Monday, December 31, 2007

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Full Circle

Wow, do you ever have that feeling where your SL has come around completely full circle? I had one of those moments the other day, when Jell and I were desperate for a game of tringo and the ONLY place that was hosting tringo at that time was IDP (IceDragon's Playpen.) Sooo, we thought why not and headed on over. Well low and behold if we don't see a ton of the "regular" tringo crowd hanging out there. And by regular, I mean most of the Bad Azz group that we used to have almost daily tringo with. The same group that spent a goodly portion of every day bagging on IDP, and how laggy it was, how the only people who play there are noobs, etc etc.

So, the question was had IDP gotten better, or has everyone else packed up. Well, the board was set at 8 seconds (enough time to pick your nose and scratch your ass between every piece) and it was STILL lagging even at that. I sat through about 15 people putting in somewhere between 0 and 5 L's, and then there was Jell and I popping in our 20L's and a few of the regulars putting in 10. Soooooo WTF were we there? Cuz Tringo is crack cocaine, and you just can't NOT play for very long, without getting major withdrawals. Combine that with every place that was hosting and worth a crap, all getting tired of hosting (myself included) and voila, we end up at IDP.

My prediction for 2008, people are going to start popping out tringo places again (including myself) cuz we can't stand to freaking keep playing shitty ass tringo.

Ohh yeah, missing you Jell... don't let that ball fall on your head or get in any taxi cabs with Rastafarian's driving and smoke spewing out the windows.



hai der guise!

Just a little post to say that I have arrived safe & sound. Though I can def give you an earful of my airline travels over the past two days. I actually landed yesterday a.m. & spent the day deciding if I was tired or not. :) Tired won out but now I believe I'm officially caught up on sleep. Anyroo - it's cold, I'm determined to eat snow by way of falling & car seat butt warmers are noice! :D

Hawks blog something you slacker! :) kkthnxbai

Friday, December 28, 2007

It's that time...

Okay I think I have everything packed & ready to go. Just one last thing... ya'll take care of that goofball Hawks :) and have a great New Year!

I'll see ya'll in a week! Kissiepops & huggles!


I realized some things today...
  • I'm islandized - I really *do* need warmer mainland clothes
  • I wear slippas (flip flops) more than I wear tennis shoes, if I wear shoes at all.
  • At 68 degrees Fahrenheit I was freezing my ass off today.
  • The island of O'ahu is only 40 miles in length and I bitch if I have to drive to Honolulu (30 min drive).
So basically this trip mainland forces me into a wardrobe dilemma & makes me hafta wear shoes! Plus... I'm going to freeze my ass off! And... Thank goodness - I'm not driving anywhere!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Life is a journey, not a destination...

I've got a lot of changes in my real life coming up over the New Year. As most of ya'll know I'll be leaving this Friday (Dec 28th) to join my Aka Smoopy in New York for a few days, then off to my Mom's house in the sticks. I should be able to be online some while I'm with Aka, but after I get to my Mom's, not so much. I believe her friend has internet I can use but I'm not positive.
I've got a bunch to do between then & now.....
Anyroo, I'll try to update as much as I can... I leave ya'll in Hawks' capable hands :)

It's all fun & games, til someone loses their pie!

I really love toys. No, no, I don't think you truly understand... I *love* toys! Some of the best toys I have are weapons, and then there's the moon shoes, but whatev. Rule #1, I honestly believe I *am* badass, and I will not hesitate to beat you with your own shoe.
Let's continue...

Some of my favorite toys are:

The Boomlash (Outland Tech & Curious Relics) - Demonstrated via machinima by Orchid Glitterbuck.

LostDog Twin Dragons - Twin Dragons is LostDog Melee Aproved, meaning you can fight fairly, on equal level with other LostDog Melee approved products. Events and competitions remain unbiased, and still allow you to choose varying weapons.

Combat Evolution : Drunk Kung Fu by Abranimations
Stagger around and punch things, what more could you want? It's Copy/Mod/No Transfer. So you can make backups. Hawks kicks my ass every time, but it's fun when we do actually play. More info here.

8 ball Pool Table/ Billiards Tables by Iron Perth of
Iron Games -
Not all toys are weapons, of course. Hawks & I play 3 games of pool every day that we're on together. It's like a daily ritual of best outta 3. I would say that we're pretty well matched, though he did kick my ass today. This is probably one of the funnest, and bestest investments we've made for our home.

Oh and my hair in above pics is JellyBean textured - (Sinsation) Omayrah by Sinnocent Mirabeau. ::hearts::

The outfit is a bunch of different things from Torrid & PixelDolls.

