Friday, August 31, 2007

Jelly Does Couture - Ung Ung Unf?

This is the new release from Last Call called Marlene from the Catwalk Collection. Ginny Talamasca has been working the Runway with these latest releases (Catwalk Collection & Catwalk Collection II). Out of both releases this is the only one I bought. It's prettiful and oooo the Olive trim is delicious. This is a workable-realish outfit and I would NOT associate it with couture (to my definition) or runway fashion. It's elegant & delightful.
I have to admit the word "couture" makes me throw up a little. It makes me think of little children working in sweat shops with poor blistered fingers, dirty faces & low wages. To quote Laylah, "...the stuff in SL isn't real couture, It's a fluff-screen to make us feel special and a-list to make up for our walmart-shopping stay-at-home-mother RL." Yah, and I'm sure the Lu sisters don't run a sweat shop. :) Anywho the word 'couture' is causing acid reflux. The end.

Last Call is style - elegance - grace.


If I haven't mentioned it like 245454545886368 times... I MISS HAWKS! This week has tote sucked. Release-wise it's been aight, but I'm going through Hawk holding withdrawals. :'( *tear* Only one thing to mention at the moment. I need to do a separate post for "couture". *throws up a lil in her mouth*

SLart at the Cannery
The Cannery: Rezzable presents SLart Show, Art Galleries, toXic boutique, Clubbing, and live djs. If you've got about an hour to spare, try wandering through the huge SLart exhibit down at the Cannery. Aka & I checked it out last night & most of it was just awesome. You can check out some of Vint's post about this exhibit.
SLart at the Cannery opening - Woot!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Toxic Garden Rezzable

Danger! Wear armband! Beware ant-bots!
The Toxic Garden is beautiful--but deadly to avatars.

Wander one of the most interesting and exotic gardens in SL--but at your own risk. The plants have accessed the grid and now want to keep human life away.

Apparently people tried to settle this area around time of World War 1. However only a few traces of that attempt at establishing a utopia remain. Only the plants with sumptuous flowers and enticing fruits are here to tell the story of the Toxic Garden.

Random notes on possible graphic novel:

Graphic Novel Story of Sim

Young Scientist – Russian, in court of Czar, plants scientist
Daughter of Eiffel – French, engineering learned from Father's company


Page 1,2,3
“A vision of beauty...”
-- A mountain valley shrouded in multi-colored mist, tops of tress slightly visible
-- exotic plants with strange flowers and fruits
-- water cascades

“...that was interrupted and never finished”
-- think jungle like plant vines twisted around iron girders and beams
-- broken building frames overrun by rock, vines, tree roots (like Ankorwhat)

“And then abandoned”
-- pools of oily water reflecting empty moss covered chairs
-- old magazines, faded but possible to see Paris 1918

page 4,5
“We really need your help on this project”
-- young scientist looks up from lab with plant studies all over
-- Eiffel tower in background

“We are losing the war”
-- folder opens with photos of WW1 trenches, many dead Canadian soldiers

“They are gasing our troops”

Page 6,7
“Prove that you are on our side!”
-- Angry discussion

“We need a stronger gas, more toxic”
-- people standing around wearing uniforms british, french, canadian

“Our team needs more scientists!”

page 8,9
“It is a terrible thing to do!”
-- Young Eiffel is not happy with Scientist to work in lab

“It attacks the skins first...”
--clinical review of dead bodies

“Then burns the only kills a few people, but injures all badly”
--lab animals bleeding and twisted

page 10,11
“we can equal it...”
-- Scientist leads discussion pointing to chemistry images, molecular

“and add some plant matter to make it harder to clean off”
-- wilted plant with tubes sucking green fluids out of it

“and make it lethal at high dosage”

page 12,13
“Time to test this on the enemy”
--Generals taking cannisters out of lab

“Now they can suffer worse than we did”
--cannisters going into a production line and coming out in shells
-- guns pointing up to the sky

page 14,15
“It is a dreadful thing we've done”
-- Eiffel standing next to Scientist overlooking smoking battlefield
-- enemy soldiers dying painfully in large muddy trenches

