Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It's all fun & games, til someone loses their pie!

I really love toys. No, no, I don't think you truly understand... I *love* toys! Some of the best toys I have are weapons, and then there's the moon shoes, but whatev. Rule #1, I honestly believe I *am* badass, and I will not hesitate to beat you with your own shoe.
Let's continue...

Some of my favorite toys are:

The Boomlash (Outland Tech & Curious Relics) - Demonstrated via machinima by Orchid Glitterbuck.

LostDog Twin Dragons - Twin Dragons is LostDog Melee Aproved, meaning you can fight fairly, on equal level with other LostDog Melee approved products. Events and competitions remain unbiased, and still allow you to choose varying weapons.

Combat Evolution : Drunk Kung Fu by Abranimations
Stagger around and punch things, what more could you want? It's Copy/Mod/No Transfer. So you can make backups. Hawks kicks my ass every time, but it's fun when we do actually play. More info here.

8 ball Pool Table/ Billiards Tables by Iron Perth of
Iron Games -
Not all toys are weapons, of course. Hawks & I play 3 games of pool every day that we're on together. It's like a daily ritual of best outta 3. I would say that we're pretty well matched, though he did kick my ass today. This is probably one of the funnest, and bestest investments we've made for our home.

Oh and my hair in above pics is JellyBean textured - (Sinsation) Omayrah by Sinnocent Mirabeau. ::hearts::

The outfit is a bunch of different things from Torrid & PixelDolls.

Photos taken at: Gypsy Moon

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