Photos taken at: Gypsy Moon

Dreamer + Apple Pie

My tired ass went to bed at 530 p.m. and where am I now? Wide awake at 1 am eating apple pie & hanging with my buttercup :)

You: u kno, u go great with apple pie when I can't sleep lol
Dreamer Demontrond: lol
Dreamer Demontrond: m I like cream n ice cream?

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I'm back, we're back, and doing CLOCKWORKS!

Hey all, we are firing up a set at Clockworks from 6-8 where the dynamic duo is once again reunited under one roof!!! Yes... CAKE and ELVIS!! woot woot!! Ohh, well yeah, Jell and I are gonna be together as well, cuz the hot pink haired chick has something in store for her hour, which is most likely gonna be loud and banging, cuz that is how she rolls!!

Soooooo you BETTER RUN FOR THE BUTTAH GIRLFRIEND, and get your ass over there... like NOW!!

*My* Hair Affair

*waves like crazy to Sinnocent*

I love hairstyles that are not the norm. Ya know how it works... ETD releases & everyone is wearing the same hair. Break out of the box peeps!

Last night Sinnocent of ~*Sinsation*~ sent me an IM & Crissy Pressies!!! :o We got to talking & Oh My Wow! I'm in love with her... I'm talking like tote I wanna hump her leg kinda love here. She said she reads the stew & had remmy'd that I was looking for a pink/red texture awhile back. After giving her my pink rgb & talking a bit more - She absolutely nailed it perfectly!

I woke up this morning to the bestest pink/red texture & new doooo Eva'R!

This is the (Sinsation) - Athena - JellyBean color! It only completely rocks! Especially paired with the Tya's Spice Gown from Evie's Closet.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Sinnocent I wanna lick you!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Mele Kalikimaka me ka Hau'oli Makahiki Hou

Hey Stewies - Hawks has gone on Holiday vaca, and I'm not far behind. I still need to replace the pie I ate last week [oops], call the family mainland, and wrap up the Santa gifts. I thought it'd be funny if I left you guys to your Christmas festivities with a local Christmas story. Don't worry if you have a hard time reading Hawaiian Pidgin, you'll get the jist. This hauli can't speak it well but I can understand it after hours & hours of work. :p Mele Kalikimaka me ka Hau'oli Makahiki Hou to you & yours.

Numbah One Day of Christmas

(The 12 Days of Christmas local style)

- by Eaton B. Magoon Jr., Edward Kenny, Gordon N. Phelps

Numbah One day of Christmas,
my tutu give to me
One mynah bird in one papaya tree.

Numbah Two day of Christmas,
my tutu give to me
Two coconut, an' one mynah bird in one papaya tree.

Numbah Tree day of Christmas,
my tutu give to me
Tree dry squid, two coconut,
An' one mynah bird in one papaya tree.

Numbah Foah day of Christmas, my tutu give to me
Foah flowah lei, tree dry squid, two coconut,
An' one mynah bird in one papaya tree.

Numbah Five day of Christmas, my tutu give to me
Five beeg fat peeg... foah flowah lei, tree dry squid, two coconut,
An' one mynah bird in one papaya tree.

Numbah Seex day of Christmas, my tutu give to me
Seex hula lesson, five beeg fat peeg (that make TEN!),
Foah flowah lei, tree dry squid, two coconut,
An' one mynah bird in one papaya tree.

Numbah Seven day of Christmas, my tutu give to me
Seven shrimp a-swimmin', seex hula lesson,
Five beeg fat peeg,
foah flowah lei, tree dry squid, two coconut,
An' one mynah bird in one papaya tree.

Numbah Eight day of Christmas, my tutu give to me
Eight ukulele, seven shrimp a-swimmin', seex hula lesson,
Five beeg fat peeg (that make TWENNY!),
foah flowah lei, tree dry squid, two coconut,
An' one mynah bird in one papaya tree.

Numbah Nine day of Christmas, my tutu give to me
Nine pound of poi, eight ukulele, seven shrimp a-swimmin',
Seex hula lesson,
five beeg fat peeg,
foah flowah lei, tree dry squid, two coconut,
An' one mynah bird in one papaya tree.

Numbah Ten day of Christmas, my tutu give to me
Ten can of beer, nine pound of poi, eight ukuklele,
seven shrimp a-swimmin', Seex hula lesson,
five beeg fat peeg,
Foah flowah lei, tree dry squid, two coconut,
An' one mynah bird in one papaya tree.

Numbah Eleven day of Christmas, my tutu give to me
Eleven missionary, ten can of beer, nine pound of poi,
Eight ukulele, seven shrimp a-swimmin', seex hula lesson,
Five beeg fat peeg,
foah flowah lei, tree dry squid, two coconut,
An' one mynah bird in one papaya tree.

