Sunday, September 30, 2007

Turning Gears

Oi! I definitely do not wanna post about Tiny Empires this post... Sooo let me give an update on what's been happening.

Tringo has currently been dismantled for the time being. We are moving to a new plot that will be a lot better on a Class 5 sim. The land won't be available for at least 4 days. We'll let you know when we're back up & running.

JH Productions
Hawks & I have decided to go full speed on this as a major project. As we are already in the process of moving tringo, we've also pulled in the best of the best & we're working on the official JH Productions headquarters/offices. I think this is a great thing. Of course Hawks gets full credit for the idea but jinkies... I'm so freaking excited about working with some very talented peeps side by side with Hawks. Mwah babe!

Monday Clockwork
Don’t miss the popcorn with Smooby!

Clockwork is open from 6-9; the funky popcorn starts at 8!

Then don't forget Tuesday Clockwork with me & Hawks from 6-8 p.m. SLT. Hawks' theme this week is psychological disorders, so don't miss it!

Suggestion Suffugium
Suffugium, n. A place of refuge. Dystopian future city with cyberpunk influences. Hang out, go shopping, or see the sights, but watch out for police drones!

Greetings and welcome, sub-citizen, to the city of Suffugium.

We at Suffugium Technologies have made every effort to ensure that your stay with us is a pleasant one. You will undoubtedly notice the AI-Controlled Security Drones on patrol throughout the city; they have been programmed to perform routine biological scans upon citizens and sub-citizens alike in an effort to keep our city safe. Please submit to their scans; it will only take a moment, is not known to cause any injury, and ensures your future security within our jurisdiction. Do not interfere with the activities of the Security Drones under any circumstances.

While you are free to roam the streets of our city as you please, we must inform you that some parts of the city are, unfortunately, closed to sub-citizens. We are certain that you will understand our ongoing efforts to ensure the security of our citizens and will stay clear of areas where access is blocked. Suffugium Security is pleased to announce that the quarantine in place on the south side of our city, the area known as "Old Suffugium," has been lifted and the roads leading there have been re-opened.

For those of you who prefer to fly, we ask that you keep to the ground as much as possible to ensure that the skies of our city remain clear and bright. Our airspace is strictly monitored by our Security Division; therefore, we must remain vigilant to assist them in their never-ending job of keeping you safe. As well, for the continued safety of all citizens and sub-citizens, please refrain from the use of weaponry within the city.

Finally, please report any suspicious activity to Suffugium Security at once, and do not approach suspicious inhabitants. It is unsafe to speak freely, as the ears of the anarchists are always listening. We are in the midst of an ongoing campaign against the anarchists, and we are pleased to report that the terrorist element is very nearly beaten. Criminal activity, including subversion, is not tolerated and will be punished quickly and severely.

Welcome and once again, enjoy your stay and thank you for helping make Suffugium a brighter tomorrow - for all of us.

Sincerest well-wishes,
Suffugium City Operations for
Hiroshi Warren, CEO, Suffugium Technologies

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Tiny Empires - Evilness of No Script

Baroness Vanessa

Why isn't my HUD working?

Try looking to make sure you're not in a non-script parcel. Just look up to the parcel name & if you see what appears to be a paper with a circle and a line through it... your HUD may not function until you leave the sim. I hate no build, no script sims. I wish people would learn to just use 5 min auto-return. Most people turn scripts & build off to fend against grievers & junk laying around. Auto-return works just as well and the majority of people do know common courtesy.

Tiny Empires - In our absence...

Duchess Laylah Mistral

Hawks has gone to bed for the night & I'm on my way out to RL beach/surf party which I honestly don't think I'll be back from tonight. So any TE issues, questions etc can be answered by Prince Harlan Panacek. He has graciously agreed to be here for ya'll in our absence this evening. Again you guys are doing a fab job! Keep up the great work & Happy Freakin Friday!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Sinistyle Sim

In my tote honest opinion, if any "artist" deserved a sim, Krius Misfit is the number one person who would come to my mind. From the mind of a maniac - Sinistyle sim, opening soon to the masses.

What can I say about Krius? One thing is that he scares the bajeebus outta me with some of the stuff he creates but oh gawd, the detail & talent he puts into every item is amazing. I met Krius at the Block almost a year ago. My first impression of him was that of a stranger who would offer candy & leave me dead in an dark alley. He's a very morbid individual mayhapsibly with the mind of a serial killer but nice. Odd combo, *I* know.

So on with my post... Krius done got himself a sim. Oh yesh. Perfect timing as well, cause if anyone can do Halloween - it's the man himself! Currently his sim is access list & group members only but soon to open before the Day of the Dead, Night of the Hunter, Witch's Thanksgiving, .oh fuqity... HALLOWEEN!

Hawks & I explored earlier & I am so uberly impressed. It's chocked full of spooky, scary, haunting things, but beware falling into the water... there's piranhas!

