Thursday, December 13, 2007

Gah! I try to take a break!

And what do ya know... KO does something blogworthy! Jomg! Yesh! Kaejo DaSilva farking blogged!!! I know right, I'm shocked too. I saw this on the fashion feed... What's New in SecondLife. So first off I had to say...

JellyBean Madison: WTF YOU BLOGGED
Kaejo DaSilva: wtfomgbbq
JellyBean Madison: excuse me I'm hyperventillating
Kaejo DaSilva: that's my 2nd time even!
JellyBean Madison: ok deep breathe, ok hold on ... again
Kaejo DaSilva: LOL
JellyBean Madison: WTF *YOU* BLOGGED!?
Kaejo DaSilva: how was it?
JellyBean Madison: You're such a chode!
Kaejo DaSilva: sweet!
JellyBean Madison: it was good!
JellyBean Madison: Kudos to you. *wipes tear* You've matured so much in the past year, cmere gimme a hug - I am so proud of yewwwwwwww!
Kaejo DaSilva: LOL
JellyBean Madison: I'm so blogging that you blogged
kaejo: LOL cool

Now I have to say: Where's my free shit!?!
Way to go KO, you doofus! :p

Kaejo DaSilva: "where's my free shit?"
Kaejo DaSilva: :O
Kaejo DaSilva: you didn't :p
JellyBean Madison: lol *I* so did!
Kaejo DaSilva gave you [Renegade] Black Dawn Tank
JellyBean Madison: haha was naked thnx
Kaejo DaSilva: LOL

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