(Numbah Twelve day of Christmas the bes', and the bes' stuff always come las'...)

Numbah Twelve day of Christmas, my tutu give to me
Twelve TELEVISION, eleven missionary, ten can of beer, Nine pound of poi,
eight ukulele, seven shrimp a-swimmin', Seex hula lesson,
FORTY steenkin' peeg,
Foah flowah lei, tree dry squid, two coconut,
An' one mynah bird in one papaya tree!

"It was written in 15 minutes as three friends ate Chinese food in the living room of a Diamond Head home." So reported the Honolulu Star Bulletin back in December of 1995. The song was copyrighted in 1959 by Eaton "Bob" Magoon Jr.'s Hawaiian Recording and Publishing Co. Listed as its authors were composer/real estate developer Magoon, actor/singer Ed Kenney and Gordon Phelps, then Magoon's assistant. Hawaiian Recording and Publishing Co. is no longer in business.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

SecondLife Group Limit - Who speaks for the masses?

The group limit use to be 10, but people bitched that it wasn't enough. It was raised to 25 and still people bitch now that it isn't enough. Are you so popular that you need to be in every group that you are invited to? I say no. Are you some land mogul that needs 25 different groups? Mayhaps. Point is that even if they raised it to 50 or even 100, people will still bitch that it just isn't enough.

Veyron has started a blogger movement for people to vote on the Jira to increase the group limit. I didn't join the movement at first because well, I don't care about increasing the group size limit. Honestly it's more about self-control & prioritizing in my opinion. Hawks & I don't even have all of our group slots filled. We belong to 5 that we created & use, the rest are ones that we feel we want to be a part of, but do not necessarily *need*, with room for more.

The neatest thing since pawpkorn was the subscribe-o-matic. I still belong to a lot of fashion/designer groups without taking up spots. More people should use that if it's available.

I guess my stand is that there are more pressing things to be bitching to LL about other than increasing the group limit. I think the Jira is a great way for LL to listen to their residents, but when it's used for such mediocre things such as this, the important issues may get buried or lost in the crap. Just be thankful you have any group slots at all.

[this was NOT a paid endorsement]

Tiny Empires - Mayhapsibly Christmas Ball

The Kingdom of Mayhapsibly held their Royal Christmas Ball tonight (the night of Winter solstice) at the family castle - Castle Coral on Coral Beach. The family function was prepared and hosted by Duke Shwartzie Gumbo, hand decorated by Illyana Laville, and help from Dyrfinna Rennahan, Symone DeCuir and Karma Fride.

Everyone that could attend - did, leaving the region full for the majority of the festivities. Everyone was dressed in their finest gowns & suits, a beautiful sight as they all twirled & danced on the main ballroom floor. Queen JellyBean bestowed favour on Duke Shwartzie Gumbo to honor him for the selfless acts of kindness he has shown the family. He now wears the title of "Keeper of the Castle".

It was a lovely event that will be talked about for ages. The kingdom has plans to hold more Balls & formal affairs in the future.

[cross posted to Tiny Empires]

Friday, December 21, 2007

Announcing the Winter Solstice release of Amandote!

Announcing the Winter Solstice release of Amandote!, a stunning new jewelry collection from Random Calliope. The Amandote! set consists of a necklace, earrings, bracelet and ring and will be available in 18 collectible colors. Possibly even more exciting then the news that Random is again releasing is the fact that this set has a price that everyone can afford. A complete set of this delicious jewelry costs exactly one hug, not a single linden need be spent. This is a gift that celebrates the season by propagating goodwill, love, and beauty from person to person.

Inspired by the Latin rhythms of the salsa, Amandote! is the perfect way to commemorate the Winter Solstice this December 22nd. The heat, spice, and passion that are inherent in the music and dance of the salsa will take the chill out of this, the longest, darkest night of the year. The Winter Solstice is that point in the earth's cycle when the descent into winter is halted and the expectation of spring begins to blooms again. In essence the Winter Solstice is a celebration of hope and rebirth and following that sentiment, Random gives to SL the gift of Amandote! May the hope for a better tomorrow flow through you all as you embrace your fellow man in friendship today and through out the year to come.

Come celebrate with us on Saturday morning, December 22, 2007 from 8-10 am slt at Popeye's Beach Club. Random will be on site giving out hugs to one and all. So please do join us, collect a hugger, and begin embracing those around you. The more you love, the more love, and jewelry, you receive!

