Friday, June 29, 2007

Non-animating bug

Alright, I haven't had a bug that was REALLY pissing me off since the time when Snap was acting all crazy and dropping pics left and right. Sure Jelly and I lost some inventory in the ghosting fiasco (we still have to buy another Boogie board and a few penguins), looked cross-eyed in photos (which incidentally Jelly loved to no end), never know if our group IM"s are going through or not, and suffered through a major crash fest during the wedding festivities, but quite franky all of these have been livable -- up until now. The latest pain in my ass is a bug that keeps the other half of our couple animations from animating. Jelly and I use the Pillow Talk pillows everywhere we possibly can, and we are CONSTANTLY having to relog, and I am extremely tired of it. It isn't just the pillows, anything that involves two AV's working in cohort with each other ... be it dancing, sitting, cuddling, walking, or other more creative pursuits *winks*. It seems like about 75% of the time one or the other of us ends up stuck standing or crouched with one arm out (or in the case above with Jelly's head turned backwards.)

PLEASE TELL ME that the upgrade to 1.18 fixes this issue, so I can quit relogging every time we teleport to a new location, or switch positions. I'm sure glad that the Project Open Letter did so much to improve Linden responsiveness to the pervasive issues of the day. What is that about the road being paved with good intentions?? Here is a slight suggestion, mayhaps we could try testing this stuff a tad more thoroughly prior to launching things onto the live grid. It feels like with every update we take two step's forward on something, to only take one step back somewhere else. Maybe just maybe, we should limit updates to say, once a month, and actually thoroughly test things?? I dunno call me crazy I guess. I love the innovations we are trying to roll out, but not to the extent they jeopardize the stability and functionality that we already have today.

In a nutshell ANYTHING that gets in the way of cuddle time is gonna PISS ME OFF... so let's try not to fuck that one up anymore, kkthnx.


Gillian Waldman said...

Vote - attach your snap too if you can. I attached some but of a related issue. I have the same problem by the way and it's pissed me off so much that I got cranky with Blue Hair and logged off :/

tiana meriman said...

i'm tired of these problems too, with every updates things goes worst. i do love second life, i love it a lot but sometimes i ask myself if its really worth all the frustrations.

Gen said...

i feel you pain Hawkers... when i do have a moment when i not crashin erey 3 sec my head is spinnin and my legs raise up in a air crouch. rofl. but eh gotta love sl right.