Saturday, December 15, 2007

Winter Festival 2007 - Registering Events and Venues

Snowman Soup When the weather outside is frightful,
Snowman Soup can be delightful.
May it warm your spirit and your soul.
Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

When you feel a chill or 'brrrrrr',
Use the peppermint stick to stir.
Add hot water and sip it slow.
Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

In 2005, I thought I had what it took to be a builder at the yearly ran Linden WinterFest event. Hah! N00B! Basically my exhibit was "Snowman Soup", a tradition my kids & I have had for years. I brought our RL tradition into game by building a huge cup of hot cocoa.

[Real Recipe to Follow]
  • 1 individual pack hot chocolate mix

  • 3 Hershey's chocolate kisses

  • 10-15 mini-marshmallows

  • 1 Candy Cane

Anyroo, it's that time of year again...

[borrowed from the official Linden Blog]

[UPDATE] Please remember that WinterFest Linden is the proper target for your registration packet drops :-) Dropping them on other Lindens (including me) may not get them registered in time.

– teeple

Season’s Greetings, and I hope the day finds you both prosperous and well!

You good folks are putting together some extraordinarily festive experiences for one another. (Yes, I’ve been peeking. Please don’t tell my parents.)

So: How to register these wonderful occasions? Here’s what you need to know:

Please review the guidelines for WinterFest events and venues, posted here.

  • On the support portal, there’s a new Special Questions - Basic Account or Guest Login question type called Winter Festival. Please create a ticket of that question type. (Note: The question is set up that way so that everyone can use it. If you have full support access, we do ask that you log in first, but it’s not a requirement.)
  • On your ticket, tell us about your venue or event:
  1. Start date and end date (for a venue), OR Date + start and end time (PST) for an event
  2. The main host or hostess name (for an event)
  3. A title (max. 35 characters)
  4. Up to four lines of descriptive text (max. 35 characters each).
  • Once we accept the event, make note of your ticket number. It’ll look something like 4051-2222222. (Please ignore that “4051-” prefix. It’s the rest of the number that serves as a key to your event.)
  • In world, prepare a folder with your ticket # as the folder name.
  • In the folder, put three copy-enabled assets:
  1. The snapshot you want to display to show your setup off. That should be named exactly the same as your title (#3, above).
  2. A landmark. Name it exactly the same as your title (#3 above), and stick ” landmark” at the end.
  3. A note card with your descriptive text (#4 above). That should be named exactly the same as your title (#3 above), with ” notecard” at the end.

So, to recap: Say, for example, you’ve put together an event called “Grinch Egg Hunt” and had it accepted under Ticket #4051-9999999. Your in world registration packet would be one folder containing three copy-enabled assets, packed this way :


Grinch Egg Hunt

Grinch Egg Hunt notecard

Grinch Egg Hunt landmark

  • Last step: Find WinterFest Linden in world and drop the folder on his profile.

You’re done. Set out the eggnog!

Try to give us at least 12 hours’ lead time on registering events, please.

Eggnog. Mmmm…..

Gluck to all those who plan on participating this year!

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