Monday, August 27, 2007

Surf Report: Sweet Spots

::Neart:: Surf EPIC II::
Offering free loaner surf boards. There's a seating area for regular story teller events. When I visited I had the pleasure of hearing (in voice) Story Teller - Lehua Lamington. If you've never heard her, she is Hawaiian with touches of Chinese and Ha'ole. She's a writer and Hawaiian story teller. I dragged Gillian with me. :p I was disappointed that all stories weren't told in voice, but it was still good. The surf is continuous but I only saw one area & with only two people in the line up, it was too crowded for me.

::Crab Island::
Surf the EPIC. Offering free loaner surf boards and Home of the Reef Riders Surf Team. The island is 75% water with continuous waves. There was only one on the sim with me, a Brazilian surfer that wasn't even surfing, which made for my personal favorite surf conditions. I prefer to own the wave & not share if I don't have to. :p
The waves here are created by Heather Goodliffe.

La Bahia on Holmfrid
This has to be one of my favorites. Cierra Theriac turned me on to this spot. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! With massive & plentiful waves created by Heather Goodliffe, this is the beach I frequent the most. Someday I hope to run into Cierra. :) Dreamer & I spent a lot of time here the first time we went and I've been coming back ever since. The sim offers surfing & diving areas, rentals, skyhomes, waves, scuba, sailing, beach, Namiko swimwear, bikinis, and wetsuits.

This sim certainly holds up to it's name... vital energy that is held to animate the body internally. Described as a portal gateway that awaits you -- Water ~ Fire ~ Air ~ Earth ~ Surf ---> zen. This is a peaceful, loving, friendly sim with hidden waves to the Northwest of it's land mass with volcano & beautiful beaches. You can shop here as well for your stick as well as wind surfers, pipeline waves, and more. Chi was the venue of the First Ever Surf, WindSurf AND ShortBoard Competitions!! :)

Surf Camp @ Primworks
Surf System Inc (SSi) Beach and Surf Shop. You can come surf the waves and enjoy the beach. I love the thick tropical feel of this sim. Described as a "Surf HUB to connect us all" it offers a beachfront market selling surfboards, windsurfers, wetsuits, ChiFlora Workshop, Namiko, as well as many other vendors. If you're new to the surf scene, want to get started but you're just not sold yet... Rental boards here are $45L unlike the other places that offer free boards.

I have like a dozen other places to list but this is all ya get for now, I'm starving & it's time for my missing Hawks + teddybear clickage time.

Aloha :)

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Cierra Theriac said...

Awwww Jelly :D I am so glad you like my beach. I was hoping you would. I love it when I see people enjoying themselves on the waves. Can't wait to run into you out there chica!