Friday, August 24, 2007

Judashire Prelude

The mists part to reveal a forest; deep, ancient, thick. A clearing deeper in reveals a village bathed in a light fog, thatched huts encircling a small enclave of townhouses, strangely out of place, an Eldritch Manor of seemingly... alien design, looming down over it. The sky may be drawn with sunlight streaming down, but the grass still lays drooping, as if this place was cut off from reality, enveloped in its murky environs.

Welcome to Judashire. The year is 1840, the 3rd year of the reign of our Queen Victoria. The first hints of the Industrial Revolution are coming to bear, and the world is plunged into a flurry of invention and desire.

Welcome to Judashire, where those dying off in the face of change may turn to.

Welcome to Judashire, haven for the sinners, refugees, and scum of the world. How long this meager town has stood, none can tell. Why it does not appear on any map, and only spoken of in campfire stories, none can tell. Why those who search for the town rarely find it, but those that the town claims as its own will inevitably find their way to its misty borders, none can tell.

Welcome to Judashire. Your new home.

Judashire is a Gothic horror themed RP set in England in the year 1840. Primarily a human-themed sim, and while there are strong elements of the supernatural, they will not be everyday occurrences. For instance, while there may be a vampire or two lurking in the shadows of Judashire, this is not a "vampire RP sim". Those familiar with Ravenloft or the World of Darkness should be familiar with the mood that echoes through the very bowels of Judashire.

It is a town seeped in mystery, with secrets, deceptions, and lies around every corner. This is a adult sim with dark, sometimes disturbing RP. Requires anyone interested in playing to submit a character concept for approval, which you will be expected to adhere to during your RP in the town. While they encourage free-form RP, there will also be plenty of storylines floating around, mainly tailored by the GMs to individual citizens or groups.

Right now the sim is open and under Beta testing. The estimated full version is due in about two weeks depending on how many people are interested. You can check out the sim here: Judashire

If you are interested in playing, please IM Jason Susenko or Minky Mousehold to discuss character concepts


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