Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dutch Touch makes me Ung Ung Unf!

No way! Shut Up! Iki Ikarus of Dutch Touch released JEANS! Oh yesh! I believe I own anything & everything Iki has ever released. I could possibly be bias. Iunno. That's not the point, she released JEANS!!! Hello? Can you scream "HELL YESH"!?! Jeans are sold separately for 125L and are available at Dutch Touch/Willow Beach.

When I got there earlier (by that I mean tripped over Aka, scratched my knee, and crawled quickly bolting for the doors) I noticed the cutesy hair in her ads & just had to have that too. The hair is Kat Funky Pack by Atomic Kitty (note: it does NOT come in pink - that was my awesome texturing skills, yO). There's one style (that's it) and it comes in a streaked or solid.

The Look:
Hair: Atomic Kitty - .::Atomic::. Kat (Black/Pink'd (by Jell)
Skin: Celestial Studios Charmed Skin - 40 Auburn (Rubies)
Face Light: Kru's Boutique - Usagi Kingdom Face Light for Snap
Top(s): Dutch Touch - Flower printed Shirt & Checkers top Black/Grey (Jacket layer from Dutch Touch - Che Black)
Belt: Canimal - Belt (punk rock)
Pants: Dutch Touch - Jeans Dark
Shoes: :FORM: Femme: Buckler Shoes V.1
Pose: *pussycat* whip stance from Animation Warehouse (creator Naughtie Pussycat)

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Iki Ikarus said...

Yay!! Looks great on you, jelly, W00t, TY (again, where would i be without you *jump jump*) <333
Isnt that hair awesome! ;-) Ivy is such a great talent, love her stuff ^^