“I hate this war—it is the end of humanity”

page 16,17
“We need to make larger shells!”
--meeting at production line
-- Eiffel and daughter reviewing production

Explosion in Plant
-- Explosion
-- massive damage to factory

“Looks like sabotage”
-- Eiffel daughter lying on ground badly injured
--Scientist at her feet

page 18,19
“She looks so peaceful now”
-- At the hospital bed, missing arm, patch over eyes

“there is not much we can do for her”

“We need to recreate the formula”
--Scientist hands over notes

page 20,21
“I need to talk to you”
--Eiffel Sr gives Scientist a box with iron parts in it, they discuss

“I spoke to the Americans, they used these in their Civil War. I made some enhancements”
-- metal arm, eye

page 22,23
“It is risky”
-- operating room

“What have I become?”
-- Eiffel stands in front of mirror sees her new body with scars, metal

page 24,25
“What hope for the future?”
-- newspaper shows breaking of enemy lines
-- statistics for dead/lost
-- burning cities

“We need to get away”


page 26,27
“We can build our own world together”
-- flying in a Jules Verne type balloon ship in the clouds

“it will be perfect down there”
-- looking down at Mountain valley

Teleport to Toxic Garden Rezzable for the rest of the story....

Hawks Surprise!

Hawks surprised me tonight & came on for a bit. YAY! I wasn't expecting to see him, not even a glimpse til Saturday. Thank you so much baby! I miss you bunches! Hurry home to my arms soon.
*missing that dance bracelet too :p* But Yes, yes I miss you the mostest!

Bust it! Word.

When I first became a DJ back in the TSO days, I was known as the "80's DJ". Gosh, for the longest time that's all I did & I loved it! Well yesterday I put a dance bracelet together for Hawks with all the new male Sine Wave dances just released. Rosie, Aka, Dreamer & I took that baby for a test drive while I picked up stream & kicked it old school. Almost 2 hours of Tone Loc, JJ Fad, MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, Newcleus, Marrs, Salt N Pepa, 69 Boyz, etc and we were funkin' it out. I have the set recorded if ya'll feel like uploading it or listenin'.

Old School Set.mp3

Anyways I wanted to wait for Hawks to return to film the male dances but I have a feeling there will be no time for that during our reunion. :p So that means ya'll would be waiting awhile. I didn't do any fancy smancy stuff so take that in consideration when you watch this. Haha! This was just me & my 3 girl friends having fun & not all dances are shown. You can checkity check them for yourselves at Sine Wave Island just under the blue NEW signage. Sine Wave dances are transfer, just like Animazoo and make great gifts. Especially if you make a full dancer. :)

YouTube link

Age Verification Failed

Second Life IDV has failed to match the details you have provided to available data. This generally occurs if your information has changed in the recent past. If you have moved or changed your name within the last 18 months, please attempt IDV again using your previous address or name.

If you are using IDV from a country outside of the United States, please make sure you've selected the proper county name from the list. In many countries, multiple identity documents can be used, generally passports, driver's licenses, and national ID cards — if IDV has failed to match with one of these documents, please try another.

Should these suggestions not lead to successful verification, please contact the Second Life Concierge for assistance (+1-877-236-0711).

Please take a moment to fill in a short form to tell us if you succeeded or failed here

I have an idea - KISS MY ASS! This "generally" occurs? Really now? I have had the same last name for oh, iunno 14 years and I've been at the same address for two years! Fookers!

Okay I took a deep breath... I realize 3 years ago when I signed up for SL - I lived in Tennessee. So I put in that addy & my DL #. Viola!

Your information has been successfully verified.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bobbing Bobcat, Me!

Click to Enlarge
I'm a Bobbing Bobcat - This made me giggle like you wouldn't believe. Anywho that's a whole nother story. How quick are your reflexes? Sheep Test

Dutch Touch makes me Ung Ung Unf!

