Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Guess who?

I tote made it to Clockwork tonight. It's a rarity that I am around on a Tuesday evening, but low & behold - I was there. Oh yesh! I sooooo really really for real y0 was. Mhm! Hawks' set rocked as always. If you missed it, well, you SUCK! Yes, *I* am most certainly talking to you, but everyone already knows you suck... I read it on a bathroom wall and told everyone your phone number.

After Hawks' set, I've learned from some trustworthy sources that there is usually a "freespin" after party. I was able to attend this too. What was once just hearsay, is, indeed factual. I was able to sneak my camera in under my skirt, shup! You know I have nowhere else - SL purses are STUPID! Oh yah, I so said it! I do-not-need-a-prim-purse! I carry my closet with me... der!


and... this be my elusive, yet highly desirable purple Akasha...

Akasha Nyak shouts: and the land needs adjusting badly!!!!!
You: well u haven't been here - I was on my own rofl
[please refer to: "*Home Sweet Brrrrr Home* We've finally set our roots down in our new place. It's snowy now but I swear it's an island & waterfront-ish. :D I suck at terraforming so this will have to do until Aka shows up & wonders why the heck her "perfection sense" is tingling. :p"]

Akasha Nyak wants to be a drunken love child
You: I'm sure you were smoopy :)
Akasha Nyak: nope I was a 1 min wonder child
You: oi
Akasha Nyak: rofl

Akasha Nyak: roflmao I just noticed.. this just goes to show where exactly we live.. I'm wearing a sweater and pants.. you're wearing a shirt and shorts.
You: ya know imma freeze my ass off in NY right?
Akasha Nyak: haha yes!
Akasha Nyak: but you'll feel real comfy in the apartment. Omggg it's hot in here!
Akasha Nyak: and I just got a Wii
You: ohh its getting hawt in here - I may take off all my clothes!
Akasha Nyak: lmao

9 More Days! kkthnxbai


HawksRock said...

Yay!!! It just rocks THAT much harder when you are there!! Please come again, kkthnx!

Alexx Markova said...

lol your face becomes funny when you drank beer XD

Garrett Larkham said...

"Freespin" after party? News to me! Guess I shouldn't hog the stream then <:0

myg said...

Aw JB CLockwork is never the same without you. Nice work on the candid shots too!

Wrath Paine said...

Yeah, how come my candid shots never turn out so well? ;-)

Whoa, Aka has a Wii?? Wii wants to play wif it!!

Awesome d2/PSB set last night! Never too much PSB. :-)

Glad JB is back in da blogosphere!