Friday, June 29, 2007

SecondFest Doors are Open!

Intel 8 is open for all ya'll to grab your wrist bands & start explorin! A few things to mention:
  • The wrist band is HUGE! Needs to be adjusted where it attaches, and is no mod. Enjoy your huge wristband.
  • Free Skates! But... the sim is no script so good luck using them there. They are also HUGE, and no mod as well.
  • The schedule is written like military time but is actually in British Summer Time (SLT + 8hrs) Again, Gluck.
Apparently I was wrong, a couple of the sims out of the 9 are allowing scripts. AND there seems to be a different size wrist band in the different turnstiles. Oh yah and I think it's -8 hours. I am so farking confused. :/

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