Tiny Empires - Mayhapsibly Christmas Ball

Group Notice From: Shwartzie Gumbo

Come one, come all! The Land of Mayhapsibly is hosting a royal ball. All members are invited to attend. The Christmas Ball will begin at 8pm sl time on 12/22/07 and end at 10pm. The queen herself will be making a personal appearnce as well, so you don't want to miss this. Wear your best gowns, your most handsome suits, and come dance with us. There will be a live dj, taking your requests throughout the party and the Castle Coral, has been decorated for the occasion. We'll see you there!

Castle Coral, Coral Beach

Yule Lerv It!

A Christmas Tale

At this time of year it is patently clear
That the males are the ones who are blest.
Thoughts like "goodwill to men" we hear time and again
And we find them quite hard to digest.

As we women all know, men think they run the show,
And sometimes we allow them this pause.
But it gets on our nerves, like too many hors d'oeuvres
When we want to get at the main course.

Many times out of mind the same problem we find,
Leaving plans to the menfolk is risky.
Christmas spirit they think is some kind of a drink,
Such as vodka, Baccardi, or whiskey.

Since we carry the load, men keep out of our road,
We are ready and willing and able.
For it's perfectly clear, that the stuffed turkeys here
Are not always confined to the table.

The traditional way is now rather passe,
Lets give credit, where credit is due.
Then you'll see, man or boy, in return you'll enjoy
The fruits of OUR goodwill to you.

Up early...

I can't sleep... I mean, I did get sleep but now at 3 a.m. I'm wide awake. Reflecting, I guess. Here's a semi-cryptic, it's been awhile.
  • Your SL - hide in it, live it, use it for RL deflection - it is what YOU make it.
  • Never leave a man to figure out what's wrong with you, be clear or it's a mess.
  • Hold your breath and ride - it could be one of the fun coasters. You never know til you sit down & buckle up.
  • Even a guy named Joker, can be wise beyond his years.
  • Trust is a big word.
  • Happiness is Japanese Imperial Mix (even if it has some seaweed)
  • Diet Mountain Dew is an acquired taste.
  • It's good to be Queen.
  • Socks should NOT be the staple of SL.
  • Knowing you're being stupid & doing something about it can often be harder than it sounds.
  • Dogs are so much better than cats (sorry nekos, but it's true).
  • In most situations Rice Cakes are not better than BBQ chips.
  • Sometimes, you really do need to try to put yourself in someone else's shoes.
  • Creating alts for tringo, is ok.
  • It is okay to think of yourself once in awhile.
That's pretty much it, I'm going back to bed.... goodnight poppets!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

My SLife with the Thrill Kill Morrisey Cult!

I was dj'ing just minding my own business, doing my thing... then suddenly I was surrounded by Morrisey's and dancing a v7 with a nooblet! After that, everything went black.

I woke up to what seemed to still be a dream...

KillUncle Morrisey: I like The Smiths! Do you like the Smiths?
Suedehead Morrisey: makes faces
JellyBean Morrisey: LOL
More Morrisey: ty Sable!
HawksRock Morrisey: I do like the Smiths.. thank you.
More Morrisey: yes!
Sable Morrisey: yw
Suedehead Morrisey: lmao
Nene Morrisey: LOL
Jillian Morrisey: ty sable
Sable Morrisey: yw
KillUncle Morrisey: Good thing Morrissey is celibate just like you, Hawks
Sable Morrisey: lol
Suedehead Morrisey: lmao
Jillian Morrisey is not an alt
More Morrisey: lol we are not alts
HawksRock Morrisey: OMG, I just realized
More Morrisey: we are Morriseys
Myg Morrisey: it's all in the typing hawks
KillUncle Morrisey: We have to get THE WORD OF MORRISSEY out to the masses!!

It's a cult, I tell ya!

Wrath Paine in: Night of a Thousand Morriseys

M is for Myg: We are the pretty, petty thieves, and you’re standing on our street.

She's BACK .... at Clockworks TONIGHT!

Come on down for a KICK ASS set done by our very own JELLYBEAN MADISON, the single hottest coolest giggliest DJ in all of SecondLife, at Clockworks from 6 - whenever y'all stop feeling it. It is gonna be ALTERNATIVE, woot woot!! The club will be hopping, so come on down to welcome her back!!

How's it feel on Cloud Nine?

Absolutely heavenly! Thanks for askin! :D

Gorgeous Yongho a.k.a Gogolita released a 1L pack of Divinely Naughty poses for that angel side of you that is into kink, mayhaps? Oh, I wouldn't know... [adjust her semi-blingy halo]

Anyroo, nothing I'd throw in my Zhao, but for a buck - fun to have! :)
You can find them on Juicy!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bloggity Bloggin Hi-Anus

Okay so after Hawks' post and all your wunnerful comments... I have to say... I'M BACK BETCHES! I mean, um hai guise, I'm back and stuff. So now on to a MGG2SL post!!! CHARGE!

p.s. I lerv you all! Mwah


Guess who?

