Saturday, August 25, 2007

West of Ireland - Dueling Violins

Dreamer & I were wave scouting when we arrived at West of Ireland. There's a tented mall there called Celtic Crossing Market and that's where I discovered Djezebel Animations. I bought all the Irish dances I think. Then I visited the main store, OH MAH GAWD! Sit poses, dance animations, jigs, concert animations, and ball shop.

I think I've established that I'm a complete animation whore. After buying the Irish dance animations, I just had to make a new dance necklace. This is #3 now. Haha! And of course this was a perfect excuse to get Aka & Rosie dressed like matching beer wenches & gettin 'jiggy' with me. :p



Jungle Jewell said...

You're all too adorable; I loved it 8^)

How do you make a dance necklace?

Anonymous said...

I'd imagine bed wetting and electronics violins would not make a good combo, especially if you brought your Kamagra laptop to bed.