Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tiny Empires - Completely Ignored or Can't Buy Me Love

For those that didn't know, yes... Tiny Empires does has a blog but they seriously do not update it with anything that truly matters much as of late. You can still find some useful info there such as info on "Titles and Progression", the "Mysterious Trader", and "Does It Pay To Serve The King?". Other than that the game server has been down a few times, we've received a new HUD update & no mention on anything on the blog for over 6 days. Phooey!

So as mentioned, a new HUD update was handed out this morning. We had a minor issue that because of this, the "trial" HUDS were no longer functional. Eva has sent out a New Trial Hud in our group (Tiny Empires - One Step Beyond), grab it if you need it in "notices". It might be handy to keep on hand. I'm not exactly sure as to what the new HUD version has that the old one didn't. Like I said, the blog gives us no info lately & there was no notecard included.

Can't Buy Me Love
I've instructed everyone that has rank high enough that if they feel they can afford it, to offer up bribes for more subjects outside our lineage if it comes up on turn. I've offered a few times and was either "declined" or "completely ignored". It's no big & it never hurts to try. I caution you though that people we don't know coming into our line cannot be trusted to be loyal. I also advise that if a bribe is accepted, that you IM the new subject and at least say Hello. I can honestly say the new friends Hawks & I have made playing this by doing just that have been impressively positive.

Mysterious Trader
When you get the first notice that he is coming, it's best to STOP buying land & sell a couple acres off if you think you might be short. He will ask you for gold in exchange for something he won't tell you. This morning I paid him 120,000 in gold & I got "For one year, your generosity will be rewarded". So I tp'd David to generously give him my land in which each turn I received "You have granted an acre to Baron david Partridge. By a stroke of luck (or is it something else?), you receive a windfall of 83, 350 gold from an unrelated business deal." Each turn the stroke of luck gold got lower but still yay!


Harlan said...

Just FYI, the blog is an unofficial fan blog. Ultralite Soleil has nothing to do with it.

And that Trader thing today was spectacular. I made 5x my investment. I was pretty broke before, but now... time to start offering up some bribes.

Gillian Waldman said...