ill feelings as she was "obviously attacked" in her comments on her blog. It wasn't me, but I think the commenter made good points. I don't know anything about the modeling or the designing because well, A. I tried modeling with Zouk City Models and hated the lag involved in runway walking, plus it took away from my free time in SL (again I hate schedules) and B. I have no talent to design clothes, tried it & quit. I'm a quitter. :D I am also not a shopper at her store as regularly as I am, oh say Renegade, FORM, Last Call, Celestial, etc etc. I think I have two things from her in my 3 years in SL. So I can't say that her skills are good or bad, just not my cup of tea.

Point is a poser is a poser is a poser. *takes deep breath* I feel a little better, can ya'll stop force feeding her to me now?
/vent off

Let's Do the Time Warp Again... and Again

Tonight we bought Rocky Horror Picture Show from Lightening Video Mall (DVDS, DVD, DVD'S, Movies, Movie, TVs, TV's, HDTV, Mall, Clothing, Shopping, Events, Rentals Available). It was only 800L for unlimited views, wuwu! We transformed Hawk's Tringo into a big outdoor movie theater complete with pawpkorn and Rosie singing in Skype. :p

Unfortunately this video, though it started out with awesome quality, it repeated a couple times. And that was AFTER the Rosie fiasco... roflmao. Then it paused on me and I ended up right back at the beginning, hence me blogging while everyone else is watching the damn movie. GRAWR GRAWR GRAWR!

Okay obviously I'm grumpy and walking away from the blog... *flips the movie screen off as she walks away*

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fflew Llanfair at Parrot Bay Club

Well you win some and you lose some when you try out the live music scene here on SL. We recently covered our post on Maximillion Kleene and how much we loved that show, well we attended another event at the Parrot Club tonight, and it wasn't soo hot. Let me provide a couple of my favorite quotes from Fflew Llanfair that he delivered during the show.

"Let's listen to the tuning song."

"You heard this one a little earlier, but I am going to play it again because I need the practice."

It wasn't that every song was horrible (said through gritted teeth) or that the evening left me lacking entertainment value (because between Jelly and Dreamer I was rolling laughing as we all discussed things amongst ourselves.) Before the show started I commented to Dreamer that Fflew's RL pic looked like David Bowie, and then wouldn't you know that he would play not one but several David Bowie songs throughout the set which got us all to laughing each and every time. Well in the interests of making something out of nothing, we decided we needed to lay out the proper etiquette for a live show, so we created this top ten list throughout the event as the list of "NO NO NO, they didn'ts" kept piling up.

Keys to a successful live show:

1) Don't do sploders - I mean there is a time and place, and this is neither.

2) Always type / in front of your words to stop the typing sound

3) Hire a competent host/hostess who knows all these rules - who is more concerned about the quality of the experience for the audience, than trying to generate donations to support a crappy experience.

4) Provide good dances - that old slow dance sucks (try V3 or V4 peeps)! as do several of the other versions that had been laid out which were either buried in the ground or herky jerky and dancing in circles and making me dizzy?? wtf?

5) Find a good singer - dur

6) The singer shouldn't talk more than he sings

7) Performer should have a play list - starting songs and stopping them to change your mind = not cool

8) Don't think you are David Bowie - if you aren't David Bowie, or at least related to David Bowie, or mayhaps can sing like David Bowie

9) Animate your AV when performing, just standing up there without an AO sort of takes from the experience... even if you are holding a guitar.

10) Try tuning your guitar BEFORE the show

Basically in a nutshell, yes it is a game, yes it is virtual, but you know what... there are REAL people on the other side of those computers and if you want to have ANY chance at all of having us go out and pirate your music, then show up prepared and READY to provide a quality show.

Reason #537 Why I love Dreamer

Dreamer sent me some Timtams & Milo from Oz last week & OMG! YUMGASM! Completely & tote! ::hearts:: Thank you, thank you, thank you Dreamer!!!

A little bit of this... and a little bit of that!

It got super duper out of control. Oh yes it did. I noticed this a.m. that my Blogline feeds had mysteriously jumped up to 196 feeds. :o Time to start widdling down the list.

