Sunday, December 23, 2007

SecondLife Group Limit - Who speaks for the masses?

The group limit use to be 10, but people bitched that it wasn't enough. It was raised to 25 and still people bitch now that it isn't enough. Are you so popular that you need to be in every group that you are invited to? I say no. Are you some land mogul that needs 25 different groups? Mayhaps. Point is that even if they raised it to 50 or even 100, people will still bitch that it just isn't enough.

Veyron has started a blogger movement for people to vote on the Jira to increase the group limit. I didn't join the movement at first because well, I don't care about increasing the group size limit. Honestly it's more about self-control & prioritizing in my opinion. Hawks & I don't even have all of our group slots filled. We belong to 5 that we created & use, the rest are ones that we feel we want to be a part of, but do not necessarily *need*, with room for more.

The neatest thing since pawpkorn was the subscribe-o-matic. I still belong to a lot of fashion/designer groups without taking up spots. More people should use that if it's available.

I guess my stand is that there are more pressing things to be bitching to LL about other than increasing the group limit. I think the Jira is a great way for LL to listen to their residents, but when it's used for such mediocre things such as this, the important issues may get buried or lost in the crap. Just be thankful you have any group slots at all.

[this was NOT a paid endorsement]


chestnut rau said...

i totally agree about the subscribe-o-matic for my personal group memberships. its great.

the thing is, musicians need to belong to the venue's management group so they can set up a tip jar, access the stream, etc. i don't think the subscribe-o-matic allows people to access perms on group owned land and that is a big concern for people who gig all over and hit the 25 group limit pretty quickly.

Mister Crap said...


The subscribe-o-matic is just for notices. It does not help with permissions.

My suggestion was to make the increased group level something that comes with Premium. Might as well make that level of service worth something, right?