Saturday, June 30, 2007

As Seen on T.V.

I saw this on Torley's blog this a.m and had to give it a shot too. From the Simpsons Movie website — create your own avatar! JellyBean in Springfield. Huzzah!

Back in WindLight
It still crashes on me but I was able to spend almost 43 whole minutes in before I crashed. I miss WindLight. I know the night settings aren't that great but it rocks in daylight settings for scenic pics. I have no clue when LL will be giving it back to us in normal everyday SL. Hopefully soon. The whole Live Viewer testing then taking it away to test Voice was a little confusing. I can only imagine how they plan to roll out both of those to norm SL, it seems as if it'd be a chaotic mess. Only time will tell. Think it'll take a year? Ana takes some great WindLight pics on her blog. You should def check them out.

New Toys - Fun for the whole family!
Yesterday Hawks & I picked up the Jump Boots by Disembodied Hand at Steam-Powered Ind. after seeing them blogged on Style Disorder. I dropped so much $L there it isn't even funny. I bought myself... the Fem Pack, gas mask, Skinners Elbow Pads, Tribal Warrior set, Junkyard Warrior set, Trudeau Top hat and of course the kick ass jump boots. Oh gosh! They are so much fun. We even had a jumping contest. Even full of attachments, I jumped further, like 44 meters from Hawks.

I partnered the boots up with my Boom Lash and without aiming, I hit Hawks twice. :( Sorry baby! Figures when I aim at David, I always miss. I have a feeling Hawks may make a rule of no throwing toys in the house. :/ I think the best solution to this issue would be to just get him his own Boom Lash so that we're on a more even playing field. :p Sounds only fair-ish to me. :D

Getting Down with the Thickness
Hawks & I spent the morning exploring the SecondFest activities. Main stage was thick with people. A few asking why their chims weren't working. *Jelly points to the NO Script icon* We had missed out on the bands for yesterday playing live. I was under the impression that this would be a party all weekend type of deal. Apparently I was wrong because some asshat decided the festivities should be on Britain Summer Time zone. Honestly take an SL population poll, how many actually operate on that time zone? When all else fails, use SL time. DUH! *huffs & puffs* I *think* we have it figured out in time for the Pet Shop Boys performance tomorrow. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

JH Report Show III
I can't say we're all over it because well, we've been distracted by shiny things. The JH Report Shows I & II are up on the new podcast link, and we'll be getting our asses in motion with the ocean on Show III asap. Stay tuned!

Kissiepops & Huggles

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