Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hawks Weekly Update

RL Craziness
Okay, so yeah I have been slacking with the blog, and with my SL time in general lately. My RL has gotten crazy as we are running behind on a new product launch so I am pretty much working 7-6 every day plus an hour commute makes for a really long day. Then throw on top of that an RL move, and eeks things are nuts. One of the things I am having to deal with is the potential to be without internet for a week until it gets installed. :o Is that even possible? Did people really used to live that way? Freaking 35k students having the nerve to come back into town the same time I wanna move... pfft.

Missing Jelly
Yep, see note above. I miss you baby, and wish I could be here more. It sucks... :( You light up the time I am able to be here though, so thank you.

Drunken Kung Fu
You look tough. You look hawt doing it. Hawks - 4 Jelly - 0 Tie - 1. Although I am not sure the tie counts after regenerating and attacking me when I only had 80% health... but I spose we can count it. Also, Dreamer is officially off the officiating list, cuz she is SOOOO not neutral.

I soooooo need to get cracking on some place reviews that I have been sitting on...