Sunday, August 26, 2007

Surf Report: Stick Directory

Hai guise! So I'm Hawkless, starting to get pouty, and trying to keep busy. Gillian I'll be bugging you more, that's your warning. :p Myg would so suffer your fate had she not conveniently went on vaca. Lmao. So anywho, I'm starting another VS Series here called "Surf Report". I'm new to the SL Surfing scene, so I figured while I try to finger it all out, I can help others find their water fins as well.

Starting with boards... I'm sure there's tons of boards out there, but these are the ones I have tried.

Rob John's Surfboards - Self proclaimed "finest Surf boards" handcrafted at the reasonable rates in all of SL. From short beach break boards, classic long boards, and even those big guns for the knarly wave rider! Rob John's also offers boogie boards and swim fins, as well as many assorted items to enhance your AV.

WaveLabs Surfboards - Sexy surfboards with great animation and free surfing demos. Fly our new Hangglider! Surf all day, dance on the beach all night!

Sebastian Saramago and Heather Goodliffe's Surf Boards - No more skate boarding on water! Seb's surf boards, scripted by Heather Goodliffe, make for the most realistic surfing experience in Second Life. These boards work naturally with Heather Goodliffe's waves.

Those are the three boards I own. Now *my* reviews. :p Dun dun dun

Rob John's Surfboards - This was my favorite board until I tried riding it at La Bahia Beach in Holmfrid. It was possessed, I have Dreamer as a witness that both times I mounted the sucker it flew up the sand. It did work nicely in Surf City with the waves by the same creator of the boards (Robin Mapp).

WaveLabs Surfboards - Not good for the real surfer or someone who truly wants to learn. These were the boards we used in the Surfer Babes video back in February. I suggest these for machinima props but really not for the more advanced surfing. The coolest part is being able to hold the board. :)

Sebastian Saramago and Heather Goodliffe's Surf Boards - My most favorite board EVER! It's the most realistic, jelly-friendly board I've found. Not only that but it's perfect for beginner as well as advanced. I own the "Flot-Jet board - Big Dawg Board Advanced" in pink designs of course. Paddle your board out to the waves and catch waves by paddling with the waves, carve up the waves with turns and tricks, crouch down for more powerful turns. Surfboards are rideable by friends - if you own a sim you can leave them out for guests. Touch dialog menu that allows you to set advanced/beginner/or display mode as well as allow all/allow group/owner only ride access. Basic Advanced boards are no-mod, no-copy.

Okay so there ya go... Stay tuned for where to surf your new stick :D


tiana meriman said...

well i know what board to get now ^^ going to go and get one today ^^

Gillian Waldman said...

Surf off tonight? (My tonight - like your mid-afternoon lol).

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

Hell yesh! Actually I'm building my surf spot list today so that works perfect! :p Prepare to be bugged :)

Esteban said...

I expect surf music in your next set, JellyGirl!

-- Smooches from Smooby