Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Scooby Doo Where Are You?

I logged on last night & was instantly shoo'd. One person reminding me to be in bed is one thing, four people telling me to go back to bed is another. Iunno what ya'll are up to, but STOP IT! kkthnx :D

So for two days now I've had a sore throat and I knew I was starting to sound bad. Yesterday I had sexy sore throat voice, today I have OMG SEE A DOCTOR sore throat voice. :( Yay I dj tonight too. Wuwu! Ya know you wanna come hear the wreck known as my voice. :p

Tiny Empires
I made Princess this morning. Huzzah! Thanks to my subjects being the awesomeness that they are. I couldn't have done it without the bestest friends a girl could ever ask for. Last night Aka, Wishi, Orchid, Chelle & Gen were busting their acres out. Thanks girls & guy :)
Chelle Moore: go back to bed, rest assured, your subjects are working diligently on gaining you more land. :D
Now we can begin to put our plans in motion to move away from the Celty Family to form our own. I'd like to see everyone that has helped me, advance as much as possible. I think we have a strong, helpful, loyal line and we've stayed tight knit. The last thing I want to do is leave them in limbo lost in the huge Celty fam. If my friend that I spoke to this morning decides to leave her liege then she can join directly under me & up us by almost 900 more acres. That'd be sweet & we'd be well on our way to our own tree. :)

Clockwork TONIGHT!
Don't forget to come out tonight to Clockwork from 6-8 p.m. SLT. Hawks will be dj'n from 6-7 with an 80's alternative set and I'll be on from 7-8 p.m. with a SKA/Punk set (which I should be working on now btw). If you've never been to Clockwork - it's little indie club in Mainline, Topgol. Loosely based on The Khyber Pass in Phila, PA, but we don't have live bands (yet) though we do have live djs, with plenty of indie rock, rock, and electronica that's a bit outside of your usual Second Life fare. So come on down & take a gander.

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