Anywho... keep your eyes open for the brand spankin new Sinistyle sim to open soon AND hold off on buying that cheesy Halloween deco until you see what Krius has! It's well worth the wait!

Sinistyle is OPEN to the public. Teleport HERE: Sinistyle sim

Burning Life 07 - Lamplighters Ceremony

I wasn't going to post this video here, but they were excited I did the vid for them. So yay and stuff. Awhile back I met Sabine McGettigan while exploring pre-BL grounds & filming the BL Witch Project trailer with Rosie. In order for Sabine to understand that we weren't crazy folks just creating blood puddles etc. I lead her to the vid Rosie & I did. Anywho, longer story short... Sabine asked me to do a vid of the Lamplighters.

I seriously do not do vids for others because I never know what it is they want and I have a huge fear of disappointing others with my work. It's diff with Hawks & I, we can come up with concepts together. Okay okay yada yada yada. Here's vid:

Burning Life 07 - Lamplighters Ceremony from JellyBean Madison on Vimeo.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Tiny Empires - Ranks

Countess OliveEue Sholokhov



Squire/Squiress (5 acres)

Knight/Dame (10 acres)

Baron/Baroness (25 acres)

Viscount/Viscountess (50 acres)

Count/Countess (100 acres)

Marquis/Marquise (200 acres)

Duke/Duchess (400 acres)

Prince/Princess (1000 acres)

*this is total acres not just 'personal' acres

To the soldiers in Iraq

Peanut Butter Jelly from JellyBean Madison on Vimeo.

Thank you for all that you do...
This is two Army staff sgts & a private shaking his groove thang!

Tiny Empires - Need a lift?

Princess JellyBean & Dame Twizzler

Hear Ye, Hear Ye
At 2:12 a.m. SLT Kala became a Princess. All hail Princess Kala. Yes, Wrath now she's even too-too good for ya. :p We've been pushing people up & up. Today I am looking for Duke Jon to become a Prince which shouldn't take too much longer. Kudos to all of you.

Princess Luna rocketh
The plan we were working towards all along was to get my friend Luna into our family. Her line exploded so we jumped underneath her. In fact she rescued our family from bumpage when I made the initial jump. Raise your glasses to Princess Luna in appreciation for all that she has done for this family.

Family #7
We went in yesterday as the #7 family in the counsel. This is exactly where we want to be for the moment. Everyday our family makes leaps & bounds progressing quicker than I could have imagined. Today I wanna work on promotions. Let's get those under you promoted today. As always if you guys need anything from me or Hawks, just ask. :)

Here's your links:
Tiny Empire Standings
Our Family

Oh noes!

So like I really need to get back to doing the Surf Reports, really? I feel like I haven't surfed in weeks. Okay, that's probably very true. I haven't. I have been so wrapped up in Tiny Empires that I think I've let other stuff slide.

On top of that I've had the video bug. Each idea getting bigger & more difficult in my head. It use to be easy... I film, I edit & boom out the same day. Viola! I'm not a very patient person. Now I'm taking more time with my vids. Trying to plan them out in my head, on a storyboard & then work out the details taking a week or two in edit. Currently I have one I have to edit for Sabine McGettigan. I never film for others, but this was my way to participate in Burning Life 07. Hopefully I can get to that tomorrow.

Anywho, if I just seem incoherent lately, it's not cause I am ignoring you... I'm just uber busy. I promise a Tiny Empires update tomorrow, kay? Mwah!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I can has Turtle Lips?

Above is a turtle, he has cute turtle lips. Adorable huh?

This is a JellyBean wearing the new Celestial Studios Vogue Skin - Cashmere (Fall - 2) Freckled. Also with adorable turtle lips. :)

Heroes - 2.1 recap

Wowzers! I am so glad I waited to review/recap this. It gave you guys some time to give me points. Like Ann & Wrath did.

I'm not going to explain each scene because if you saw it, you saw it. If not, boogar off & go watch it now. kkthnx

Let Down
I mentioned before that I felt let down by the season opener. I guess I was expecting to be brought back into the season a little closer to the finale, not 4 months later. Like iunno, how did Nathan survive? Did he fly up with Peter, let go, and then fly away? When he landed was he all burnt like his reflection he saw? How does he not have scars? Oi! Wait a tickle... Peter can fly too, duh! Why didn't he just fly himself to outer space? No oxygen - no fire.

Maya and Alejandro
Jeepers! I am dying to know what her power is. Seriously all we know is that she is capable of leaving a trail of dead folks with blackened bloody eyes. It's apparent she knows shes doing this, but can't seem to control her ability. Does Alejandro have a power? It seems that is the way of things, with parents/siblings so far. I'm interested in how their story will pan out, though I have to admit reading subtitles was getting old last season. I was so happy to see Hiro's English progressing & now this?

