Saturday, December 15, 2007

Tanning? My Ass!

I wish I had time to tan my ass. Hah! Okay so explanation on short-lived blogging hiatus? Yah, I don't think so... Just respect my decision. kkthnx

I have some ventage though and ya know I need a public outlet, it's how I roll.

WindLight - First let me start with WindLight [I'll post other vents I have on my mind later]... WTF! It was good the first time we had it, like really good. The only beef Hawks & I had with it was the av rendering effects hadn't progressed with the rest of the world's newness. One lil beef that we worked around with other great aspects that were offered... different skies, times of day, etc.

Then LL ganked it. Just up & ganked it from us. Out of sight out of mind? Newp - because we had Torley Linden taunting us for months with his pics on Snapzilla. As if I couldn't go on an uber long vent over just that alone. But I digress...

So we finally get it back many months after the gankage & it's nice, well the water is a huge improvement. It's the main reason for my Wowzers! Again it's given to us in the First Look Viewer... and we've had one or two updates to it. Each one making it horrible, in my opinion. I'm having awful rezzing issues, rendering is all fooked, sometimes water is missing & other times part of our house is invisible. So log into regular viewer Jelly, dur!

If only it were so simple. Hawks & I are working on JH Production projects that require us to use WindLight. Rendering or lack there of, makes it a lot tougher on us to film the way we want. Not to mention that outdoor FPS goes to shit in WindLight that makes it all the more tougher. So basically... GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER! Fix WindLight for me please & don't blame my puter, it's a kick ass system built for a multi-tasker like myself that can run SL & many other applications. kkthnxbai

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