No way! Shut Up! Iki Ikarus of Dutch Touch released JEANS! Oh yesh! I believe I own anything & everything Iki has ever released. I could possibly be bias. Iunno. That's not the point, she released JEANS!!! Hello? Can you scream "HELL YESH"!?! Jeans are sold separately for 125L and are available at Dutch Touch/Willow Beach.

When I got there earlier (by that I mean tripped over Aka, scratched my knee, and crawled quickly bolting for the doors) I noticed the cutesy hair in her ads & just had to have that too. The hair is Kat Funky Pack by Atomic Kitty (note: it does NOT come in pink - that was my awesome texturing skills, yO). There's one style (that's it) and it comes in a streaked or solid.

The Look:
Hair: Atomic Kitty - .::Atomic::. Kat (Black/Pink'd (by Jell)
Skin: Celestial Studios Charmed Skin - 40 Auburn (Rubies)
Face Light: Kru's Boutique - Usagi Kingdom Face Light for Snap
Top(s): Dutch Touch - Flower printed Shirt & Checkers top Black/Grey (Jacket layer from Dutch Touch - Che Black)
Belt: Canimal - Belt (punk rock)
Pants: Dutch Touch - Jeans Dark
Shoes: :FORM: Femme: Buckler Shoes V.1
Pose: *pussycat* whip stance from Animation Warehouse (creator Naughtie Pussycat)

Censorship & Online Anonymity

I haven't had enough coffee yet to properly verbalize how I feel about all this... wait... Yup, it's anger and confusion. Decide for yourself how you feel over this.

Burning Life Censored - This is all over Bloglines but the one that gives real there info is on the official Burning Life Blog. [read here] This angers me. Why? Since when did art become broadly offensive? Honestly. One single statue, Linden censorship & a PG sim caused an artist protest & had I known, I would have been there joining hands & dancing naked along side them. This is utterly ridiculous.

Who Are You? - Identity Verification Comes to SL. They want to be able to 'trust' us? As Robin Linden states "identity verification is voluntary for both Residents and estate owners." If it's voluntary, how many will actually do it? I'm on the fence with this issue. I have no problem verifying myself. Do I feel I should have to? No.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Surf Report: Sneaka Peeka - JB Boardies by LVS

I love Ravenlynn Templar of LVS so farking much, my pores are seeping bubble hearts. :) I im'd her a few days ago because I was in dire need of GOOD board shorts for women that are stylish as well as practical. One thing I've learned in this SL surfing scene is that I spend a lot of time staring at my own ass crack due to board riding versus cam controls versus no good board shorts.

As you all know, crack kills and I was dying a slow death... but now I thank Ravenlynn... female SL surfers thank her, ass cracks across the grid thank her & a shrine may need to be built. :p Unfortunately though all ya'll are going to have to wait about two weeks for these to be released. She is preparing for a big grand opening in the second week of September, so these wont be released till then. Trust me as soon as I know, you'll know. They will be transfer/mod and only 115L (top & bottom) BARGAIN! :D She'll eventually be releasing a whole line of different colors and patterns. ;)

Until then though you can check out her great bikinis for when you're tanning your pixels, playing watersports, or frolicking in the local water holes. :D

Liquid Velvet Studios

Linky to Ravenlynn's post [click here Aka] :p

My name is Tommy Monaghan, and I kill people for money....It's a living.

Truth just released this fabulously dangerous Hitman suit (complete with clean & bloody versions - assigned/deed is done) & I just had to know if it was unisexy. Especially after Jonny "Semi-Sweet Chocolate" Dusk gave me his 5ifth -Revolver 01 Dual Gun Point - AO and paired up with my Dual FN Five-Sevens from Kilara's Armament Company... it was pure hitman hawtness!