Walker System
Lil Molly Walker is now in the care of Parkman & Mohinder. Though Mohinder is actually in Egypt giving a seminar. Yes, Wrath... Parkman is divorced. :p And I agree he's a better character without his wife's role. I am also not surprised that he would have Molly. I always thought he'd be a great father. He's doing just that it seems by his interaction with Molly. Though her little attitude would have thrown me for a loop. She's been portrayed as this cute little GPS system, then boom explodes at the dinner table with Parkman. I'm not sure he could of handled that better. We know now that she definitely has a spark. As she revealed last season, there is someone scarier than the Boogieman (Sylar) and much more dangerous. Now she's dreaming about him. I'm sure whoever that is will be coming into the full picture soon.

The Benett Family or the Butler Family
Four months later shows us that they have changed their last names & have moved to California and trying to play a normal family. Normal? Really? Claire was struggling with being a freak before & now shes struggling with not being who she really is. Teenage years suck huh Claire? As for her fly boy peer, West, I think he senses that she is different, but doesn't know for sure. Her NOT being a cheerleader seems so cruel & unfair. Ann, I think you're so right. She seems fragile. I think mostly that she's not terribly indestructible, as in she injures just like the rest of us, just heals a lot faster. Instantaneously. Noah Benett is trying to act like nothing has happened but his new manager at the Copy Kingdom drives him crazy, would drive me nuts too. Noah shows a little what he is capable of, and the problem is solved. It made me laugh "Just a few more sips." :P Anyone else find it gross when Mr. Muggles was licking Mrs. Bennet's lips at the dinner table? Ewww!

Supah Hiro
Last season we saw him land in the year 1641 and now we see him mid battlefield. He meets his hero, Takezo Kensei. There is a little problem, he’s not a real hero, and he’s not even Japanese. The mighty Kensei turns out to be a coward English man, fighting for money, not honor. I never thought of Ann's point. I must be slow since Aka said the same thing. "The likelihood that Hiro winds up being his own hero seems fairly high." That seems like a fitting twist that goes along with twists that we've seen in the past.

Kaito Nakamura & Ando
Ando & Kaito seem to have been waiting over the past 4 months in front of the Kirby Building, where Hiro teleported himself. Poor Kaito doubted his son for a long time, seeing him as a failure. Just as he comes around, he receives a picture of himself with the "godsend" symbol that keeps popping up. A message that he'll be dead within 24 hours. We didn't even have to wait til the next episode for this. What the hell took Ando so long with the sword? He fly to Japan to get one? Who do you think the hooded guy was? Definitely not Sylar.

Mohinder Suresh
He's working for the company now with plans to help Bennet take down the company. Mohiner is still too iunno, spineless or naive in my opinion to do anything alone.

"Turd row back" & Key Scene
Blackie, an Irish gang, we think, with a terrible accent (sorry, I know he was saying "third" but I cracked up for minutes on end about how it so came out "turd"), and his crew open up a shipping container (of course in Ireland) and they find Peter chained up in a corner, by only one wrist. We learn that Peter doesn’t remember a thing but he can still use his powers. Yes, amnesia has been done to death. This has to be the key scene in the entire episode though. Notice he didn't have any visible scars, cuts, bruises. Four months left him pretty clean & wuwu! NAKED, with the "godsend" symbol around his neck. Where did he get that & hey, nice high & tight haircut buddy.

I guess I have more questions than a recap but hopefully it'll strike up some commentary from us fans & we can rehash it together. I may have missed a few points, or umm characters. We got to learn about everyone’s whereabouts except Nikki, DL, Micah and the most expected character of the show Sylar. It’s getting more and more crowded with the new characters coming in, and there are still a few we haven’t met yet. This post is already uber long so I'll just end there.

For Gillian...

Normally the next day I post my set for you to upload or listen to... Well I hit a snag. For some reason my set didn't record last night. So I'm going to record just the songs that I played *minus my talking* and I'll upload it later. BUT for Gillian I have uploaded just Boom Boom Ba for the moment. :D

Metisse - Boom Boom Ba.mp3

I'll come back to this post & add the set after I re-record & upload to box. :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tuesday Clockwork

Don't forget to come out to Clockwork tonight for Hawks' set from 6-7 p.m SLT It'll be a surprise for me as well as you all, but I think it'll be Wild Side-ish? :p

Immediately following his set from 7-8 p.m. SLT will be me. Probably playing SKA. Most likely playing SKA. Yup, I know it... it'll be SKA. Haha!

*scampers off to work on playlist*

Heroes - 2.1

Heroes kicked off Season 2 last night with the first installment in the second volume of the series. … I'm not going to post my recap of it today because when I checked the site, I couldn't find last night's episode online. So I'll give ya'll time to catch up with the class & mayhapsibly post on Wednesday during grid downtime.. :) If you were like me... planted your ass on couch, shushed your house & watched - then you know. I will say I'm feeling a little let down by last night's season opener. Anywho, thats for Wednesday.

