Thursday, August 23, 2007

Katching Yup!

One of the brightest, hippest (heh), honest, sincere, and truest guys I know. My Hip! He's the baddest. I adore him and I'm truly thankful for the time we do get to spend with each other. "Someone has to be quality assurance."

Surfin SL
So lately I've been surfing more in SL. Until I get my new board (yup, have it picked already - Aipa Conventional Swallowtail) in RL, surfin in SL is the next best thing. Dreamer & I have tried a couple different places - Surf City & West of Ireland. I love the waves at Epic Conditions Surf but the beach is full of blingtards & always turns into a weapon testing ground. Surf in Chi is always nice & the sim is always full of the most friendly peeps in SL.
"Surfers glow with such health and vitality and lust of life. GooSe Bumps we get when we see or ride a perfect wave! Surfer is not an athlete, but rather an artist. E pu'ili mau mea a pao i ke kai me aloha mau."

Lord of the Dance? Pshaw, I say.
I have a bunch of video ideas, one was a Pro-Macarena Campaign but that's been put on the back burner for a bit because I'm so thinking of bringing celtic to the masses. Give me time, this one may actually come to fruition. :p The key word there is: may! :D

Bloggity Funk
I haven't been in a huge blogging mOOd lately. I'm not sure why but I guess I don't have much to say. Hawks has mentioned before that our time was shortened and right now it's more so. It's only temporary but gosh I miss him. So rather than being pouty & spewing my OH LAWD I MISS MY BABY-isms all over the blog, I stay quiet. Besides I really do want to get back to making videos, I miss that too.

I guess that's pretty much my update. :p Stay tuned for more videos & if time/imagination allows an "I, Mannequin" story.


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DesertWolf said...

You want some celtic? Hell I will have some for ya Wednesday night..