Sunday, September 30, 2007

Turning Gears

Oi! I definitely do not wanna post about Tiny Empires this post... Sooo let me give an update on what's been happening.

Tringo has currently been dismantled for the time being. We are moving to a new plot that will be a lot better on a Class 5 sim. The land won't be available for at least 4 days. We'll let you know when we're back up & running.

JH Productions
Hawks & I have decided to go full speed on this as a major project. As we are already in the process of moving tringo, we've also pulled in the best of the best & we're working on the official JH Productions headquarters/offices. I think this is a great thing. Of course Hawks gets full credit for the idea but jinkies... I'm so freaking excited about working with some very talented peeps side by side with Hawks. Mwah babe!

Monday Clockwork
Don’t miss the popcorn with Smooby!

Clockwork is open from 6-9; the funky popcorn starts at 8!

Then don't forget Tuesday Clockwork with me & Hawks from 6-8 p.m. SLT. Hawks' theme this week is psychological disorders, so don't miss it!

Suggestion Suffugium
Suffugium, n. A place of refuge. Dystopian future city with cyberpunk influences. Hang out, go shopping, or see the sights, but watch out for police drones!

Greetings and welcome, sub-citizen, to the city of Suffugium.

We at Suffugium Technologies have made every effort to ensure that your stay with us is a pleasant one. You will undoubtedly notice the AI-Controlled Security Drones on patrol throughout the city; they have been programmed to perform routine biological scans upon citizens and sub-citizens alike in an effort to keep our city safe. Please submit to their scans; it will only take a moment, is not known to cause any injury, and ensures your future security within our jurisdiction. Do not interfere with the activities of the Security Drones under any circumstances.

While you are free to roam the streets of our city as you please, we must inform you that some parts of the city are, unfortunately, closed to sub-citizens. We are certain that you will understand our ongoing efforts to ensure the security of our citizens and will stay clear of areas where access is blocked. Suffugium Security is pleased to announce that the quarantine in place on the south side of our city, the area known as "Old Suffugium," has been lifted and the roads leading there have been re-opened.

For those of you who prefer to fly, we ask that you keep to the ground as much as possible to ensure that the skies of our city remain clear and bright. Our airspace is strictly monitored by our Security Division; therefore, we must remain vigilant to assist them in their never-ending job of keeping you safe. As well, for the continued safety of all citizens and sub-citizens, please refrain from the use of weaponry within the city.

Finally, please report any suspicious activity to Suffugium Security at once, and do not approach suspicious inhabitants. It is unsafe to speak freely, as the ears of the anarchists are always listening. We are in the midst of an ongoing campaign against the anarchists, and we are pleased to report that the terrorist element is very nearly beaten. Criminal activity, including subversion, is not tolerated and will be punished quickly and severely.

Welcome and once again, enjoy your stay and thank you for helping make Suffugium a brighter tomorrow - for all of us.

Sincerest well-wishes,
Suffugium City Operations for
Hiroshi Warren, CEO, Suffugium Technologies

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