Found the Episode - it was just tricky. Here ya go... WATCH IT!
Season 2, Episode 1: Four Months Later

Jelly's Closet - Under every ponytail, is a horse's ass!

I'm not a country girl as in I wasn't raised in the country nor do I care for the twangy genre of tuneage... BUT I do love the simplicity of country livin'. Okay so I didn't hunt, fish, chew or collect/eat roadkill but I sure did love Kentucky. I had chickens, AS pets no less. :bubble hearts: These are not new releases but anywho yeehaw...

Hair: ETD - ETD Willis III - Blonde Red (tinted pink, of course)
Skin: Celestial Studios Charmed Skin - Tone 40 - Auburn - Rubies
Face Light: Kru's Boutique - Usagi Kingdom Face Light for Snap
Piercings: *Mina's* Full Facial Piercings (modified)
::Goth1c0:: Death God necklace & my TWS Rose Necklace my friend Harlan made, which I absolutely adore.
Ring: My Wedding Set (it's original so back off) :p
Top/Skirt: Last Call - Achlys
Gun on thigh: 22 Glock Leg Holster (Female) Black by Trent Xavier (no idea if he still has a store)
Boots: (Shiny Things) Old Laceup Boots - black
Photo Location: anyMOTION

Monday, September 24, 2007

Tiny Empires: Couples that play together...

Marquise *in lights* Rosie Shark
...Stay Together
Congrats to Hawks & Harlan for their promotion to Prince. I love all the support our family gives each other. Not just the support you all have shown to me & Hawks but how we always congratulate one another, offer a hand by means of land or subjects and work as a team. I've seen the other families lie, cheat & bribe their ways to the top, well that's not us. We're tight & honest. Thank you again... Ya'll rock!

Mysterious Trader

Arrived today at approximately 5:20 p.m. SLT. Congrats to those that could afford him. A few in our family missed him, but no worries, you'll get him next time. Offer I received today was:

"For one year, your generosity will be rewarded"

This one is easy peasy. And already explained here. Another one received in our family today was:

"For one purchased land is very likely to contain surprises."

For that one... BUY BUY BUY. Every new acres contains a gold reward.

Thanks again & great job all of you. You're the best family ever!

And as always here's your links:
The Empire & Thy Place In It
Our current lineage - Princess Luna Jubilee

Happy Heroes Day!

Tonight is the night. Heroes begins its second season tonight at 9 on NBC - You'll have to check your local listings. I'm so excited I could just spit! Set your DVR, TiVo, or whatever it is you people use if you can't plant your ass in front of the t.v. tonight. Haha! If you are like me & don't own that shit... you should be able to catch the episode tomorrow online at Heroes Rewind.

For fanfare in SL be sure to check out the Heroes theme'd outfits (and hair) at Sinistyle & Refuge. In pic above I am wearing "Refuge: Claire".

Sunday, September 23, 2007

AHHHHHHHH! Better now :)

Myg & Alex throw the best parties. They hosted this month's Blogger Meet & Greet. It was packed full of bloggity bloggers. Lactose err Nikk was even there. I'm one of his fans. *faints* It never ceases to amaze me how I never seem to get out of being starstruck. Every time I see someone in SL that I feel I know from their blog, I'm like "OMG I READ YOU!" I don't know why we're like that, but I know I'm not the only one.

Sadly I couldn't escape Tiny Empires for the first hour of the party, so I neglected people that I surely didn't mean to. That's a whole other post though *mumbles*. Finally Hawks arrived & we kidnapped Myg in the Dominus. Huzzah! Hawks & I seriously adore Myg & Alex. It's not often that you meet people that instantly grow on you. Not that they needed to, but ya know. Any opportunity we have to hang with them, we jump.

Not sure who is hosting next party or what is what. I'm starting to think I suck as an officer cause I have no idea wtf is going on. :/As soon as I know though, I'll definitely post it. :)


That makes me angry. And when JellyBean gets angry, Mr. Fluffybuttons gets upset. And when Mr. Fluffybuttons gets upset, people DIE!!!

I need just 2 hours, thats all of no Tiny Empire talk. I think it's consumed our slives. Though Hawks & I love playing it together, we sorta need a break. Today is the blogger party & I'm ready to roll - minus TE talk. There will be floggings oh yes, yes there will be if there is a mention of TE. Heads will roll. The End

Tiny Empires - Even a Princess makes mistakes...

Tonight we welcomed a few new people into our family which put us over our 2500 acre goal. At which point the Emperor asked me to leave the Celty soup and we'd venture out onto our own. The full 3 minute month was filled with trying to find the pros & cons of doing this. It's just not enough time, we jumped. We were placed right below Eva Tiramisu's family in the 10th family spot. This made us nervous & excited to say the least.

