Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Heroes - 2.1 recap

Wowzers! I am so glad I waited to review/recap this. It gave you guys some time to give me points. Like Ann & Wrath did.

I'm not going to explain each scene because if you saw it, you saw it. If not, boogar off & go watch it now. kkthnx

Let Down
I mentioned before that I felt let down by the season opener. I guess I was expecting to be brought back into the season a little closer to the finale, not 4 months later. Like iunno, how did Nathan survive? Did he fly up with Peter, let go, and then fly away? When he landed was he all burnt like his reflection he saw? How does he not have scars? Oi! Wait a tickle... Peter can fly too, duh! Why didn't he just fly himself to outer space? No oxygen - no fire.

Maya and Alejandro
Jeepers! I am dying to know what her power is. Seriously all we know is that she is capable of leaving a trail of dead folks with blackened bloody eyes. It's apparent she knows shes doing this, but can't seem to control her ability. Does Alejandro have a power? It seems that is the way of things, with parents/siblings so far. I'm interested in how their story will pan out, though I have to admit reading subtitles was getting old last season. I was so happy to see Hiro's English progressing & now this?

Walker System
Lil Molly Walker is now in the care of Parkman & Mohinder. Though Mohinder is actually in Egypt giving a seminar. Yes, Wrath... Parkman is divorced. :p And I agree he's a better character without his wife's role. I am also not surprised that he would have Molly. I always thought he'd be a great father. He's doing just that it seems by his interaction with Molly. Though her little attitude would have thrown me for a loop. She's been portrayed as this cute little GPS system, then boom explodes at the dinner table with Parkman. I'm not sure he could of handled that better. We know now that she definitely has a spark. As she revealed last season, there is someone scarier than the Boogieman (Sylar) and much more dangerous. Now she's dreaming about him. I'm sure whoever that is will be coming into the full picture soon.

The Benett Family or the Butler Family
Four months later shows us that they have changed their last names & have moved to California and trying to play a normal family. Normal? Really? Claire was struggling with being a freak before & now shes struggling with not being who she really is. Teenage years suck huh Claire? As for her fly boy peer, West, I think he senses that she is different, but doesn't know for sure. Her NOT being a cheerleader seems so cruel & unfair. Ann, I think you're so right. She seems fragile. I think mostly that she's not terribly indestructible, as in she injures just like the rest of us, just heals a lot faster. Instantaneously. Noah Benett is trying to act like nothing has happened but his new manager at the Copy Kingdom drives him crazy, would drive me nuts too. Noah shows a little what he is capable of, and the problem is solved. It made me laugh "Just a few more sips." :P Anyone else find it gross when Mr. Muggles was licking Mrs. Bennet's lips at the dinner table? Ewww!

Supah Hiro
Last season we saw him land in the year 1641 and now we see him mid battlefield. He meets his hero, Takezo Kensei. There is a little problem, he’s not a real hero, and he’s not even Japanese. The mighty Kensei turns out to be a coward English man, fighting for money, not honor. I never thought of Ann's point. I must be slow since Aka said the same thing. "The likelihood that Hiro winds up being his own hero seems fairly high." That seems like a fitting twist that goes along with twists that we've seen in the past.

Kaito Nakamura & Ando
Ando & Kaito seem to have been waiting over the past 4 months in front of the Kirby Building, where Hiro teleported himself. Poor Kaito doubted his son for a long time, seeing him as a failure. Just as he comes around, he receives a picture of himself with the "godsend" symbol that keeps popping up. A message that he'll be dead within 24 hours. We didn't even have to wait til the next episode for this. What the hell took Ando so long with the sword? He fly to Japan to get one? Who do you think the hooded guy was? Definitely not Sylar.

Mohinder Suresh
He's working for the company now with plans to help Bennet take down the company. Mohiner is still too iunno, spineless or naive in my opinion to do anything alone.

"Turd row back" & Key Scene
Blackie, an Irish gang, we think, with a terrible accent (sorry, I know he was saying "third" but I cracked up for minutes on end about how it so came out "turd"), and his crew open up a shipping container (of course in Ireland) and they find Peter chained up in a corner, by only one wrist. We learn that Peter doesn’t remember a thing but he can still use his powers. Yes, amnesia has been done to death. This has to be the key scene in the entire episode though. Notice he didn't have any visible scars, cuts, bruises. Four months left him pretty clean & wuwu! NAKED, with the "godsend" symbol around his neck. Where did he get that & hey, nice high & tight haircut buddy.

I guess I have more questions than a recap but hopefully it'll strike up some commentary from us fans & we can rehash it together. I may have missed a few points, or umm characters. We got to learn about everyone’s whereabouts except Nikki, DL, Micah and the most expected character of the show Sylar. It’s getting more and more crowded with the new characters coming in, and there are still a few we haven’t met yet. This post is already uber long so I'll just end there.


Ann Launay said...

'Turd' made me laugh too. :-D

My issue with Claire was that she landed perfectly and then toppled over. If she'd landed oddly, I would have been OK with the broken leg...the tower just wasn't high enough otherwise.

I still say boo to the amnesia thing. "Peter Petrelli starring in...The Bourne Identity! (With occasional freaky flashy things and possible flight.)"

Anonymous said...

------------ SEMI SPOILERS -------------

If ya don't wanna read this... then pass the comment on.

I've noticed a few things myself (and looked at some of the Heroes 360 material) which give hints to what's going on with some characters:

Hiro landed in 1671 during the battle of the 12 swords between Kensei & White Beard. Hiro will be the one taking Kensei's place because they've already shown some promo shots of Masa Oka in Samurai Armor. It'll be fun to see Hiro grow.

Peter shows up in some container in Ireland where this gang is trying to steal crates if iPhones (yeah... iPhones??). I'm sure Peter was unscathed because remember he has Claire's healing ability. I wanna know where he got the Electricity bolt from. Not from Ted!!! And the necklace around his neck looked just like the one the Haitian wears. Hmmmmm. Maybe the Haitian erased his memory?

Kaito & Ando? I'm more interested in Kaito & Angela, myself. What's up with 'The Twelve'? Apparently the parents and such of all these new heroes are all part of some bigger conspiracy thing? It'll be interesting to see who the other 7 are since Angela & Kaito are/were part of the 9 who were left. Obviously they are linked to The Company in some way.

Mohinder is gonna grow a spine this season, and Parkman will have a more meaty role as well. They have to, really. They have no other way to go at this point.

It's also been released that Takei is not the only Star Trek alum to be on the show. Nichelle Nichols will be playing a guest role later in the season, but I won't give away whom she will play. :-)

Happy Heroes Watchin!