Friday, September 28, 2007

Burning Life 07 - Lamplighters Ceremony

I wasn't going to post this video here, but they were excited I did the vid for them. So yay and stuff. Awhile back I met Sabine McGettigan while exploring pre-BL grounds & filming the BL Witch Project trailer with Rosie. In order for Sabine to understand that we weren't crazy folks just creating blood puddles etc. I lead her to the vid Rosie & I did. Anywho, longer story short... Sabine asked me to do a vid of the Lamplighters.

I seriously do not do vids for others because I never know what it is they want and I have a huge fear of disappointing others with my work. It's diff with Hawks & I, we can come up with concepts together. Okay okay yada yada yada. Here's vid:

Burning Life 07 - Lamplighters Ceremony from JellyBean Madison on Vimeo.


Cat Jericho said...

Wonderful video and the sound
fits perfectly!
Well done!

Caterin Semyorka said...

Wow, really impressive!