Group Message went out:
We just became the tenth family - Congrats all! Lets move up that list! :heart:

Then we caught wind of rumors flying around that another family will be jumping from Celty tomorrow. If this is true we'd be bumped off the list for sure. Though I found it awe inspiring to be ranked within the top 10, my family comes first. In a scramble to pull together & grab our alliances as quickly as possible we feared being knocked off the list. The rumor was that if you got knocked off the top ten list, your family would be disbanded, relationships broken & nothing left but personal acres. It was a risk we were not willing to put our family through & to be decided on their behalf. We quickly jumped back under another family below Celty. Thank you Luna for taking us in.

Another group notice with a notecard attached:
Alright peeps, so here is the deal!

We had a shining moment of fame there where we broke off and were our own family for a brief stint. The issue we ran into was that we were the 10th ranked family, which means that if anyone jumped out with more acres than us, then we would have gotten bumped because the game only allows for 10 families.

The issue with this is that if we got bumped then all of you would have retained only your personal acres, and we would have lost all of the liege/subject relationships. It basically means we would have had to start over with rebuilding the family. We didn't want to take this risk, so we temporarily jumped back into another family.

We thought we needed about 2.5k acres to jump, but in actuality it looks like we need to be closer to 4.0k acres to be high enough to not risk getting bumped. This is obviously a moving target and is increasing all the time. If we keep working hard at it, then we are going to be back to being our own family in no time at all!!

Everybody is still doing a great job!! We just got a little overexcited about having the chance to jump. :)

Your Princesses Royal Secretary,
HawksRock Gunawan

Afterwards we learned from another upper ranking family official that what we heard originally was false. Being bumped off the list is not as we had originally thought & we were tricked.

Princess JellyBean: My liege, I'm sorry to bother you again, especially since there is no motivation for helping me, but can you explain to me again in simplest terms what DOES happen when you are removed from the top 10 list? Is the Emperor still your liege?
Princess: no... what happened to me is I simply had no liege
Princess: in fact if you searched my name on the TE standings page, I came up as a "not known", but, could still buy land as usual.
Princess JellyBean: You still had all your subjects?
Princess: sure
Princess: then after a while I got a bribe offer for a few thousand, took that and bough land for it
Princess: but the thing about loosing the subjects is simply not true.
Princess: but it seems that was blown way out of proportion anyway
Princess: to make you believe you should change for that reason lol

So right now we'll be gaining ground under Princess Luna until we can once again, more informed like, make the decision to jump. I thank each & every one of my family members for their understanding & loyalty.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Boom Boom Ba

It took us over a week to get it just the way we wanted, but I'm pretty happy with it. The song is Metisse - Boom Boom Ba from the show Dead Like Me. To me, it's one of the sexiest songs I've ever heard.
Everyone that has been following my vids via YouTube, I highly suggest you make the jump to Vimeo. It's such better quality & pretty soon we'll no longer being using YouTube to upload. I'll still continue to post the YouTube links until then.
Here's vid - Enjoy!

Boom Boom Ba from JellyBean Madison on Vimeo.
YouTube link

Friday, September 21, 2007

Tiny Empires - No one wants to play with an asshole

Princess JellyBean & Duke Hawks of Wessex
Welp! Another day, another couple years gone by in Tiny Empires. Good news in the realm, Eva Tiramisu has reached independant-hood & has gone out on her own with her subjects to form the 9th family. We're not quite ready to move away from Celty though yet. Soon, we hope. I have a few higher ranking people in my hat that are ready to leave their liege. Two of which I would have had tonight if it wasn't so close to the visit from the trader. I didn't want her to screw herself out of affording him. *hugs sweetie*

Mysterious Trader
He visited tonight around 9 p.m. SLT. "For one year your land is worth much more than normal." This one is the iffiest offer I've seen. You have to be very careful, because as we all know - buy is one of the main objects of rank. The more you & your subjects buy in acres - the higher your rank can go. So if you get this offer...
  1. Pay attention to the months.
  2. Make sure you have enough to still cover taxes.
  3. Buy one & sell one every turn - you'll still make a profit.
Countess Kala Wildcat
Happy subjects are loyal subjects - is what we keep saying. :) It's so true though. Everyone that enters our line is welcomed with an IM & group invite. It seems some lieges above me know this as well. :D

SoCalDave Birdbrain: thank you for staying dear
JellyBean Madison: thank you for the gift :)
SoCalDave Birdbrain: pfft. It is the least one can do for one's loyal subjects
JellyBean Madison: ty :)

Monkeys are NOT Donkeys!