There's no law saying men get to have all the fun. I love blood, chaos, dirt, snails, tools and weapons as much as the next guy. Who better than a woman can get those blood, err work stains out in a jiffy? Yah, s'what I thought. Takes know how & a whowho! :D I got them both... So neener neener!
Checkity Check out Gorgeous Gillian in this look.
Linky Goodness cause I'm an over-acheiver (sometimes):
Truth Designs
5ifth Order Animation Array, 5ifth Arms Arsenal
Kilara's Armament Company

Wilma's Shopping Trip & Great Stuffies

Wilma Delgado is a woman after my own heart... a pink lover & shopaholic. She sent me her shopping trip aftermath pic today & I had to share it. :)
I have some great finds to post so shall we?

The Pink Bug
I've actually had this car for like ever but decided to whip it out last night for mine & Rosie's BL 07 road trip adventure. I had a couple people ask where I got it so here ya go...
Beetle Mania! by Furia Freeloader
Best VW Beetle replicas in second life!
Pink, Red, Yellow, Purple and Hot Rod Beetles available. Herbie the Love Bug! Girl Power Pink Chopper also!

Ooooo the yummy goodie goodness of pink leathered sneakers. As I opened the box the new shoe smell made me feel all warm & fuzzy like. :) The FNKY! KICKS are unisex retro styled sneakers that come in 12 colors (not just pink - haters!). The shape and texture are very detailed and realistic. The box contains 5 sizes. Permissions: No Mod/Copy/No Trans. No. of Prims: 15 each. The shoes come in 5 sizes, but you should adjust your foot size for best results. That means size 0 home clucks! :D

*BabyDoll* BabyDoll's Cheerleader
I already owned the "Dark Beer Wench" costume from when we had the Eager Beaver Pub at the Lodge. Awww memories. Anywho I looked up the creator of that costume when I whipped it out for the West of Ireland video. Off to Babydoll's I went. This place is hawt for sexy lingerie, sexy costumes, panties, harnesses, and latex. Oh yah, I'm kinky, didn't I tell ya? :p Costumes include cheerleaders (obviously - duh), naughty nurse, french maid, school girl, etc etc. So go checkity check it & play up your uberly favorite fantasies... BabyDoll's

C.E. Drunk Kung Fu v1.3
This is a great new toy for Hawks & I from Abranimations. I actually bought ours from SLExchange so I could get one for Hawks (love that 'give as gift' option). You can stagger around and punch things as well as each other. :o Realistic Animations, sounds and special effects with lots of options. - Various Push Settings for use in push enabled areas - SL Damage on SL Damage enabled land - Various weapon specific options for special effects etc. - Control through keyboard OR using hud buttons - Detailed Combat with attacks, blocks and counter attack. - Scoreboard and quest information on website.

Burning Life 2007 - Rosie & Jelly

Official Dates are September 24th - October 1st

YouTube Link

Monday, August 27, 2007

Surf Report: Sweet Spots

::Neart:: Surf EPIC II::
Offering free loaner surf boards. There's a seating area for regular story teller events. When I visited I had the pleasure of hearing (in voice) Story Teller - Lehua Lamington. If you've never heard her, she is Hawaiian with touches of Chinese and Ha'ole. She's a writer and Hawaiian story teller. I dragged Gillian with me. :p I was disappointed that all stories weren't told in voice, but it was still good. The surf is continuous but I only saw one area & with only two people in the line up, it was too crowded for me.

::Crab Island::
Surf the EPIC. Offering free loaner surf boards and Home of the Reef Riders Surf Team. The island is 75% water with continuous waves. There was only one on the sim with me, a Brazilian surfer that wasn't even surfing, which made for my personal favorite surf conditions. I prefer to own the wave & not share if I don't have to. :p
The waves here are created by Heather Goodliffe.

La Bahia on Holmfrid
This has to be one of my favorites. Cierra Theriac turned me on to this spot. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! With massive & plentiful waves created by Heather Goodliffe, this is the beach I frequent the most. Someday I hope to run into Cierra. :) Dreamer & I spent a lot of time here the first time we went and I've been coming back ever since. The sim offers surfing & diving areas, rentals, skyhomes, waves, scuba, sailing, beach, Namiko swimwear, bikinis, and wetsuits.