You: down to 118 feeds HawksRock Gunawan: ooooo You: thats the best I can do HawksRock Gunawan: making progress... HawksRock Gunawan: u can do it!!! You: *sigh* ok 115 HawksRock Gunawan: lmao, is that REALLY the best you can do? You: yes lol HawksRock Gunawan: pffft... how about 110 ... You: ok ok ok looking

It's amazing how I feel so bonded to some of your blogs that I can't pull myself to let them go. Haha. I was able to create 4 groups to hold the feeds that made it thru my elimination process... Friends Blogs, Shopping Blogs, Amusing Blogs & SL News Blogs. I think for every new one that I add, I'll be deleting one. That should save me from ever hitting almost 200 feeds again. Wuwu!

DJ'n at Club Eden Escape
So yesterday I DJ'd for Mike99 Barbosa and the Eden Escape grand opening. I wasn't sure what to expect with the crowd. It was small at first & the girls seemed hard up waiting for "men" to arrive. It's okay though, when Hawk's arrived, I made sure to lift my leg & piss on him... "MINE". Haha! Over all pay was good, tips were good and dancing with Hawk's is always the best. The club could use a rebuild to make it POW! As the club is now... it's lacking a nice dance floor, you get light raped, and textures could be better thought out. The crowd that came in switched genres often which led to an interesting hodge podge of music sets. I was live for a 2 hour shift (1-3 p.m. SLT) which actually blew by faster than I thought. No holding your breath on me becoming a full-time DJ again. I hate schedules & have way too much on my SL plate right now to commit, but a gig here & there is nice.

Desperately Seeking an Oval Track
If you remmy Hawks threw down the gauntlet and put out a public challenge to all Dominus Shadow owners. We've gotten a lot of response. The first being from Chelle Moore & Raver Bellows. We screwed around & raced a bit the other night. We spent some time (Hawks & I) scouting a track for our official challenge but have yet to find one that isn't like molasses lag, script haters, fucked up shaped or oval. We need to have room for like 5-10 racers, I think... Kitty Lalonde, Gillian Waldman, Chelle Moore, Raver Bellows, Jane2 McMahon, Crap Mariner, Razzap Schnookums, and Hope Clary. Any suggestions on an oval, non uber lagged sim would be greatly appreciated so we can get this thing under way. :D

Poses by AV Puli Animations
Last night Dreamer sent us to a "Sweet Sit" and we followed the creator, Pulaski Fizz to his sim AV Puli Animations. The sim's description says: Romantic Couple animations store. Star Gazers, Roses, Washing, Neko AO, custom jobs, Animationen, Animaciones, Animatie. I have to say that the Neko animations were more feral & some freaked me out but some were cute, while others screamed "WTF!" Anyways, it was something we did and mayhaps worth a look if you're bored. :D I may even go back & explore the sim outside the actual store later.

Huggles & Kissiepops

The JH Report -Age Play in Secondlife

Here ya go... as promised, Show 2. Enjoy!
YouTube Link
Or the brand spankin' *NEW* PODCAST Link

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Intel Ignites OCC

Keeping with Hawk's super suped up rawr rawr theme... You can build a custom Intel OCC (Orange County Choppers) chopper on the Intel Ignites sim. Finally a commercialized sim that is actually worth visiting. After the Playboy, Microsoft & Silverscreen disappointments, it was nice to actually enjoy myself at Intel. Hawks & the rest of the JIS left me all alone tonight *pouts* so thanks to Chelle for leading me to this gem.
Build an OCC Intel Bike Work Station

1. To get a Head's Up Display (HUD), at the HUD dispenser do the following:
(Note: Dispensers are located next to the office and at the front garage)
a. Right click the motorcycle diagram and buy a hud for $1L
b. You will be prompted to accept inventory - this is your HUD
c. In your inventory locate the folder named "OCC Intel Bike HUD" and right click to WEAR the "Bike Hud".

2. Follow the yellow floor arrows to a Build Station and left click blue bike lift to activate

3. Build your bike!
a. follow the build station prompts and assemble bike parts until complete

4. Step outside or near the Garage and click the build HUD to start the sidekick. On the HUD:
a. Fingerprint Scan: to rez your bike
b. Select Ride and sit on blue bike frame
c. You will be prompted to allow attach and animate permissions for the motorcycle - confirm
d. Select Start (green button) to start up the bike and ride

Enjoy your ride!