Stop messin with my head! Welcome to another cryptic Jelly Post. It's been awhile and I have words of jellsdom (okay that doesn't work quite like wisdom). :p
  • Just cause you look like the duck, and act like the duck, doesn't make you any better than the original duck.
  • Sharing is overrated.
  • In Soviet SL, you don't kick group... group kicks you.
  • Hooker boots should not make sounds when you walk, flip flops should.
  • Lala gets all the smart ones. Smart, huh?
  • Those are rug burns you liar!
  • Just because you gave up bling, doesn't mean you're any less of a retard. :o
  • Halloweenie is the bestest holiday Eva'R!
  • People who refuse to live in a pink castle made of cake, get tents made of fruit roll ups.
Okay thats all... kissiepops!

Laylah: C'mon I gotta make someone cry, or I'll feel like I wasted my day.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

My Birthday Post

So like a lot of people didn't know today was my birthday. I didn't fully advertise it, ask for a party or treat it differently than any other day. In fact, I made Hawks promise NOT to throw me a party. Instead I just wanted some quality time with him when he logged in. Boy! Was I surprised. Not only did he listen but he made it so completely perfect! See that gorgeous icy build up there in the pic? Him & Aka pulled that off right under my nose. *smacks forehead*

What you can't see from the pic is that the inner walls to this huge, prettiful snow globe are streaming video. Yup... moving like a brightly colored kaleidescope of northern lights. It's hard to tell from the pic too, but there's penguins placed around the build, as well as swimming. Penguins have been a big staple in our relationship for as long as I can remmy. So you may not get it but it was super special to me. :)

The build and the fact that Hawks did this for me was spectacular, it jumped yet another notch when Maximillion Kleene was tp'd in for a private live performance. Wow! I was absolutely speechless. The only word I could utter was "awesome" (Gah! I'm so freaking articulate!). Unless you've been under a rock, you'd know that Max is our fav live performer. He played lots of great songs & I loved the way he snuck my name into most of them. Lol. The bestest song of the night was him playing "Happy Birthday" and making sure that Hawks sang along on voice. :) That was a major highlight of the entire night.

After Max played, Hawks picked up stream & we cuddled. It was wow... absolutely & amazingly perfect. I'm definitely the luckiest girl in SL by any measure. Thank you so much baby, though thank you seems less than completely appropriate for all that you do. Mwah!!!

And you Aka, Smoopy you are one of the greatest friends anyone could ever ask for in ANY life.


Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday, dearest Jelly,
Happy Birthday to you!!

Alright, so I can't sing as well as Max... I know, that is why I brought in a professional... :p

Alright peeps today is Jelly's flesh and blood RL birthday. So join me in wishing her a happy birthday! Many many many thanks to Aka for building an awesome birthday snow globe feel type setup where we could surprise Jelly with a little live performance from our fav performer, Maximillion Kleene. It really couldn't have been more perfect... except for a few of my tree placements, hmmmmm.

You bring a lot of fun and light into a whole lotta people's SLives. I love you very much, you are a very special person, and I hope you are having a great great birthday! Now back to cuddling... ;)

Tiny Empires - Completely Ignored or Can't Buy Me Love

For those that didn't know, yes... Tiny Empires does has a blog but they seriously do not update it with anything that truly matters much as of late. You can still find some useful info there such as info on "Titles and Progression", the "Mysterious Trader", and "Does It Pay To Serve The King?". Other than that the game server has been down a few times, we've received a new HUD update & no mention on anything on the blog for over 6 days. Phooey!

So as mentioned, a new HUD update was handed out this morning. We had a minor issue that because of this, the "trial" HUDS were no longer functional. Eva has sent out a New Trial Hud in our group (Tiny Empires - One Step Beyond), grab it if you need it in "notices". It might be handy to keep on hand. I'm not exactly sure as to what the new HUD version has that the old one didn't. Like I said, the blog gives us no info lately & there was no notecard included.

Can't Buy Me Love
I've instructed everyone that has rank high enough that if they feel they can afford it, to offer up bribes for more subjects outside our lineage if it comes up on turn. I've offered a few times and was either "declined" or "completely ignored". It's no big & it never hurts to try. I caution you though that people we don't know coming into our line cannot be trusted to be loyal. I also advise that if a bribe is accepted, that you IM the new subject and at least say Hello. I can honestly say the new friends Hawks & I have made playing this by doing just that have been impressively positive.

Mysterious Trader
When you get the first notice that he is coming, it's best to STOP buying land & sell a couple acres off if you think you might be short. He will ask you for gold in exchange for something he won't tell you. This morning I paid him 120,000 in gold & I got "For one year, your generosity will be rewarded". So I tp'd David to generously give him my land in which each turn I received "You have granted an acre to Baron david Partridge. By a stroke of luck (or is it something else?), you receive a windfall of 83, 350 gold from an unrelated business deal." Each turn the stroke of luck gold got lower but still yay!

