Thursday, September 20, 2007


Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday, dearest Jelly,
Happy Birthday to you!!

Alright, so I can't sing as well as Max... I know, that is why I brought in a professional... :p

Alright peeps today is Jelly's flesh and blood RL birthday. So join me in wishing her a happy birthday! Many many many thanks to Aka for building an awesome birthday snow globe feel type setup where we could surprise Jelly with a little live performance from our fav performer, Maximillion Kleene. It really couldn't have been more perfect... except for a few of my tree placements, hmmmmm.

You bring a lot of fun and light into a whole lotta people's SLives. I love you very much, you are a very special person, and I hope you are having a great great birthday! Now back to cuddling... ;)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birfday Jelly Jelly!

hugs and kishes honey


Gillian Waldman said...

Happy birthday dearest Pink One. You are such a (really f'ing) bright light in my slife <3 Many, many happy returns of the day.

And Hawks - wow. You have to be the absolute best partner everzzz.

tiana meriman said...

happy my favorite love monkeh! *MMMUAAAAAAHHHH!* ^^

tiana meriman said...

i mean happy birthday! XD you know i cant write

myg said...

Rats Jelly - I missed your fantabulousobirthday! Well I'm glad Hawks made it special for you...big belated kisses!