Friday, September 21, 2007

Tiny Empires - No one wants to play with an asshole

Princess JellyBean & Duke Hawks of Wessex
Welp! Another day, another couple years gone by in Tiny Empires. Good news in the realm, Eva Tiramisu has reached independant-hood & has gone out on her own with her subjects to form the 9th family. We're not quite ready to move away from Celty though yet. Soon, we hope. I have a few higher ranking people in my hat that are ready to leave their liege. Two of which I would have had tonight if it wasn't so close to the visit from the trader. I didn't want her to screw herself out of affording him. *hugs sweetie*

Mysterious Trader
He visited tonight around 9 p.m. SLT. "For one year your land is worth much more than normal." This one is the iffiest offer I've seen. You have to be very careful, because as we all know - buy is one of the main objects of rank. The more you & your subjects buy in acres - the higher your rank can go. So if you get this offer...
  1. Pay attention to the months.
  2. Make sure you have enough to still cover taxes.
  3. Buy one & sell one every turn - you'll still make a profit.
Countess Kala Wildcat
Happy subjects are loyal subjects - is what we keep saying. :) It's so true though. Everyone that enters our line is welcomed with an IM & group invite. It seems some lieges above me know this as well. :D

SoCalDave Birdbrain: thank you for staying dear
JellyBean Madison: thank you for the gift :)
SoCalDave Birdbrain: pfft. It is the least one can do for one's loyal subjects
JellyBean Madison: ty :)


Harlan said...

Everyone that enters our line is welcomed with an IM & group invite.

While I certainly feel quite welcomed... there's a group?

tiana meriman said...

you know you have my loyalty, hell i joined the whole tiny empire thing because you asked me. i dont plan on becoming someone great in tiny empire, all i want is to help you increase your land and achieve your dream i'm happy ^^

like i read in drowtales: "the family comes first, everything else is secondary"

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

So sorry about that Harlan. I thought you were in. :) You most certainly are now. *hugs*

Tiana - you are my fav love monkeh! :)