Monday, August 27, 2007

Candyman - New Sine Wave Dances

Oh yesh - and it's about farking time. There was awhile where the Sine Wave dance releases had become repetitious. Easy Babcock has changed all that with this release. It's chocked full of sexy goodness for both sexes. YES! BOTH SEXES! I haven't made a video to show off the guys because as you know Hawks is my leading man muffin & he's unavailable. In usual fashion though I give you the girls moves via videoooooo. Yay!

Dance Animations - Sine Wave
Cheerleader costumes - BabyDoll's
Modeling Chair - LostDog Designs

YouTube Link


Gillian Waldman said...

Damn dancenistas! :P

tiana meriman said...

i loved the video! lol actually i think i loved the video more then the dances themselves. it was just awsome ^^

October Hush said...

Wicked. I had meant to stop by there yesterday to check out what's new. Almost all of my dances are Sine Wave.