This sim certainly holds up to it's name... vital energy that is held to animate the body internally. Described as a portal gateway that awaits you -- Water ~ Fire ~ Air ~ Earth ~ Surf ---> zen. This is a peaceful, loving, friendly sim with hidden waves to the Northwest of it's land mass with volcano & beautiful beaches. You can shop here as well for your stick as well as wind surfers, pipeline waves, and more. Chi was the venue of the First Ever Surf, WindSurf AND ShortBoard Competitions!! :)

Surf Camp @ Primworks
Surf System Inc (SSi) Beach and Surf Shop. You can come surf the waves and enjoy the beach. I love the thick tropical feel of this sim. Described as a "Surf HUB to connect us all" it offers a beachfront market selling surfboards, windsurfers, wetsuits, ChiFlora Workshop, Namiko, as well as many other vendors. If you're new to the surf scene, want to get started but you're just not sold yet... Rental boards here are $45L unlike the other places that offer free boards.

I have like a dozen other places to list but this is all ya get for now, I'm starving & it's time for my missing Hawks + teddybear clickage time.

Aloha :)

WindLight Wholesome Goodness

Okay everyone show of hands here, who misses WindLight? I do, I do! You know what makes it worse? Torley Linden's fantasmic pics all over Snapzilla making me feel so jellious. *sigh* So here's some uppity updates:
[cross-posted from Torley's Wiki]

[2007-08-20] When is First Look: WindLight coming out again?

Hopefully in a few weeks. I earlier hoped it would come out by the end of August, but it doesn't look like we'll hit that. The WindLight Team has been very busy fixing bugs (including those I've reported), and today, we just launched an internal testing round for Lindens (because previously, it was mainly just the WindLight Team using it). I apologize for the delay because I know how anxious a lot of you are, particularly from comments I've been getting on my snapshots.

Also for emphasis, you should know (if you don't already) that WindLight isn't just about "pretty skies" — performance improvements, rendering optimizations, and code cleanup to improve the viewer are an important part of it too. It's a false dichotomy that we spar between bug fixes vs. new features, and I am dogged (and obsessed) about improved performance & stability (aka P&S) for Second Life.

[2007-08-25] WindLight: Internal testing continues

Anyhoo, I continue to both formally test WindLight and informally use it everyday. Internal bug-churning continues; I recently announced, within Linden Lab, an internal First Look as it were, to precede the public FL. My concerns right now? Partially to do with aesthetics (subjective, I know... tricky tricky!) because I'm finding a number of scenes look too white or washed out, e.g. noon with local lighting. HARD to understand if I don't show pictures or if you're not actually using it, but...

We have fallback mode ("shaders off"), which doesn't have clouds, but still looks better than the current sky, and is supported even if your computer doesn't have a fancy graphics card. And it doesn't exhibit the really bright overcasting of the WindLight Shaders, so I toggle on/off for relative comparison. We'll keep adapting it, Pastrami Linden has been tweaking the default day cycle because he cares so passionately about making it photorealistic. Yes, photorealistic. The ripple water has gone through several iterations too: you may've heard reflections got added as an option (understandably, negates performance on slower computers), but the most recent one looks SEXIER than ever. (I can remember when we got the first ripple water added, it and it looked like "liquid bling".)

So, it's the weekend now. I'm casually sauntering inworld and doing everyday stuff. I'm also warmly concerned about overall performance, we have some bugs to work out with that because we earlier, and continue to find issues that counteract the gains done with the aforementioned optimizations. Everyone on the team wants us to be plus, positive with that, so not only do you have prettier skies, but a better experience (that's the word!) too. Wider testing tends to reveal more, so I'm looking forward to your help come public First Look re-release.

LOTS LOTS LOTS of changes have been made since last public FL: WindLight so please don't base final judgment on that. A number of crashes were fixed. (We hate those!) I know shiny was dull in early releases, well now, it shines. Even better, it uses less CPU power ("single-pass shiny"). A lot of known WindLight issues were already fixed internally, and in our release notes, we'll document all the other changes that happened behind-the-scenes so you get a more comprehensive understanding of the work that went into WindLight.

