Monday, June 25, 2007

Oi Vey!

/vent on
Okay it's been festering & finally it's come to a head. It all started when she was made the voice for girls of a motor sim. Pahlease she couldn't even change a spark plug let alone know how to gap one. That pissed me off. Hey... car fanatics get a girl who knows her shit when it comes to cars. I have a suggestion, Ask Patty. - Automotive Advice for Women by Women! Ask Patty offers advice to women regarding anything automotive! You can ask questions to their experts and find your dream car! OMG! NO WAY! SHUT UP! There are actually women that know automotive parts & such? Not just pretty girls playing dress up in race gear!? Get out! Jelly what is your experience? Well... hmm. I RAN AN AUTO PARTS STORE and have helped rebuild Studebakers & a Bonneville! Ask me anything, if I don't have the answer I promise to find out, not just pretend & giggle. Okay, so I let that go... but honestly it doesn't take much to prettify an av in SL, try doing up a girl with some automotive knowledge.

Next was the Maxim mag. Okay that was a fluke. Any one get that? Maxim ran across a pretty av & they put her in without even knowing who the hell she was. Now she is milking it for whatever it's worth. Kudos, I'd probably do that too. Apparently I'm not the only one with ill feelings as she was "obviously attacked" in her comments on her blog. It wasn't me, but I think the commenter made good points. I don't know anything about the modeling or the designing because well, A. I tried modeling with Zouk City Models and hated the lag involved in runway walking, plus it took away from my free time in SL (again I hate schedules) and B. I have no talent to design clothes, tried it & quit. I'm a quitter. :D I am also not a shopper at her store as regularly as I am, oh say Renegade, FORM, Last Call, Celestial, etc etc. I think I have two things from her in my 3 years in SL. So I can't say that her skills are good or bad, just not my cup of tea.

Point is a poser is a poser is a poser. *takes deep breath* I feel a little better, can ya'll stop force feeding her to me now?
/vent off


Jody said...

AskPatty in SL is not just a pretty avatar:

The Ask Patty panel of Fifty automotive expert women hold leadership roles in the automotive industry as woman owners of new and used car dealerships, hold various roles at car dealerships as technicians, mechanics, finance managers car sales and service managers. There are also car DYI experts , NASCAR and car racing experts, tire experts, car after-market accessories experts, custom car experts, car safety and car care experts and much much more. They cover the entire gamut for you on car tips and advice and are here to help you 24/7 with your automotive related questions.

We offer women advice and so much more and encourage women to listen to our expert advice Womanar podcasts and send for a FREE Car Care Guide from the Car Care Council, as consumers interviewed agreed that they would trust information from a credible third party like the Car Care Council. The 56-page guide covers nine major service occasions and 12 component groups of the vehicle, plus service interval recommendations, a maintenance log and much more.

You can also sign up FREE for an Ask Patty MyCarPage to get organized about car care and set up automatic email service appointment reminders based on the manufactures suggested service intervals on your exact make, model and year vehicle. Ask Patty's MyCarPage helps women with many more helpful features like where to buy gas at the best price to help you save money on fuel costs.

Jody DeVere, president of Ask Patty is also the president of the Women's Automotive Association International and serves on the board of the Car Care Council Women's Board, she encourages women to seek careers in the automotive as there is a high demand to hire women in all aspects of the automotive industry, especially at car dealerships in car sales and service. The Women's Automotive Association International has scholarships available to women as well as the Car Care Council Women's Board to help women who need education and training.

Meet Some of the Ask Patty Automotive Expert Women here:

Gillian Waldman said...

Jelly - how do I know if my transmission is dying? :P Seriously, how do I know????

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

What exactly is your car doing? Is it slipping? :)

Laylah said...

My mother and I replaced the transmission mount in my olds. I have pictures to prove it. It was seriously empowering. I've worked on cars before, though and I always enjoy it.

I totally agree about the motorati and maxim thing. Seriously - how fair is that? Did they look at anyone else? Give me a level playing field - let me send in my pictures. There are alot hotter AVs on SL (including me and Jelly. :P).

Have you checked or changed the fluid lately? Does it smell or taste burnt at all?

Gillian Waldman said...

Well it seems to move very quickly out of gear into a higher gear and has a harder time shifting in very cold weather...Runs almost normally in warmer's been like this for 2 years now and (knock on wood) seems to still be going so I dunno.

This is a total first for me lol. Asking CAR advice on a SL blog. LMAO.

Very impressed that you know cars so well. Admittedly, I don't. At. All.

Laylah said...

Ok, damn it. This is the last time I am trying to link this picture. lol.

Might be a space or something in there.. just remove it.

ANYWAY. Have you changed the filter recently? Seriously - taste your transmission fluid. Any really hard shifts, specifically between neutral and drive or neutral and reverse? Engine revving up but the car not gaining speed? Red puddles under your car?

Ideally, it should shift smoothly and quietly with light acceleration. This is, of course, assuming you do mean an automatic. Hehe.

Did you buy this car new? How long have you had it? Has it always done this or just in the last two years? You should know your car and pay attention. If you notice a new noise or vibration or smell, have it checked out. It could be nothing at all .. or it could save you tons of money in the long run.

Alot of places will run a free diagnostic for you and will be able to tell you for sure.

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

Depending on what kind of car it is, it could be the shifting module. A lot of the newer cars have electronic shift modules. You could try getting the entire transmission SYSTEM flushed. Actually taking it somewhere will run you about $85 buckeroos. Walmart may do it, iunno. If you go and just get a filter change, that only changes out 4 quarts without being flushed, your entire system should hold approx 12 quarts including the torque converter.

Gillian Waldman said...

Yup - bought new, it's a Pathfinder SE automatic. No smells, no puddles, etc. I have been afraid to flush the system because was told at the dealership it may accelerate the breakdown of the transmission. The recent ex boyfriend was convinced it was not the whole system but something within something that I can't remember. Maybe I should just call him and ask him back for one day to get more information;)

Ok, let me stop messing up your vent post!

Laylah said...

I'm reading over comments here and articles on the MG blog and I can't help thinking "My god, these girls are so smart." Honestly - All of the MGs are seriously talented, if not with prims and prose then simply in the common sense department.

I am so proud to be a part of this group... and I can't think of a better bunch of girls to have around should I need to work on my car again.

Why don't we get special gigs?! Beautiful, talented, and smart... Yeah, best not pick them.

Jelly's got the right idea with a flush but I'd say just a simple change could fix the problem. Try that before a flush - it's less expensive. Always start with the least expensive guesses first. Then work your way to the more expensive options.

Oh god, electronics are way expensive. I remember taking my car in for new hoses and the people tried to tell me it would cost me 800$ to fix a dashboard cluster so it would correctly show how much gas I had. I said "Yeah, fuck that. I know how to set the trip. Next thing I know you're going to be trying to talk me into having the air in my tires replaced because the stuff in there is old. Just because I have a pussy doesn't mean I am a retard."