Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Heroes - 2.1

Heroes kicked off Season 2 last night with the first installment in the second volume of the series. … I'm not going to post my recap of it today because when I checked the site, I couldn't find last night's episode online. So I'll give ya'll time to catch up with the class & mayhapsibly post on Wednesday during grid downtime.. :) If you were like me... planted your ass on couch, shushed your house & watched - then you know. I will say I'm feeling a little let down by last night's season opener. Anywho, thats for Wednesday.

Found the Episode - it was just tricky. Here ya go... WATCH IT!
Season 2, Episode 1: Four Months Later


Ann Launay said...

Three things bugged me in particular:

1) For being indestructible, Claire has some pretty fragile bones;

2) The likelihood that Hiro winds up being his own hero seems fairly high;

3) C'mon, amnesia? Hasn't that been done to death?


Wrath said...

Cracked me up that the dude was not exactly of Japanese heritage, hehe. Did not see that coming. ;)

Is Claire's new fly boy good, or bad? He seemed to be paying her way too much attention for the first day of meeting her, too creepy to be a good guy? And does he know she has abilities?

When will they explain Nathan's reflection?

I like the cop better without his wife present. Did they get divorced? If so, good call.

Akasha =^.^= said...

I have to agree. I'm not liking this 4 months later thing. I have to admit I did see something coming up with hiro's hero, but didn't expect him to be such an ass.. maybe a jerk until he does something special, but looks like Ann could be right and hiro will be his own hero.

I guess they want to start slow and be confused as heck for the first few episodes. Keep us fans on our toes? Just hope it stops soon LOL

Anonymous said...
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