Your bike attaches to you, though it does seem to pop out of thin air, so you can adjust it while wearing it if it's not sitting just right. No worries if you screw up, just stand up & rez another. The only disappointments I had was A. I couldn't pink it (no mod) and B. I could jump or fly with it. I did manage to jump a couple times, purely accidental. I think over-all that it was a fun process to build my bike & then have the satisfaction of riding it in a lag free environment. It still was no where the fun of Castle Wars but was fun for about 30 minutes. :D

[Renegade] & Gritty Kitty

JellyBean Madison: OMG KO
Kaejo DaSilva: OMG WHAT?
JellyBean Madison: I have nothing to wear
Kaejo DaSilva: LOL
Kaejo DaSilva: here
Kaejo DaSilva gave you [Renegade] Illergic Parasite Outfit.
JellyBean Madison: MY SUPRAH HIRO

This is why I adore KO. :D xoxoxoxoxoxox Get to Renegade and buy buy buy. If you're not quick, you might have missed it but HELLO! There's a guy release too... Hard Filth Outfit (also pictured above). Hawtness!

Oh oh... and on the hair front, I'm in lurve (as Dreamer would say) with the new Gritty Kitty: Hello Goodbye hair.

Secondfest (Jun 29th - Jul 1st)

Okay, I am excited!! When you take a powerhouse like Intel as a sponsor and combine 9 SIMS into one big island of entertainment all geared up for a 3 day music and arts festival = huge potential for a fun time. From the looks on the website the sponsors of the event are trying to recreate a 3 day festival just like the many RL festivals this summer. There will be places to camp, food vendors, ,portable johns, and even be a mud fight scheduled for the last day of the event. Pet Shop Boys will be headlining the event (which ironically Jelly and I were just discussing earlier today and which bring back quite a few memories from high school.)
The official posting reads:

Secondfest is a virtual three-day music festival inside Second Life realised by The Guardian and Intel, featuring live music from offline and online performers, theatre, ballet, cinema, animation and general chaos. It kicks off Friday 29 June at 6pm GMT (10am SLT) and rocks and rolls until midnight (GMT) Sunday night.

Three arenas for exclusive performances by Pet Shop Boys, The Aliens, New Young Pony Club, Groove Armada, Hot Chip, Hadouken, Simian Mobile Disco and DJs Rob da Bank, Gilles Peterson, Sunday Best, Bugged Out, Ninja Tunes and many more.

Two stages for exclusive live music from Second Lifers, including Doubledown Tandino, Clayton Road, Slim Warrior, Tony Moore and Wiredaisies.Two cinemas, featuring offline blockbusters, BBC short films and Second Life machinima.Characters, chaos and wandering minstrels! Rocky Horror and Ballet! Theatre! Human Mazes! Secret Stages!
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Friday, June 22, 2007


Calling all Dominus Shadow owners!! Jelly and I have taken up a new hobby of racing our two Shadow's at different race tracks around SL. If you think you have what it takes, or just have a craving to eat dust then either respond with a comment or IM either Jelly or myself, and we will school you in the finer principles of powersliding around the track as we pass you to take the flag. If you are looking to purchase one, then visit the Dominus Motor Company. They will set you back about 2400L's but they are worth every one of em the first time you jump the curb only to engage hover mode to fly it right back on and drop the tires just as you hit the track. If we can get 4 or 5 people together then we will set up a little circuit racing around the various tracks for fun. The challenge has been made, do you have what it takes??

Jelly's Closet - Wedding Edition

I've had a couple people ask me what I wore so let me break it down... :)

Hair: Naughty Designs "Sensuality" - sand dollar (tinted pink)
Skin: Celestial Studios Vogue Skin - Amber (Burgundy - Mid) Freckled
Dress: :LVS: BridalParty: His Vision
Shoes: KK Outfitters Lo-Top Kool Kicks (Women's Pink)
Bouquet: Shiny Things Bride bouquet v.2, Spring flowers

As for Hawk's attire... He wore:
Hair: Naughty Designs "OC" - Moroccan
Skin: Naughty Designs Dante
Tux: LUXURY by Vindi Vindaloo - Tuxedo X color - White
Shoes: we don't remmy, deal with it. :D

101 Ways to Cook A Bunneh

Last night Hawks went to bed early and it was time to go bunneh posin' with the girls. Not only did we show up but we dressed the part. I think my conscious is starting to get to me, as I worried we were going to get in trouble for being bunneh imposters. On ward ho! You can read Rosie's complete post here: We May Be Bunnehs but We're Not Soft and Furry

Thursday, June 21, 2007

We set that summer out in style...

