Thursday, August 30, 2007

Toxic Garden Rezzable

Danger! Wear armband! Beware ant-bots!
The Toxic Garden is beautiful--but deadly to avatars.

Wander one of the most interesting and exotic gardens in SL--but at your own risk. The plants have accessed the grid and now want to keep human life away.

Apparently people tried to settle this area around time of World War 1. However only a few traces of that attempt at establishing a utopia remain. Only the plants with sumptuous flowers and enticing fruits are here to tell the story of the Toxic Garden.

Random notes on possible graphic novel:

Graphic Novel Story of Sim

Young Scientist – Russian, in court of Czar, plants scientist
Daughter of Eiffel – French, engineering learned from Father's company


Page 1,2,3
“A vision of beauty...”
-- A mountain valley shrouded in multi-colored mist, tops of tress slightly visible
-- exotic plants with strange flowers and fruits
-- water cascades

“...that was interrupted and never finished”
-- think jungle like plant vines twisted around iron girders and beams
-- broken building frames overrun by rock, vines, tree roots (like Ankorwhat)

“And then abandoned”
-- pools of oily water reflecting empty moss covered chairs
-- old magazines, faded but possible to see Paris 1918

page 4,5
“We really need your help on this project”
-- young scientist looks up from lab with plant studies all over
-- Eiffel tower in background

“We are losing the war”
-- folder opens with photos of WW1 trenches, many dead Canadian soldiers

“They are gasing our troops”

Page 6,7
“Prove that you are on our side!”
-- Angry discussion

“We need a stronger gas, more toxic”
-- people standing around wearing uniforms british, french, canadian

“Our team needs more scientists!”

page 8,9
“It is a terrible thing to do!”
-- Young Eiffel is not happy with Scientist to work in lab

“It attacks the skins first...”
--clinical review of dead bodies

“Then burns the only kills a few people, but injures all badly”
--lab animals bleeding and twisted

page 10,11
“we can equal it...”
-- Scientist leads discussion pointing to chemistry images, molecular

“and add some plant matter to make it harder to clean off”
-- wilted plant with tubes sucking green fluids out of it

“and make it lethal at high dosage”

page 12,13
“Time to test this on the enemy”
--Generals taking cannisters out of lab

“Now they can suffer worse than we did”
--cannisters going into a production line and coming out in shells
-- guns pointing up to the sky

page 14,15
“It is a dreadful thing we've done”
-- Eiffel standing next to Scientist overlooking smoking battlefield
-- enemy soldiers dying painfully in large muddy trenches

“I hate this war—it is the end of humanity”

page 16,17
“We need to make larger shells!”
--meeting at production line
-- Eiffel and daughter reviewing production

Explosion in Plant
-- Explosion
-- massive damage to factory

“Looks like sabotage”
-- Eiffel daughter lying on ground badly injured
--Scientist at her feet

page 18,19
“She looks so peaceful now”
-- At the hospital bed, missing arm, patch over eyes

“there is not much we can do for her”

“We need to recreate the formula”
--Scientist hands over notes

page 20,21
“I need to talk to you”
--Eiffel Sr gives Scientist a box with iron parts in it, they discuss

“I spoke to the Americans, they used these in their Civil War. I made some enhancements”
-- metal arm, eye

page 22,23
“It is risky”
-- operating room

“What have I become?”
-- Eiffel stands in front of mirror sees her new body with scars, metal

page 24,25
“What hope for the future?”
-- newspaper shows breaking of enemy lines
-- statistics for dead/lost
-- burning cities

“We need to get away”


page 26,27
“We can build our own world together”
-- flying in a Jules Verne type balloon ship in the clouds

“it will be perfect down there”
-- looking down at Mountain valley

Teleport to Toxic Garden Rezzable for the rest of the story....

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Eppie Hock said...

Toxic Garden is so cool!! I visited a couple times without wearing the armband...that is fristrating. Then I went in wearing the armband and then I got bitten bij the AntBots. Dangerous place it is!! :-))) Greets Eppie