[2007-08-27] WindLight: Ripple water custom settings

Like the sky, we've added the ability to customize the look of ripple water. Like the sky, it's viewer-side for now but we eventually want to make this all share-able assets like any inventory item. I'm having a great time changing parameters like the glassiness of the water, not to mention you can alter the normal map to come out with some really tripped-out FX. Keep referring to my Flickr photostream for more examples — I'm so excited for the time when you get to enjoy this hands-on!

Also, it looks like (subjectively) stuff with WindLight shaders on is still too bright at certain times like noon. Pastrami, Bridie, hopefully some QA engineers, and I will be going on a "shader safari" to investigate further this week.

To those of you who sent in questions re: deprecating scripting calls, we haven't decided what we'll do with some of them yet. Some will stay for the time being like llCloud, because we're keeping the classic cloud layer (see VWR-960) until such time we have a full 3D replacement, dubbed Nimble, for 'em. We do want to make a lot of the finer bits scriptable — imagine a rock concert scripted with songs to coincide with dramatic sky changes? But that is further down the road and relies on current work to be done first... so let's keep going. :)

Mush: Hurry Home Baby

Missing you like crazy! Love you... Mwah!

Candyman - New Sine Wave Dances

Oh yesh - and it's about farking time. There was awhile where the Sine Wave dance releases had become repetitious. Easy Babcock has changed all that with this release. It's chocked full of sexy goodness for both sexes. YES! BOTH SEXES! I haven't made a video to show off the guys because as you know Hawks is my leading man muffin & he's unavailable. In usual fashion though I give you the girls moves via videoooooo. Yay!

Dance Animations - Sine Wave
Cheerleader costumes - BabyDoll's
Modeling Chair - LostDog Designs

YouTube Link

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Surf Report: Stick Directory

Hai guise! So I'm Hawkless, starting to get pouty, and trying to keep busy. Gillian I'll be bugging you more, that's your warning. :p Myg would so suffer your fate had she not conveniently went on vaca. Lmao. So anywho, I'm starting another VS Series here called "Surf Report". I'm new to the SL Surfing scene, so I figured while I try to finger it all out, I can help others find their water fins as well.

Starting with boards... I'm sure there's tons of boards out there, but these are the ones I have tried.

Rob John's Surfboards - Self proclaimed "finest Surf boards" handcrafted at the reasonable rates in all of SL. From short beach break boards, classic long boards, and even those big guns for the knarly wave rider! Rob John's also offers boogie boards and swim fins, as well as many assorted items to enhance your AV.

WaveLabs Surfboards - Sexy surfboards with great animation and free surfing demos. Fly our new Hangglider! Surf all day, dance on the beach all night!

Sebastian Saramago and Heather Goodliffe's Surf Boards - No more skate boarding on water! Seb's surf boards, scripted by Heather Goodliffe, make for the most realistic surfing experience in Second Life. These boards work naturally with Heather Goodliffe's waves.

Those are the three boards I own. Now *my* reviews. :p Dun dun dun

Rob John's Surfboards - This was my favorite board until I tried riding it at La Bahia Beach in Holmfrid. It was possessed, I have Dreamer as a witness that both times I mounted the sucker it flew up the sand. It did work nicely in Surf City with the waves by the same creator of the boards (Robin Mapp).

WaveLabs Surfboards - Not good for the real surfer or someone who truly wants to learn. These were the boards we used in the Surfer Babes video back in February. I suggest these for machinima props but really not for the more advanced surfing. The coolest part is being able to hold the board. :)

Sebastian Saramago and Heather Goodliffe's Surf Boards - My most favorite board EVER! It's the most realistic, jelly-friendly board I've found. Not only that but it's perfect for beginner as well as advanced. I own the "Flot-Jet board - Big Dawg Board Advanced" in pink designs of course. Paddle your board out to the waves and catch waves by paddling with the waves, carve up the waves with turns and tricks, crouch down for more powerful turns. Surfboards are rideable by friends - if you own a sim you can leave them out for guests. Touch dialog menu that allows you to set advanced/beginner/or display mode as well as allow all/allow group/owner only ride access. Basic Advanced boards are no-mod, no-copy.

