Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Surf Report: Sneaka Peeka - JB Boardies by LVS

I love Ravenlynn Templar of LVS so farking much, my pores are seeping bubble hearts. :) I im'd her a few days ago because I was in dire need of GOOD board shorts for women that are stylish as well as practical. One thing I've learned in this SL surfing scene is that I spend a lot of time staring at my own ass crack due to board riding versus cam controls versus no good board shorts.

As you all know, crack kills and I was dying a slow death... but now I thank Ravenlynn... female SL surfers thank her, ass cracks across the grid thank her & a shrine may need to be built. :p Unfortunately though all ya'll are going to have to wait about two weeks for these to be released. She is preparing for a big grand opening in the second week of September, so these wont be released till then. Trust me as soon as I know, you'll know. They will be transfer/mod and only 115L (top & bottom) BARGAIN! :D She'll eventually be releasing a whole line of different colors and patterns. ;)

Until then though you can check out her great bikinis for when you're tanning your pixels, playing watersports, or frolicking in the local water holes. :D

Liquid Velvet Studios

Linky to Ravenlynn's post [click here Aka] :p

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tiana meriman said...

i'm so glad for all these posts about surfing, i'm just getting into it and this is saving me so much time, knowing where to buy my best surf stuff ^^