I tote made it to Clockwork tonight. It's a rarity that I am around on a Tuesday evening, but low & behold - I was there. Oh yesh! I sooooo really really for real y0 was. Mhm! Hawks' set rocked as always. If you missed it, well, you SUCK! Yes, *I* am most certainly talking to you, but everyone already knows you suck... I read it on a bathroom wall and told everyone your phone number.

After Hawks' set, I've learned from some trustworthy sources that there is usually a "freespin" after party. I was able to attend this too. What was once just hearsay, is, indeed factual. I was able to sneak my camera in under my skirt, shup! You know I have nowhere else - SL purses are STUPID! Oh yah, I so said it! I do-not-need-a-prim-purse! I carry my closet with me... der!


and... this be my elusive, yet highly desirable purple Akasha...

Akasha Nyak shouts: and the land needs adjusting badly!!!!!
You: well u haven't been here - I was on my own rofl
[please refer to: "*Home Sweet Brrrrr Home* We've finally set our roots down in our new place. It's snowy now but I swear it's an island & waterfront-ish. :D I suck at terraforming so this will have to do until Aka shows up & wonders why the heck her "perfection sense" is tingling. :p"]

Akasha Nyak wants to be a drunken love child
You: I'm sure you were smoopy :)
Akasha Nyak: nope I was a 1 min wonder child
You: oi
Akasha Nyak: rofl

Akasha Nyak: roflmao I just noticed.. this just goes to show where exactly we live.. I'm wearing a sweater and pants.. you're wearing a shirt and shorts.
You: ya know imma freeze my ass off in NY right?
Akasha Nyak: haha yes!
Akasha Nyak: but you'll feel real comfy in the apartment. Omggg it's hot in here!
Akasha Nyak: and I just got a Wii
You: ohh its getting hawt in here - I may take off all my clothes!
Akasha Nyak: lmao

9 More Days! kkthnxbai

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Clockworks Tonight!! - Pet Shop Boys/Duran Duran

By special request of the loverly JellyBean Madison, along with a strong second by Wrath and a few others, tonight's Clockwork's set will be featuring Pet Shop Boys and Duran Duran, with a little sprinkling in of some additional (New Order, Jane's Addiction, U2, and others) to add a lil spice to the Stew that Hawk's is cooking up. Be there from 6-8 tonight by following this link, or holler at Hawks for a tp!

Monday, December 17, 2007

SLSA Hall of Fame - vid

ritch Goalpost commissioned a surfing video project which will be featured in the SLSA Hall of Fame. I think this one kicks ass, hope you enjoy it!

SLSA Hall of Fame Vid from HawksRock Gunawan on Vimeo.

Happy RezDay Hawks!

First let me say that I completely suck as an SL wife but Hawks puts up with me, so it's not all bad. I should have had an extravagant party planned with all of our friends, pressies, bows, balloons, confetti and all the hoopla! Unfortunately things did not pan out that way... thank goodness graciousness for my Buttercup, Dreamer & her Sally. They threw Hawks a fantastical party last night & he loved it!

I'm not all that talented in the build department & the man pretty much already owns everything [it comes with the blog watcher as a SL wife territory] so I did what I thought I could do best...

I give you a Tribute to HawksRock Gunawan. Thank you for being rezzed! Mwah!

A Tribute to HawksRock Gunawan from JellyBean Madison on Vimeo.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

1 year old and still kicking

Wow, I can't believe 1 whole year has already gone around the calendar since I first read an article in The Economist which led me to try out this rapidly growing social phenomena known as SecondLife. Little did I know what sort of wild ride I was in for when I first logged into newbie island on 12/16/2006... It didn't take too long to figure it out though, as the first stop I found as I flew for the first time was something called Nympho's paradise or something like that...

I have met a lot cool people, and had a few run ins with some not so cool people. I have learned to DJ, do some machinima, started blogging, written scripts for the JH reports, formed a production company with Jelly, started my own Tringo place, taken a couple of practice runs before finding the right woman, and overall just had a blast.