Okay so there ya go... Stay tuned for where to surf your new stick :D

Hawks Weekly Update

RL Craziness
Okay, so yeah I have been slacking with the blog, and with my SL time in general lately. My RL has gotten crazy as we are running behind on a new product launch so I am pretty much working 7-6 every day plus an hour commute makes for a really long day. Then throw on top of that an RL move, and eeks things are nuts. One of the things I am having to deal with is the potential to be without internet for a week until it gets installed. :o Is that even possible? Did people really used to live that way? Freaking 35k students having the nerve to come back into town the same time I wanna move... pfft.

Missing Jelly
Yep, see note above. I miss you baby, and wish I could be here more. It sucks... :( You light up the time I am able to be here though, so thank you.

Drunken Kung Fu
You look tough. You look hawt doing it. Hawks - 4 Jelly - 0 Tie - 1. Although I am not sure the tie counts after regenerating and attacking me when I only had 80% health... but I spose we can count it. Also, Dreamer is officially off the officiating list, cuz she is SOOOO not neutral.

I soooooo need to get cracking on some place reviews that I have been sitting on...

Tutorial: How To Make A Dance Necklace/Bracelet

Whatcha need:
  • Your favorite dance animations - I suggest Sine Wave, Animazoo & Djezebel Animations, of course.
  • A Sensual Dance Bracelet from Le Cadre - (now you can tote use this, I just find the bracelet is ugly & prefer to add the scripts to stuff I'll *actually* wear)
  • A modifiable piece of jewelry (necklace, bracelet, ring - but it HAS to be modifiable) - I suggest anything from ::Goth1c0::
How to:
  • Unpack your Le Cadre Sensual Dance bracelet from it's bag. (Right click - Open - Copy all items to inventory)
  • Drag the bracelet that you just unpacked to the ground and gut it of all scripts (Right click - Open - Copy all items to inventory) You can delete the bracelet after you have ganked the scripts.
  • Drag & drop your new modifiable piece of jewelry that you want to become your dancer to the ground. Right click it and choose edit. You can rename it. Example: Jelly's Rotten metal necklace dancer (Celtic)
  • Go to the contents tab and drag ALL the scripts you took out of the dance bracelet & your favorite dances into the content area of the new dancer.
  • After everything is in your new jewelry, pick it up and put back into your inventory.
  • Now wear it. It should say something like "Jelly's Rotten metal necklace dancer (Celtic): Loading dances, please wait.." "Jelly's Rotten metal necklace dancer (Celtic): Sensual Dance Bracelet ready, dances loaded: 9" IF YOU DID NOT SEE THIS - Right click it while you are wearing it, choose edit, then under TOOLS at the top of your screen, choose "Set scripts to running in selection"
  • Viola! Go get jiggy with it!
If you have any questions or need help, just give me a shoutout. :)

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Voice Perceptions

Yup, another voice post. This time with a question. :p
Hawks & I were discussing the affect voice has had on our perception of others. Up until recently, it was all positive. For instance prior to voice a seemingly quiet girl use to come to tringo & kick our asses. Of course, she didn't say much but in my head she was this intimidating player that I didn't care much for. After voice was introduced the quietness vanished & it turned out that I did like her after all. She really wasn't this intimidating, aggressive person that I had made her out to be in my head. She just sucked at multi-tasking general chat text & staying on top of her game, as most people do.

On the flip side, some one that I actually sort of liked on a acquaintance basis was in voice earlier. It was the first time I had ever heard her voice. There's was nothing wrong with the sound of it, just her tone. At first I thought, "Wow I wonder how much of that sarcastic bitchiness was wasted in text chat." After awhile I ended up just turning her volume down because it was just too much. It's not like she directed her tones at anyone in particular but just overall. She's not someone I would rush to be in voice with, that's for damn sure.

