Friday, September 28, 2007

Sinistyle Sim

In my tote honest opinion, if any "artist" deserved a sim, Krius Misfit is the number one person who would come to my mind. From the mind of a maniac - Sinistyle sim, opening soon to the masses.

What can I say about Krius? One thing is that he scares the bajeebus outta me with some of the stuff he creates but oh gawd, the detail & talent he puts into every item is amazing. I met Krius at the Block almost a year ago. My first impression of him was that of a stranger who would offer candy & leave me dead in an dark alley. He's a very morbid individual mayhapsibly with the mind of a serial killer but nice. Odd combo, *I* know.

So on with my post... Krius done got himself a sim. Oh yesh. Perfect timing as well, cause if anyone can do Halloween - it's the man himself! Currently his sim is access list & group members only but soon to open before the Day of the Dead, Night of the Hunter, Witch's Thanksgiving, .oh fuqity... HALLOWEEN!

Hawks & I explored earlier & I am so uberly impressed. It's chocked full of spooky, scary, haunting things, but beware falling into the water... there's piranhas!

Anywho... keep your eyes open for the brand spankin new Sinistyle sim to open soon AND hold off on buying that cheesy Halloween deco until you see what Krius has! It's well worth the wait!

Sinistyle is OPEN to the public. Teleport HERE: Sinistyle sim


Eppie Hock said...

Wow, that looks cool, whats the Slurl??

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

Hey eppie - It's it's own sim. You can search Sinistyle on the big map. It's open to the public now. :D