This is our quiet time on Skype where we sit down & blog together. He does a post while I do a post. Normally I am much more prepared and know exactly what I want to be blogging, where as he is usually the apprehensive one. Call it Freaky Thursday but I am at a loss as to just one thing to blog & he is just going to town on his post. So hang in there, this is a summertime/water sport potpourri post. Happy 1st day of Summer!

Roller Skates & Water Balloons
How do you get that combo? Not sure but roller skating is fun, water balloons are fun. Why not throw the two together & have a blast!?! Now you can! These are a set of realistic rollerskates. They have been carefully designed to create a realistic beginner skating experience.
Included in the pack are the skates, a HUD for performing a few trick moves, and a water balloon you can throw at other skaters.
When the skates are attached use your normal movement controls. You will find movement is different. You will not stop immediately when you release your controls, but will continue to slide to a stop. If you hold down shift and and tap the left or right arrows you will do little spin turns. If already moving, tapping your forward/back arrow keys will slide you forward in a standing position, holding down the forward/back arrows will cause you to go into a full skate. If you press your back or forward arrows from a standing stop you will start skating immediately.
If you have a low speed collision with another avatar you will loose balance slightly, high speed collisions will cause you to fall over. Being hit by a water balloon will have a similar effect causing you to either loose balance or fall over depending on your speed. The hud you can attach has 6 fun tricks you can perform. simply click on the buttons on the hud to perform one of them.
Get yours now for FREE at Abranimations (tm)

Take a dip in your local swimming hole!
There are a lot of water ways in SL. All you have to do is look on the big map (or even the mini map for those of us that use it). One of the best things you can do is head down to Siggy's WaterWorks Island and pick up the Swimmer HUD. It's a summer time must have for everyone's inventory. The Swimmer is a HUD device that reacts with water in Second Life, the real sim water, and the rivers and oceans of Second Life. It adds buoyancy when you go in the water - and allows you to swim freely above and below the waters surface. The Swimmer can also swim in swimming pools using 'PrimSwim' water! Now you can swim in your home pool as easily as you can swim in sim water!
To go along with my nifty Swimmer, I added the new Pink with Polkadot Swimmies (water wings - seen in the pic above) from Sand Shack Surf Co.

Where to go...

If you are looking for some great places that are swim friendly as well as scenic and chalked full of stuffs... Definitely check out Dragon Moon Resort. Everybody is welcome! ONE rule only: Tolerate and respect each other! COEXIST! (Coexisting with griefers is not mandatory). This sim was actually built by an old friend of mine from the Wandie days, Demian Caldera. In fact, most of the U2 in SL concerts take place on Dragon Moon. Demian is a very very active participant in the U2 in SL projects. Anywho, back to the fun water stuff... You can swim among a big purple dragon, tube along skirting the sim with your lover, wind sail, play in the waves along the beach, catch some rays on the beach towels or just play drums. This is also a great spot for scuba diving with all the treasures tucked nicely below the surface of the calm waters.
Another awesome place with low lag & great beach is Parrot Island. A lush tropical island sim with public jetskis, beautiful waterfall with couples poses (not the best couple poses, but there are some) and perfect photo opportunity areas. Most of the area of this sim is dedicated to water than it is to land which makes this by far the most perfect spot for swimming & most of all jet skiing. Traffic is pretty low on Parrot Island which makes it perfect for time alone with a special someone (*coughs* Blue Hair & Gill). Unfortunately it is a no-build sim, so you can leave those pose balls at home *sigh*. Scripts are still allowed so bring that Couples Animator. *wink*

If all else fails...
PLAY TRINGO! :D I hope we've given you a few things to get you out of your SLhomes to help you bring in summer properly.
Go... go... go... Get out & get animated! :)))