So I don't have a ton of time today, but I decided to take ten minutes and run through a quick list of things I have learned over the past year to share with the next generation:

1) Hosting tringo is more fun than owning your own tringo place.
2) Playing tringo is more fun than hosting tringo.
3) Hold down the shift key while in edit mode to make a copy (thanks babe!)
4) Emotions and reactions are magnified here... it seems like relatively minor things get blown out of proportion. I am guessing it is due to the lack of tone and body language.
5) Speak up, it is more fun to be an active player than a wallflower
6) Once you buy your first lindens, you are starting down a slippery slope of wants becoming needs
7) Add back at least 30% and tip 20%, you will be well respected and feel better about yourself
8) It is funner to light someone on fire first, before you eject and ban
9) They aren't just pixels, but a representation of your inner self
10) Don't make it too much like work, or you will begin to not look forward to it
11) You can literally live your dreams here
12) SL shrinks the world, as you develop friendships across the globe
13) Ask a female to make sure you have things like jewelry placed correctly on your AV
14) Be willing to laugh at yourself, everybody has had a shoe or too stuck up their ass, or fallen prey to an item to make you hump your tringo card with a 6 ft penis (okay maybe that was just me)
15) We are all just ruthed at heart
16) The more well known you become, the more people love you, and the more people hate you
17) Camping sucks and if it takes you more than 5 minutes to figure that out then you are a moron
18) Find cool friends you can trust, this is a networking game and the more friends you have the more you will enjoy it
19) Dating hot young RL twins is cool, but gonna end badly at some point.
20) Lag is the ugly 2 headed step-sister that you might try to hide out of site, but she is still going to show up at all the family functions
21) Don't type anything to anyone unless you completely trust them or you are willing to post it on a blog
22) You will find love when you least expect it (like 3 rows behind you and 5 seats to the right at a Tringo event at Tringo Rocks, mayhaps)
23) Time zones sucketh
24) Every update will take two steps forward and one step back on something, but overall we are making progress
25) There is no such thing as too much dancing

There are more things to add/say, but yeah I have work to do... cuz I am still working on number 10. :) Mostly I want to thank all of my friends, and people I have met over the last year for being the great people you are, cuz that makes me wanna rush home to log in whenever I have a chance.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Winter Festival 2007 - Registering Events and Venues

Snowman Soup When the weather outside is frightful,
Snowman Soup can be delightful.
May it warm your spirit and your soul.
Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

When you feel a chill or 'brrrrrr',
Use the peppermint stick to stir.
Add hot water and sip it slow.
Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

In 2005, I thought I had what it took to be a builder at the yearly ran Linden WinterFest event. Hah! N00B! Basically my exhibit was "Snowman Soup", a tradition my kids & I have had for years. I brought our RL tradition into game by building a huge cup of hot cocoa.

[Real Recipe to Follow]
  • 1 individual pack hot chocolate mix

  • 3 Hershey's chocolate kisses

  • 10-15 mini-marshmallows

  • 1 Candy Cane

Anyroo, it's that time of year again...

[borrowed from the official Linden Blog]

[UPDATE] Please remember that WinterFest Linden is the proper target for your registration packet drops :-) Dropping them on other Lindens (including me) may not get them registered in time.

– teeple

Season’s Greetings, and I hope the day finds you both prosperous and well!

You good folks are putting together some extraordinarily festive experiences for one another. (Yes, I’ve been peeking. Please don’t tell my parents.)

So: How to register these wonderful occasions? Here’s what you need to know:

Please review the guidelines for WinterFest events and venues, posted here.

  • On the support portal, there’s a new Special Questions - Basic Account or Guest Login question type called Winter Festival. Please create a ticket of that question type. (Note: The question is set up that way so that everyone can use it. If you have full support access, we do ask that you log in first, but it’s not a requirement.)
  • On your ticket, tell us about your venue or event:
  1. Start date and end date (for a venue), OR Date + start and end time (PST) for an event
  2. The main host or hostess name (for an event)
  3. A title (max. 35 characters)
  4. Up to four lines of descriptive text (max. 35 characters each).
  • Once we accept the event, make note of your ticket number. It’ll look something like 4051-2222222. (Please ignore that “4051-” prefix. It’s the rest of the number that serves as a key to your event.)
  • In world, prepare a folder with your ticket # as the folder name.
  • In the folder, put three copy-enabled assets:
  1. The snapshot you want to display to show your setup off. That should be named exactly the same as your title (#3, above).
  2. A landmark. Name it exactly the same as your title (#3 above), and stick ” landmark” at the end.
  3. A note card with your descriptive text (#4 above). That should be named exactly the same as your title (#3 above), with ” notecard” at the end.

So, to recap: Say, for example, you’ve put together an event called “Grinch Egg Hunt” and had it accepted under Ticket #4051-9999999. Your in world registration packet would be one folder containing three copy-enabled assets, packed this way :


Grinch Egg Hunt

Grinch Egg Hunt notecard

Grinch Egg Hunt landmark

  • Last step: Find WinterFest Linden in world and drop the folder on his profile.

You’re done. Set out the eggnog!

Try to give us at least 12 hours’ lead time on registering events, please.

Eggnog. Mmmm…..

Gluck to all those who plan on participating this year!

Tanning? My Ass!