Jelly's Closet - Feelin' Iki

Hair: ETD Maxine - Dirty Red (tinted pink)
Tiara: ETD Frilly Tiara (Copper) from the ETD "Grand" hairstyle
Skin: Celestial Studios *CS* Charmed Skin - 40 Auburn (Drama)
Necklace: Lynx Female Surfer Wave Charm (Onyx)
Ring: My Wedding Set (it's original so back off) :p
  • Undershirt layer: Dutch Touch - Bikini Top Paris from the "HoleyMo" outfit
  • Jacket Layer: Dutch Touch - Knitted Net Tee White from the "Pure" top
Tattoo: InkD! Tattoos - Custom "Hawks" Tat
Pants: Dutch Touch - Torned/ripped jeans dirty from the "HoleyMo" outfit
Shoes: :FORM: Femme: Buckler Shoes V.1
Photo Location: Maertens Enterprises, Babbage Ca, Babbage Canals

Iki Ikarus of Dutch Touch has been a very busy bee... So many new releases & her store is super packed with great things to mix & match. Her latest release was some great Leather Jacket sets for both male & female (shown here).
Click pics to enlarge

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Sorry Raven, I know you just added me as a friend there. I realized today I have too much on my plate to keep up with yet another profile outside of SL. Besides the only time I used was on update Wednesdays to chat with people that were like me, waiting for the grid to come back up. Over the past few months it's turned to crap & I have no use for it anymore. The people there that knew me, you know where to find me in SL or here, so no big.

However I did want to save these off my page before leaving:

JellyBean Rules
rule #1 Impatient! Piss or get off the pot.
rule #2 Is NOT defined by her pinkness.
rule #3 Unboxable! Place in a box & you will see Jelly-shaped hole out the other side.
rule #4 Gather friends and people who lift and support.
rule #5 Shoes before drama!
rule #6 See a puddle ..and splash it, see who else splashes and make them ur friend.
rule #7 Love me, don't chain me.
rule #8 Stop waiting..find fun and be available for those who wait for you.
rule #9 Glow hard, Glow long, Blind em all.
rule #10 If it ain't fun... Run!
rule #11 Why stand when there's dancing to be done.
rule #12 Love is Tringo for 2!
rule #13 PHISH!
rule #14 Tingling is nice!
rule #15 Be yourself & you will be adored.
rule #16 When all else fails... Buy hair!
rule #17 Biting urself hurts! Bite someone else.
rule #18 Wooage should be everlasting.

† Divine Prayer †

Our Lindens, who art in the Labs,
Hallowed be thy prims.
Thy Grid-dom come, thy will be done,
On sims, as it is in The Preview.
Give us this day our daily crash,
And forgive us our Spammery.
As we forgive those, who grief against us
And lead us not, into private parcels.

Any similarities to real people are purely unintentional. If my page &/or blog causes you to have any real mental health concerns, be sure to seek the advice of a medical professional. Thank you

Heroes - 5 days away!

So I'm beyond ready... Episode 2.01: Four Months Later... will air September 24, 2007 (That is this Monday). The first episode, titled "Four Months Later," will time-shift the entire story line. Just like before I'll write about Heroes the next day (Tuesdays). That was your warning. If you still haven't caught the fever, you have to either buy the first season boxed set or just start clueless on Monday. Season one is no longer online for ya slackers out there.


Season Finale - Heroes

In the end - all that matters is love.

If you haven’t seen last night’s Heroes finale, Episode 23 - How to Stop an Exploding Man for the love of pinkness, avert your eyes! Yes, you too Canimal. <3

Woah! This post will be everywhere cause I just now watched it & I’m still soaking it in.

Did she really say that?

“Why did you take that bullet…..” Um Niki if he (DL) would of let the bullet phase thru him, it would have hit you, you dumb bitch! Hence the whole throwing himself in front of a bullet heading straight at you. Gah! Freaking writers, she could be so kick ass if you’d stop making her look like a dumbass when she talks.

Molly GPS (patent pending)

Yay! For the Molly GPS system. Huzzah for sweet innocence. See, I told you the Doc is such a softy. Easily persuaded for the greater good. So like… Someone worse than the “Boogieman”, Molly? You don’t say? He can see you? We’re probably going to meet this scarier than the boogieman guy in the new volume. Makes me wonder though, I can barely handle Sylar, add another bad guy? Seriously people, I can’t get my head around it. And awww… weren’t Molly & Mica so cute at the elevator? Only like totally! Kids are so freaking adorable, when they’re not mine.

Hidden Powers!?

Okay hello, what was the dying rooftop guy’s power again, Charles, right? I don’t think I caught it, or did I? Oh that’s right they freaking didn’t come right out & tell us again. Mayhaps it was the fact that he could pull himself into Peter’s subconscious. Iunno. It could be completely obvious & I’d still be drooling on my shoes with a derrrr look on my face.

Nathan has a heart! *pops love bubbles floating around people’s heads*

Aka was right all along. Here I was shaking my head at her this whole time thinking she always roots for the baddies thinking in the end goodness will prevail. Color me wrong!!! Huzzah & Hooray to Nathan for pulling his head out of his ass & running to his brother while everyone else sat around with their fingers up their noses.


