Monday, July 23, 2007

Evil Procrastination

Awhile back Elika of ETD started a texture beta testing test. I applied and was accepted. I was so in it for the love of the hair. I didn't see anything wrong with the textures she was already using but meh. I tried to tackle the task of beta testing. I actually started it too. Alas, I never finished. I had a chance to make a change & I failed. Now I'm upset, mostly with myself.

Here's my biggest issue... I don't like Blonde Red, not at all. It seems dull to me & too dark. Dirty Red was the texture I bought most because it looked better pinked (with my pink) and I do love the red tips on my pink tint. Now Dirty Red is no longer an available texture. So I started looking thru the Willow Pack that Elika gave me of the JellyBean styles she did (I so love her). The only one close to Dirty (blonde) left is the Platinum, which doesn't come in a red tipped version. I looked at the new pinks she released under the "Cerise" color name & it's not my pink either, though it is a very pretty pink and it's not red tipped.

So if someone out there with talent wants to make me a light blonde texture with red tips, I'd appreciate it & I'll pay. :D

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Anonymous said...

Well i would fer yew Jelly but I don't know how well my textures would match up to what you want :/
-Salty Sat

p.s. love the mean gurl blog ^^