Sunday, September 23, 2007

Tiny Empires - Even a Princess makes mistakes...

Tonight we welcomed a few new people into our family which put us over our 2500 acre goal. At which point the Emperor asked me to leave the Celty soup and we'd venture out onto our own. The full 3 minute month was filled with trying to find the pros & cons of doing this. It's just not enough time, we jumped. We were placed right below Eva Tiramisu's family in the 10th family spot. This made us nervous & excited to say the least.

Group Message went out:
We just became the tenth family - Congrats all! Lets move up that list! :heart:

Then we caught wind of rumors flying around that another family will be jumping from Celty tomorrow. If this is true we'd be bumped off the list for sure. Though I found it awe inspiring to be ranked within the top 10, my family comes first. In a scramble to pull together & grab our alliances as quickly as possible we feared being knocked off the list. The rumor was that if you got knocked off the top ten list, your family would be disbanded, relationships broken & nothing left but personal acres. It was a risk we were not willing to put our family through & to be decided on their behalf. We quickly jumped back under another family below Celty. Thank you Luna for taking us in.

Another group notice with a notecard attached:
Alright peeps, so here is the deal!

We had a shining moment of fame there where we broke off and were our own family for a brief stint. The issue we ran into was that we were the 10th ranked family, which means that if anyone jumped out with more acres than us, then we would have gotten bumped because the game only allows for 10 families.

The issue with this is that if we got bumped then all of you would have retained only your personal acres, and we would have lost all of the liege/subject relationships. It basically means we would have had to start over with rebuilding the family. We didn't want to take this risk, so we temporarily jumped back into another family.

We thought we needed about 2.5k acres to jump, but in actuality it looks like we need to be closer to 4.0k acres to be high enough to not risk getting bumped. This is obviously a moving target and is increasing all the time. If we keep working hard at it, then we are going to be back to being our own family in no time at all!!

Everybody is still doing a great job!! We just got a little overexcited about having the chance to jump. :)

Your Princesses Royal Secretary,
HawksRock Gunawan

Afterwards we learned from another upper ranking family official that what we heard originally was false. Being bumped off the list is not as we had originally thought & we were tricked.

Princess JellyBean: My liege, I'm sorry to bother you again, especially since there is no motivation for helping me, but can you explain to me again in simplest terms what DOES happen when you are removed from the top 10 list? Is the Emperor still your liege?
Princess: no... what happened to me is I simply had no liege
Princess: in fact if you searched my name on the TE standings page, I came up as a "not known", but, could still buy land as usual.
Princess JellyBean: You still had all your subjects?
Princess: sure
Princess: then after a while I got a bribe offer for a few thousand, took that and bough land for it
Princess: but the thing about loosing the subjects is simply not true.
Princess: but it seems that was blown way out of proportion anyway
Princess: to make you believe you should change for that reason lol

So right now we'll be gaining ground under Princess Luna until we can once again, more informed like, make the decision to jump. I thank each & every one of my family members for their understanding & loyalty.

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tiana meriman said...

i think you did the right thing and i think your a good princess for thinking about everyone in the family before our goal of becoming a independent family of our own.

i'll take a drow exemple again. theres a lot of sub houses in drow hierarchie but they still live as their own clans and act indepedantly. they only branch out into a main house when they have a enough power.

tiny empires is a lot like drow hierarchie i find. family working together by doing things individually and having limits in power or you'll be eat out.

dame tiana
"the family comes first, everything else is secondary"