I believe voice has turned SL into a more personalized experience with its introduction. I'm not sure how we lived without it. Oh yah, we had Skype. :) I'm sure ya'll already know that I'm a huge pro-voice in SL resident. My question is, do you think voice in SL has changed your perception of others?

Esc'ing for the day...

I'm heading to North Shore to sniff out a new long board. When I get back I'll post how to make a dance necklace. Kisses.

West of Ireland - Dueling Violins

Dreamer & I were wave scouting when we arrived at West of Ireland. There's a tented mall there called Celtic Crossing Market and that's where I discovered Djezebel Animations. I bought all the Irish dances I think. Then I visited the main store, OH MAH GAWD! Sit poses, dance animations, jigs, concert animations, and ball shop.

I think I've established that I'm a complete animation whore. After buying the Irish dance animations, I just had to make a new dance necklace. This is #3 now. Haha! And of course this was a perfect excuse to get Aka & Rosie dressed like matching beer wenches & gettin 'jiggy' with me. :p


Friday, August 24, 2007

New @ Animazoo

Dave Bellman of Animazoo has released 5 new dances today.
  • Dance 12
  • Dance 14
  • Animazoo dance 11
  • Animazoo dance 9
  • Animazoo dance 10
This release is a little confusing as the dances are still numbered & conflict others at his store. The Macarena (a free anim offered at Animazoo) is also named Dance 10. What he has done is added the word "Animazoo" in front of this newly released dance 10, that is nothing like the Macarena. *shrugs* I still love the dances. It would be easier if he did name them other than numbers like Gillian said, "I wish they would come up with more original names so I didn't have like 25 "dance xx" in my animation folder."

As usual I've put together a video to show the new dances, but to kill two birds with one stone, I've added surfing footage & played with effects. Hawks & I are debating on new editing software, so I need to see what limits I can push with WMM. Enjoy...

YouTube Link

Judashire Prelude

The mists part to reveal a forest; deep, ancient, thick. A clearing deeper in reveals a village bathed in a light fog, thatched huts encircling a small enclave of townhouses, strangely out of place, an Eldritch Manor of seemingly... alien design, looming down over it. The sky may be drawn with sunlight streaming down, but the grass still lays drooping, as if this place was cut off from reality, enveloped in its murky environs.

Welcome to Judashire. The year is 1840, the 3rd year of the reign of our Queen Victoria. The first hints of the Industrial Revolution are coming to bear, and the world is plunged into a flurry of invention and desire.

Welcome to Judashire, where those dying off in the face of change may turn to.

Welcome to Judashire, haven for the sinners, refugees, and scum of the world. How long this meager town has stood, none can tell. Why it does not appear on any map, and only spoken of in campfire stories, none can tell. Why those who search for the town rarely find it, but those that the town claims as its own will inevitably find their way to its misty borders, none can tell.

Welcome to Judashire. Your new home.

Judashire is a Gothic horror themed RP set in England in the year 1840. Primarily a human-themed sim, and while there are strong elements of the supernatural, they will not be everyday occurrences. For instance, while there may be a vampire or two lurking in the shadows of Judashire, this is not a "vampire RP sim". Those familiar with Ravenloft or the World of Darkness should be familiar with the mood that echoes through the very bowels of Judashire.

It is a town seeped in mystery, with secrets, deceptions, and lies around every corner. This is a adult sim with dark, sometimes disturbing RP. Requires anyone interested in playing to submit a character concept for approval, which you will be expected to adhere to during your RP in the town. While they encourage free-form RP, there will also be plenty of storylines floating around, mainly tailored by the GMs to individual citizens or groups.

Right now the sim is open and under Beta testing. The estimated full version is due in about two weeks depending on how many people are interested. You can check out the sim here: Judashire

If you are interested in playing, please IM Jason Susenko or Minky Mousehold to discuss character concepts