Saturday, August 25, 2007

Voice Perceptions

Yup, another voice post. This time with a question. :p
Hawks & I were discussing the affect voice has had on our perception of others. Up until recently, it was all positive. For instance prior to voice a seemingly quiet girl use to come to tringo & kick our asses. Of course, she didn't say much but in my head she was this intimidating player that I didn't care much for. After voice was introduced the quietness vanished & it turned out that I did like her after all. She really wasn't this intimidating, aggressive person that I had made her out to be in my head. She just sucked at multi-tasking general chat text & staying on top of her game, as most people do.

On the flip side, some one that I actually sort of liked on a acquaintance basis was in voice earlier. It was the first time I had ever heard her voice. There's was nothing wrong with the sound of it, just her tone. At first I thought, "Wow I wonder how much of that sarcastic bitchiness was wasted in text chat." After awhile I ended up just turning her volume down because it was just too much. It's not like she directed her tones at anyone in particular but just overall. She's not someone I would rush to be in voice with, that's for damn sure.

I believe voice has turned SL into a more personalized experience with its introduction. I'm not sure how we lived without it. Oh yah, we had Skype. :) I'm sure ya'll already know that I'm a huge pro-voice in SL resident. My question is, do you think voice in SL has changed your perception of others?


Gillian Waldman said...

Hasn't changed mine yet...But I haven't used it in depth yet beyond IMs. Plus, I already knew your voice because of your gestures and your JH reports <3 So, I still kinda like you. OK, that's a lie...I loveeee you.

tiana meriman said...

it hasnt change much but somehow, i dont know why but people seem more stupid in voice...i'm pretty sure half the things they say would not come out in text if they had to actually write it.

and of course in voice i have to endure the word "Dude" which i dont know why but it just makes me want to punch people in the face. i honestly dont know why though i guess i just have a natural hatred for certain words.