I wish I had time to tan my ass. Hah! Okay so explanation on short-lived blogging hiatus? Yah, I don't think so... Just respect my decision. kkthnx

I have some ventage though and ya know I need a public outlet, it's how I roll.

WindLight - First let me start with WindLight [I'll post other vents I have on my mind later]... WTF! It was good the first time we had it, like really good. The only beef Hawks & I had with it was the av rendering effects hadn't progressed with the rest of the world's newness. One lil beef that we worked around with other great aspects that were offered... different skies, times of day, etc.

Then LL ganked it. Just up & ganked it from us. Out of sight out of mind? Newp - because we had Torley Linden taunting us for months with his pics on Snapzilla. As if I couldn't go on an uber long vent over just that alone. But I digress...

So we finally get it back many months after the gankage & it's nice, well the water is a huge improvement. It's the main reason for my Wowzers! Again it's given to us in the First Look Viewer... and we've had one or two updates to it. Each one making it horrible, in my opinion. I'm having awful rezzing issues, rendering is all fooked, sometimes water is missing & other times part of our house is invisible. So log into regular viewer Jelly, dur!

If only it were so simple. Hawks & I are working on JH Production projects that require us to use WindLight. Rendering or lack there of, makes it a lot tougher on us to film the way we want. Not to mention that outdoor FPS goes to shit in WindLight that makes it all the more tougher. So basically... GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER! Fix WindLight for me please & don't blame my puter, it's a kick ass system built for a multi-tasker like myself that can run SL & many other applications. kkthnxbai

Just vote NO!! to the Blogging High-anus

It is great that Jell has decided to take a little blogging hiatus, and is off chillaxing off the coast of some hot spot while she sips her foofoo drinks and works on her tan...


We.... her adoring fanbase, demand that she get back to work dammit! I mean c'mon, look at it!! I can't keep the ship afloat, we are dropping down the rankings fast as we plummet from #8 to #9, behind some kind of crap blog about guitar hero?? Wtf does that have to do with SecondLife?? C'mon... we've got to move it move it...

Here is the dealio, I don't do bloglines... as you know. I don't like to follow that many blogs. If I want to see an update I go hit refresh when I expect to see it. I start every morning and end every day with my dose of stew, and when I am not working, I actually check it a few times throughout the day. Yeah I know I write on it... I know I contribute, but dammit I am still our biggest fan!! I NEEDS IT!!

Please leave your comments explaining how you need your daily dose of Stew to wash down that coffee and dew fix? Kkthnx.

Mwah, welcome back babe.... :)

Few observations...

This is a really phallic looking sit position, and also my current fav spot to chill at the new place, so not sure what that says about me exactly.

Laylah Mistral hooked me up with a super sweet tat of Jells. Man it just really really sucks to have an uber hawt girlfriend!! *grins*

It is a lot more fun going for a swim in windlight than in the regular viewer.

Sweet Rankings??


So you may or may not have noticed the new Sweet Stew ranking as provided by some sort of social ranking site which has created a blog ranking system which can be found at I have no idea how it calculates it, as near as I can tell it is some sort of weird combination of traffic to your blog and the number of cross-links that are generated between your blog and other blogs that the site also tracks. The daily, weekly, and monthly links to "hot topics" seem even stranger to me than the overall rankings, but I am sure there is a lot of noise in whatever algorithm they are running behind the scenes.

So what does this mean to us? Absolutely nothing in reality, except for one tiny little factor... which is that BOTH Jell and I are uber competitive, and now all of a sudden we have a number out there assigned to us which ranks us against other blogs. Sure the number looks kinda bogus, sure I don't understand how it is calculated, but DAMMIT we are only ranked 8th?? We gotta work on that. Jell picks THIS WEEK, our very first ever week being ranked where we come out of the box 8th to take a lil blogging break?? I mean c'mon now, we gotta get cranking on some quality informative sensitive caring pieces to help provide the quality material to our loyal readership that will just naturally drive us up in the rankings. We just need to put the finishing touches on that Girls Gone Slwild expose, the swimsuit calendar, leak that sex tape to the media, and expose Torley as Prok's alt.

For now lemme just leave you with a lil gratuitous hot bod shot:

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Clockwork: I'm Back!

Okay so for those that were use to me DJ'n on Tuesdays with Hawks at Clockwork, you all know that due to my work schedule I haven't been able to dj. :'( *tear* BUT TONIGHT we're going Rockabilly from 7-9 p.m. with me DJ'N! Wuwu!

Gah! I try to take a break!

And what do ya know... KO does something blogworthy! Jomg! Yesh! Kaejo DaSilva farking blogged!!! I know right, I'm shocked too. I saw this on the fashion feed... What's New in SecondLife. So first off I had to say...

