Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Heroes - 5 days away!

So I'm beyond ready... Episode 2.01: Four Months Later... will air September 24, 2007 (That is this Monday). The first episode, titled "Four Months Later," will time-shift the entire story line. Just like before I'll write about Heroes the next day (Tuesdays). That was your warning. If you still haven't caught the fever, you have to either buy the first season boxed set or just start clueless on Monday. Season one is no longer online for ya slackers out there.


Season Finale - Heroes

In the end - all that matters is love.

If you haven’t seen last night’s Heroes finale, Episode 23 - How to Stop an Exploding Man for the love of pinkness, avert your eyes! Yes, you too Canimal. <3

Woah! This post will be everywhere cause I just now watched it & I’m still soaking it in.

Did she really say that?

“Why did you take that bullet…..” Um Niki if he (DL) would of let the bullet phase thru him, it would have hit you, you dumb bitch! Hence the whole throwing himself in front of a bullet heading straight at you. Gah! Freaking writers, she could be so kick ass if you’d stop making her look like a dumbass when she talks.

Molly GPS (patent pending)

Yay! For the Molly GPS system. Huzzah for sweet innocence. See, I told you the Doc is such a softy. Easily persuaded for the greater good. So like… Someone worse than the “Boogieman”, Molly? You don’t say? He can see you? We’re probably going to meet this scarier than the boogieman guy in the new volume. Makes me wonder though, I can barely handle Sylar, add another bad guy? Seriously people, I can’t get my head around it. And awww… weren’t Molly & Mica so cute at the elevator? Only like totally! Kids are so freaking adorable, when they’re not mine.

Hidden Powers!?

Okay hello, what was the dying rooftop guy’s power again, Charles, right? I don’t think I caught it, or did I? Oh that’s right they freaking didn’t come right out & tell us again. Mayhaps it was the fact that he could pull himself into Peter’s subconscious. Iunno. It could be completely obvious & I’d still be drooling on my shoes with a derrrr look on my face.

Nathan has a heart! *pops love bubbles floating around people’s heads*

Aka was right all along. Here I was shaking my head at her this whole time thinking she always roots for the baddies thinking in the end goodness will prevail. Color me wrong!!! Huzzah & Hooray to Nathan for pulling his head out of his ass & running to his brother while everyone else sat around with their fingers up their noses.


Okay bleh that Sylar managed to worm his way to the sewers. If you completely missed the whole blood trail, you’re seriously less observant than me. Haha! That’s where he should be, but actually the fooker should be dead. What the hell was the point of the whole “destiny” of Hiro’s if Sylar gets to live in the end?

Hiro Is Stuck in the 17th Century!

Wow! Poor Hiro… but hey Endo is safe! Yay! Next up - Volume 2 Generations coming in September. Yup, September. Okay so I was looking at some stuff on Heroes and I have some spoiler news so hmm stop reading NOW if you don’t want to know.

What Lies Ahead- Posted by Kristin Veitch on Mon, May 21, 2007

Spoiler Alert! I have it on good authority that both Milo Ventimiglia (Peter) and Adrian Pasdar (Nathan) are back next season. I’m also 99 percent certain Greg Grunberg (Matt) is back, but not so sure about D.L. (Leonard Roberts). I have a sneaking suspicion Linderman’s blood or heart may heal him, but that could just be my wishful thinking, for I love Leonard so.

Glug! Glug! The script called for Nathan to drop Peter into the ocean after he exploded, which should explain my “swim” reference in today’s chat. We’ll see next season if that is indeed where P.P. landed.

Spoiler Alert Part Deux! I’m told next season begins four months into the future, and two of the main characters are in deep despair—one having completely lost his memory (bring on the Bourne Identity storyline!) and the other having developed a major drinking problem. Told ya Sylar wasn’t this show’s only demon.

Did I Mention Hiro Will Be in 17th-Freaking-Century Japan? That’s just awesome! I’m hearing it could be as many as six episodes that he spends there. Sans Ando.

So, what did you all think of the finale? Did it live up to your expectations? How do you think next season is looking? Who will live or die? What are we going to do now on Monday nights?!

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Jungle Jewell said...

I was crushed when it seemed that Peter exploded. But he has those healing properties -- so does Sylar, and his brother might have been able to fly away really fast to get away from the explosion (I don't remember if Sylar ever got ahold of the flying ability, but I guess he doesn't because doesn't he have to kill to get the powers?)

I was so glad Hiro's friend came back. I wish the girlfriend would too, but I read she's starting on a new series, maybe Pushing Daisies?