Okay bleh that Sylar managed to worm his way to the sewers. If you completely missed the whole blood trail, you’re seriously less observant than me. Haha! That’s where he should be, but actually the fooker should be dead. What the hell was the point of the whole “destiny” of Hiro’s if Sylar gets to live in the end?

Hiro Is Stuck in the 17th Century!

Wow! Poor Hiro… but hey Endo is safe! Yay! Next up - Volume 2 Generations coming in September. Yup, September. Okay so I was looking at some stuff on Heroes and I have some spoiler news so hmm stop reading NOW if you don’t want to know.

What Lies Ahead- Posted by Kristin Veitch on Mon, May 21, 2007

Spoiler Alert! I have it on good authority that both Milo Ventimiglia (Peter) and Adrian Pasdar (Nathan) are back next season. I’m also 99 percent certain Greg Grunberg (Matt) is back, but not so sure about D.L. (Leonard Roberts). I have a sneaking suspicion Linderman’s blood or heart may heal him, but that could just be my wishful thinking, for I love Leonard so.

Glug! Glug! The script called for Nathan to drop Peter into the ocean after he exploded, which should explain my “swim” reference in today’s chat. We’ll see next season if that is indeed where P.P. landed.

Spoiler Alert Part Deux! I’m told next season begins four months into the future, and two of the main characters are in deep despair—one having completely lost his memory (bring on the Bourne Identity storyline!) and the other having developed a major drinking problem. Told ya Sylar wasn’t this show’s only demon.

Did I Mention Hiro Will Be in 17th-Freaking-Century Japan? That’s just awesome! I’m hearing it could be as many as six episodes that he spends there. Sans Ando.

So, what did you all think of the finale? Did it live up to your expectations? How do you think next season is looking? Who will live or die? What are we going to do now on Monday nights?!

Tuesday Clockwork

Well let's see... There was stalkage, tunage, danceage, male bond-age?! Haha! Always a good time at Clockwork. I don't have the list from Hawks' set because... well... I was busy listening to it. Duh! But as always I have my set in a nifty mp3 format for you to download or just listen to. WARNING: I am sick - and you *will* notice. :/

SKA Hour with Jelly.mp3

Oh and some Tiny Empire randomness:
Orchid Glitterbuck: Ohoh did you get yourself a tiara?
JellyBean Madison: I yam a Princess!
Orchid Glitterbuck: You betta have a tiara.
Orchid Glitterbuck: otherwise it -could- be contested
JellyBean Madison: I so have a tiara
Orchid Glitterbuck: You're pretty pretty princess JellyBean!!! omg let's play CandyLand next!
Orchid Glitterbuck: lol
JellyBean Madison: wtf my tiara BLINGS!
Orchid Glitterbuck: HAHAHA You Lose AFTER ALL!
Orchid Glitterbuck: Royalty is such a double edged sword

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Scooby Doo Where Are You?

I logged on last night & was instantly shoo'd. One person reminding me to be in bed is one thing, four people telling me to go back to bed is another. Iunno what ya'll are up to, but STOP IT! kkthnx :D

So for two days now I've had a sore throat and I knew I was starting to sound bad. Yesterday I had sexy sore throat voice, today I have OMG SEE A DOCTOR sore throat voice. :( Yay I dj tonight too. Wuwu! Ya know you wanna come hear the wreck known as my voice. :p

Tiny Empires
I made Princess this morning. Huzzah! Thanks to my subjects being the awesomeness that they are. I couldn't have done it without the bestest friends a girl could ever ask for. Last night Aka, Wishi, Orchid, Chelle & Gen were busting their acres out. Thanks girls & guy :)
Chelle Moore: go back to bed, rest assured, your subjects are working diligently on gaining you more land. :D
Now we can begin to put our plans in motion to move away from the Celty Family to form our own. I'd like to see everyone that has helped me, advance as much as possible. I think we have a strong, helpful, loyal line and we've stayed tight knit. The last thing I want to do is leave them in limbo lost in the huge Celty fam. If my friend that I spoke to this morning decides to leave her liege then she can join directly under me & up us by almost 900 more acres. That'd be sweet & we'd be well on our way to our own tree. :)

Clockwork TONIGHT!
Don't forget to come out tonight to Clockwork from 6-8 p.m. SLT. Hawks will be dj'n from 6-7 with an 80's alternative set and I'll be on from 7-8 p.m. with a SKA/Punk set (which I should be working on now btw). If you've never been to Clockwork - it's little indie club in Mainline, Topgol. Loosely based on The Khyber Pass in Phila, PA, but we don't have live bands (yet) though we do have live djs, with plenty of indie rock, rock, and electronica that's a bit outside of your usual Second Life fare. So come on down & take a gander.