JellyBean Madison: WTF YOU BLOGGED
Kaejo DaSilva: wtfomgbbq
JellyBean Madison: excuse me I'm hyperventillating
Kaejo DaSilva: that's my 2nd time even!
JellyBean Madison: ok deep breathe, ok hold on ... again
Kaejo DaSilva: LOL
JellyBean Madison: WTF *YOU* BLOGGED!?
Kaejo DaSilva: how was it?
JellyBean Madison: You're such a chode!
Kaejo DaSilva: sweet!
JellyBean Madison: it was good!
JellyBean Madison: Kudos to you. *wipes tear* You've matured so much in the past year, cmere gimme a hug - I am so proud of yewwwwwwww!
Kaejo DaSilva: LOL
JellyBean Madison: I'm so blogging that you blogged
kaejo: LOL cool

Now I have to say: Where's my free shit!?!
Way to go KO, you doofus! :p

Kaejo DaSilva: "where's my free shit?"
Kaejo DaSilva: :O
Kaejo DaSilva: you didn't :p
JellyBean Madison: lol *I* so did!
Kaejo DaSilva gave you [Renegade] Black Dawn Tank
JellyBean Madison: haha was naked thnx
Kaejo DaSilva: LOL

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Custom Barracuda 60

Hawks surprised me with my very early very Merry Christmas gift. :) My very own customized Barracuda! :o Here I was saying that I was on a blog break & he pulls this. :p I just had to blog it!

This completely awesome boat is one of a kind & designed by Maximilian Milosz.


Model: Barracuda 60
Manufacturer: MaxMarine
Maker: Maximilian Milosz
Scripting: Nitrox Peel
Location: 􀀀

Length: 60ft/18m
Width: 18ft/4.5m
prims: 22 (base) + 243 (attachment), 265 total
Seats: 5 + 2 on front deck
Permissions: no mod / copy / no transfer


The Barracuda 60 is a high performance classic racer inspired both by modern day Offshore Formala One and by legendary classics such as The Riva and Cris Craft. The boat is built primarily for style and ease of use, making it both enjoyable to look at and to drive.



Using the Barracuda 60 requires some basic knowledge on how vehicles operate in Second Life. If this is your first boat it might take some time getting used to, not to mention you'll probably be quite disappointed by any other boats available in Second Life.

First rez the 'MaxMarine Barracuda 60' on water.
The boat comes in 2 pieces: The base and attachment. The base will automatically rez the attachmnet part.
If you want to move or rotate the boat, be sure you move the base, the attachmnet will automatically follow.
Also make sure you rez it in a place that allows rezzing and a decent prim count.


The Barracuda 60 can only be driven by it's owner.
- Sit directly at the drivers seat, exactly where your bottom would go.
- You will then be asked if you want to attach the attachment part - answer 'Yes'. Make sure you have any AO (Animation Override) disabled.

To drive, simply use the Arrow keys.
To adjust trottle, use the E and C keys.

At lower speed the boat will stall somewhat, adjust trottle to bring the boat into plane.
The boat will usually be able to cross minor obstacles.


Passengers can sit in any seat other than the drivers seat., one in front and three at the back.
In addition there are 2 seatings at the front deck.


- The HUD will give you some basic information: Compass direction, Speed and time.
- Depth and fuel are non functional at this point, and not really relevant either. You may use the fog horn however, but be ware - i's really loud. You may also use the Fog Horn attached to the boat itself.
- Attach the HUD from your inventory by right-clicking and choose Wear.
- The HUD will attach at the bottom center of your screen and you may adjust it if needed.

There are several flags included. The most common ones according to users in SL and a few non-country flags. Click the flag in order to change it into the one you want.



Sim crossing:
This is in general a pain in SL and will in some cases make the attachmnet part disappear fully or partially, then reappear after a few seconds. In worse case you will get lost and have to relog. There's nothing to be done about this, but hope Linden Labs will some day fix it.
Try driving slower across sim borders.
You can also stand up and sit down again to make the boat reappear. The same applies to the HUD - if it disappears during a sim crossing, detatch and reattach.

Detail level:
When attached, you may notice some objects becomes less detailed, this especially applies to sculpties. This is due to how the SL client renders.
The same applies to how others see the boat from a distance, or how you will see other peoples boats when attached. Try turning off avatar impostors under Graphics in Preferences.

Camera controls:
The camera is by default set at an angle behind the boat. If you should loose focus, please adjust your camera settings to match.

If there are any issues in general, it usually helps deleting the boat and rez a new one from your inventory.

I love love love love it! ty ty ty ty ty!!! *tackle hugs*

[goes now officially on blogging break kkthnxbai]