Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Custom Barracuda 60

Hawks surprised me with my very early very Merry Christmas gift. :) My very own customized Barracuda! :o Here I was saying that I was on a blog break & he pulls this. :p I just had to blog it!

This completely awesome boat is one of a kind & designed by Maximilian Milosz.


Model: Barracuda 60
Manufacturer: MaxMarine
Maker: Maximilian Milosz
Scripting: Nitrox Peel
Location: 􀀀

Length: 60ft/18m
Width: 18ft/4.5m
prims: 22 (base) + 243 (attachment), 265 total
Seats: 5 + 2 on front deck
Permissions: no mod / copy / no transfer


The Barracuda 60 is a high performance classic racer inspired both by modern day Offshore Formala One and by legendary classics such as The Riva and Cris Craft. The boat is built primarily for style and ease of use, making it both enjoyable to look at and to drive.



Using the Barracuda 60 requires some basic knowledge on how vehicles operate in Second Life. If this is your first boat it might take some time getting used to, not to mention you'll probably be quite disappointed by any other boats available in Second Life.

First rez the 'MaxMarine Barracuda 60' on water.
The boat comes in 2 pieces: The base and attachment. The base will automatically rez the attachmnet part.
If you want to move or rotate the boat, be sure you move the base, the attachmnet will automatically follow.
Also make sure you rez it in a place that allows rezzing and a decent prim count.


The Barracuda 60 can only be driven by it's owner.
- Sit directly at the drivers seat, exactly where your bottom would go.
- You will then be asked if you want to attach the attachment part - answer 'Yes'. Make sure you have any AO (Animation Override) disabled.

To drive, simply use the Arrow keys.
To adjust trottle, use the E and C keys.

At lower speed the boat will stall somewhat, adjust trottle to bring the boat into plane.
The boat will usually be able to cross minor obstacles.


Passengers can sit in any seat other than the drivers seat., one in front and three at the back.
In addition there are 2 seatings at the front deck.


- The HUD will give you some basic information: Compass direction, Speed and time.
- Depth and fuel are non functional at this point, and not really relevant either. You may use the fog horn however, but be ware - i's really loud. You may also use the Fog Horn attached to the boat itself.
- Attach the HUD from your inventory by right-clicking and choose Wear.
- The HUD will attach at the bottom center of your screen and you may adjust it if needed.

There are several flags included. The most common ones according to users in SL and a few non-country flags. Click the flag in order to change it into the one you want.



Sim crossing:
This is in general a pain in SL and will in some cases make the attachmnet part disappear fully or partially, then reappear after a few seconds. In worse case you will get lost and have to relog. There's nothing to be done about this, but hope Linden Labs will some day fix it.
Try driving slower across sim borders.
You can also stand up and sit down again to make the boat reappear. The same applies to the HUD - if it disappears during a sim crossing, detatch and reattach.

Detail level:
When attached, you may notice some objects becomes less detailed, this especially applies to sculpties. This is due to how the SL client renders.
The same applies to how others see the boat from a distance, or how you will see other peoples boats when attached. Try turning off avatar impostors under Graphics in Preferences.

Camera controls:
The camera is by default set at an angle behind the boat. If you should loose focus, please adjust your camera settings to match.

If there are any issues in general, it usually helps deleting the boat and rez a new one from your inventory.

I love love love love it! ty ty ty ty ty!!! *tackle hugs*

[goes now officially on blogging break kkthnxbai]


Gillian Waldman said...

Your boat killed us twice :x Just sayin :p


Cierra Theriac said...

She's beautious!

chestnut rau said...

ummm what gillian said. fun way to die though.